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Hello Readers, We frequently add new circuit diagrams, so do not forget to come back often. Close attention should be paid to the way in which the two transistors BC327 circuit current protection, which work in saturation cutting work, another deals only activate an LED indicator on-load when the voltage drop lights output and will have to press the RESET button provided for the case. As already mentioned, this source has an intensity control, which disconnects the output voltage. This is indicator circuit to indicate that there is blown fuse, it will show the condition of fuse through LEDs. When the fuse blows off, the supply to green LED gets blocked, and because only one LED is in the circuit, the red LED glows. Of course this circuit used to cover the voltage range from 0 to 60V and current from 0 to 2A.

This does not mean that supports the intersection of the (positive and negative) output cables. This is power supply circuit which have 2 output that are static output and adjustabled output. The large capacitor across the input is a filter capacitor to help smooth out ripple in the rectified AC voltage. We must avoid this situation if possible as this will cause the destruction of transistors and other circuit components, it should be noted that we are dealing with respectable power. Two diodes are used to increase the voltage drop, since the two LEDs may produce different voltage drops.
A variable 500R potentiometer is used to vary the output voltage from a minimum of 5V up to the maximum DC voltage depending on the input voltage.

Generally, when an electronic device indicates no power, the potential cause may be just a blown fuse. The 7800 series provides up to 1 amp load current and has on-chip circuitry to shut down the regulator (rather than blowing out) if any attempt is made to operate it outside its safe operating area.

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