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I am about to embark and try reading again 'A New Earth'.  The power of one I have but will read afterwards because someone else is reading a power of one at the moment. It just seems that when you have an opinion, its based on EGO.  So whats the point in voicing any concerns. It just seems from what I am reading and I could be wrong.  Need to be numb in this world.  Because if you defend yourself, have an opinion, get upset, its all EGO?
You are a naturally beautiful, loving, intelligent, strong, vital, insightful & resourceful spirit, at your core; embrace the natural you and discover your joy! Join our advertising group and learn about placing ads on Powerful Intentions and the rates. Powerful Intentions is a unique, online community of people from all walks of life who possess three very important and focused qualities.
You believe in the Power of Intentions And The Law Of Attraction And You Are Enthusiastically "Attracted" to be here By Inspired Action!

Brilliance, Fun, Luck, Joy and Ease can't help but rub off on them to positively raise their vibration! Unlimited numbers of the "right" people attracted to P.I., collectively co-creating the most abundant and brilliant ideas, actions and manifestations that have ever been experienced on this planet! Hello, you need to enable JavaScript to use Powerful Intentions: Law of Attraction Community.
You need to be a member of Powerful Intentions: Law of Attraction Community to add comments! My husband shared this with me, he said this man is the only one he felt sang this better and beautifully, and it is wonferful.
I ordered this spell and like two or three weeks later I received a check for $250 from a grant I had. I'm letting the kids put on there own candies and sprinkles on cupcakes instead of buying a generic half sheet cake from the grocery store.

I'm doing devils food chocolate with purple icing and vanilla dyed blue with hot pink icing.
I find it a very peaceful way to experience what really is: we as spiritual beings create all the time.
And when I create something of this caliber, my body delights in it because the beauty of the creation nourishes me in more ways than nutrients. This is something many of us have forgotten to do and today, beautiful one, is the day for you to find what makes your heart sing and let it become a part of you.

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