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This 500 watt Assassin computer power supply by PowMax must have been created for the person that needs lots of connectors on their power supply. This project was a sort of challenge: designing an audio amplifier capable of delivering a decent output power with a minimum parts count, without sacrificing quality.
To obtain such a performance and to ensure overall stability of this very simple circuitry, a suitable regulated dc power supply is mandatory.
Connect the Power Supply Unit (previously tested separately) to the Power Amplifier but not the Preamp: the input of the Power Amplifier must be left open.
Connect a Multimeter, set to measure about 50V fsd, across the positive end of C5 and the negative ground.
Switch on the supply and rotate R3 very slowly in order to read about 23V on the Multimeter display.
Switch off the supply, disconnect the Multimeter and reconnect it, set to measure at least 1Amp fsd, in series to the positive supply (the possible use of a second Multimeter in this place will be very welcomed).
Switch on the supply and rotate R4 very slowly until a reading of about 120mA is displayed. Please note that R3 and R4 are very sensitive: very small movements will cause rather high voltage or current variations, so be careful. Those lucky enough to reach an oscilloscope and a 1KHz sine wave generator, can drive the amplifier to the maximum output power and adjust R3 in order to obtain a symmetrical clipping of the sine wave displayed.
The Preamp sensitivity and overload margin were designed to cope with most modern music programme sources like CD players, Tape recorders, iPods, Computer audio outputs, Tuners etc. To obtain a very high input overload margin, the volume control was placed at the preamp input.
Q2 and Q3 in the Power Amplifier must be mounted each on a finned heatsink of at least 80x40x25mm. Q1 and IC1 in the Regulated Power Supply must be mounted on a finned heatsink of at least 45x40x17mm.

For the stereo version of this project, R16 and C11 in the Preamp will be in common to both channels: therefore, only one item each is necessary. Muchmore Racing have a new power supply available in the form of the Power Master World Edition 3 Evo. To subscribe to our newsletter, please enter your email address in the box below and press 'Subscribe' button. NOTE: ALL SALES ARE FINAL, RETURNS ARE FOR REPLACEMENT OR STORE CREDIT ONLY , NO EXCEPTIONS!! This is not a snag because it also helps in keeping noise and hum of the preamp to very low levels and guarantees a predictable output power into different load impedances.
The source selecting switches and input connectors are not shown and their number and arrangement are left to the constructor's choice. After a unity gain, impedance converter stage (Q1) a negative-feedback Baxandall-type Bass and Treble tone control stage was added. Offering a maximum output current of 24V at an adjustable output voltage of 12 to 15VDC the device is good to power chargers, pit lamps, tyre warmers and so on.
The device offers 12VDC and a maximum of 25A of output current, enough even for very powerful charger and tyre truers. Starting with the charger, the multi-chemistry device delivers a powerful 180 watts with an adjustable charge current rate of 0.1 to 16A and a single output. It provides 50 Amps of current with an input voltage range from 100VAC to 240VAC and an adjustable output of 15 to 30 VDC.
First up is the smaller 575 watts version that offers up to 47A continuous output current and 12VDC output voltage.
FireCel provides convenient portable power for cell phones tablets MP3 players and other USB rechargeable devices. As this stage must provide some gain (about 5.6 times) a very low noise, "bootstrapped" two-transistors circuitry with FET-input was implemented.

To drive 4 Ohm loads at high power levels, a 70 - 75VA Transformer (2Amp at least) will be a better choice. Available in two colours, black and blue, the box is usable with 4mm banana and alligator clips alike as it offers a pair of holes next to each connector tube for secure fixing of the alligator clips. The device features two internal power supply units for redundancy and it measures roughly 330x57x76mm and weights around 1500g.
Additional features include a red LED flashlight to preserve night vision and electronic hand warmer to supply heat in chilly conditions.
This stage features also excellent THD figures up to 4V RMS output and a low output impedance, necessary to drive properly the Mini-MosFet Power Amplifier, but can also be used for other purposes. These transformers are usually center tapped: the central lead will be obviously left open. The power supply comes in a sturdy black or blue colour aluminium case, it features a temperature controlled 40mm fan and measures 135x145x50mm.
Due to the design of the power supply it can be directly mated with Yokomo’s YZ-110Duo charger with the help of two dual bullet-type connectors, limiting the amount of wires on your pit table for a clean and sleek look.
Like the smaller 575W version it offers redundancy, over-voltage, fault and short circuit protection, an internal cooling fan, rubber feet and 4mm female gold-plated output jacks.
Includes 4 small red LEDs to indicate battery level and 3 small green LEDs to indicate the function setting. FireCels high quality aluminum shell is rugged enough for outdoor use and compact enough to fit in your pack pocket or glove compartment.

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