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The circuit was designed to provide a variety of voltages to some electronic equipment with the use of a 12V battery as the power source. The circuit is intended to produce a power supply unit that that utilizes a single LM338 voltage regulator to provide an output voltage of 13.8 V while carrying a current of 5 A.
The circuit has been designed to produce a power supply that will generate 30 Volts with 2 A current by utilizing the MC1466L integrated circuit with the aid of multiple Darlington transistors. The circuit is designed for power supply protection by limiting the amount of maximum output current to prevent any further damage to take place inside the power supply as well as the external circuit connected to it.

The circuit was designed to create a DC power supply that will be rated with 13.8 V and 20 A while having a current limiter and short circuit protection.
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Today I collect these transformerless power supply circuit, so you can select to use in required.

Many of the neighbors gave me an old computer always to make the projects.-The first thing I like to use is the power, even if old but powerful, durable and works great. When see the circuit will think use the integrated circuit IC TL494 power supply circuit be pillar equipment.

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