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If you’re looking for some best prank call websites to make fun of your friends then you’re in the right place to discover it. All you have to do is, just select a prank call scenario then send it to your friends and laugh at their reaction. It is a new prank website that lets you to send funny pre defined voices to your friends but currently there is no caller ID spoofing feature. Personally I like “stop calling me!” “The service call” and “will you marry me” pranks from this website. This is another great prank call website that allows you to send pre-recorded prank call voice to your victim’s number. If you are searching for a simplest prank calling website then Bored is the best way to go on.
When you submit the information on that tool, the website places a VOIP phone call to the number that you’ve specified. Comedy calls is yet another best prank call website that allows you to call any number with numerous pre recorded pranks.
It is a new prank call website where you can make prank phone calls or send SMS from any caller ID. That’s it folks, these are the best prank call websites then why you’re waiting, visit these websites and have fun with your friends and family.

We are a group of Tech Geeks, passionate about latest trends and we love to share our knowledge to world. I would like to thank the owners of this site for showing us all of the online prank sites! In fact, making prank calls is just a part of grew up in kids but many adults make prank calls in hilarious way and gets into trouble. They offer 8 free calls to their users; this is one of the highlighting aspects of Easy Prank. Making prank calls are very easy, just select the prank call pre recorded voice then enter the victim’s number and desired caller number. In fact, it’s a website completely focuses on bored people that are filled with categories like games, videos, humor etc. You can make one free call per day; if you want to make more calls then you have to buy credits. With this android prank call app, you can set any number or name as your caller ID while making prank calls.
Foxycall really works, I tried to call my sister from her boyfriend number)))) She was shocked! So realize; prank calls are just for fun and remember to use your common sense whenever using prank call websites.

In fact, if you don’t have enough time to put together your sound file then Prank Dial is the best choice because it has some pre recorded voices. Just dial 0905 105 0000 (Prank calls number), press one to choose the prank then enter your victim’s phone number.
The first thing you’ve to do is that, come up with the best prank call ideas and test that with your close friend then prank someone.
This app even holds some pre-recorded voice calls that you can send it to your friends and listen to their reaction. Just go to the Referral program and after your friends registers they will give free credits to both of you. One of the greatest advantages of this website is, it also offers free non-US services and to other selected countries. With the help of operator prank feature in Prank Owl, you can force two friends to unknowingly call each other. This is one of the fun places to prank your friends.

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