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I have discussed a few transformerles power supply circuit in this blog which are good only with low power applications, and tend to become less effective or useless with high current loads.
A neatly drawn PCB for the above high current transformerless power supply may be seen below, it was designed by Mr. A deeper analysis of the circuit showed that the triac was dumping a significant amount of current while restricting the surge and controlling the current. The approach taken in the above circuit for controlling voltage and the surge is negative in terms of efficiency. Interestingly, here the triac is not configured to dump power rather it's wired in a such a way that it switches OFF power as soon as the output reaches the specified safe voltage limit, which is detected by the BJT stage.

The two power supply circuits are presented to illustrate the soft start procedure using LM317 and L200 integrated circuits where each reaches the desired output of 15 V gradually for a period of 5 second. The circuit design of this dual polarity power supply is regulated with the use of a positive (78xx) and negative (79xx) voltage regulators. The circuit diagram was designed to create a power supply without utilizing any transformer circuit. The circuit was designed for a power supply that can be adjusted or altered depending on the pre-set value by using a L200 volatge and current regulator. The circuit diagram shows the overvoltage protection as a feature of LM317 linear voltage regulator.

The idea seems to have solved the problem of deriving high current from capacitive power supplies which earlier seemed a difficult proposition.

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