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Vedic astrology software, kundli software, horoscope, Varahamihira is the only vedic astrology software for astrologers. Free horoscope - vedic astrology signs, Free indian horoscopes online , astrology birth charts and kundli by using our vedic astrology horoscope genrating software along with free daily ,weekly , monthly. Generate a vedic astrology chart, both north-indian and south format - free online software. Free vedic astrology birth chart (janma kundali), free kundli matching (guna milap), hindu almanac (panchanga) and blog. Copyright © 2012 Autos Post, All trademarks are the property of the respective trademark owners. 2ndA Gem stone should be advised by your Astrologer and should be worshiped before wearing it on the particular day of the ruling planet. There are also substitute Gems of Yellow Sapphire, Astrologera€™s may also suggests these stones, Such as Topaz, Citrine, Yellow Agate, Lemon topaz etc. According to Astrology the Ruling planet of Yellow Saphire is Jupiter and should be worn in the Index finger. The Ruling planet of Ruby is Sun and is Red in colour and is mainly found in the Burmese mines, its from the Corandum Family. According to Astrology the Ruling planet of Ruby is Sun, People who wear Ruby they are always away from heart diseases, Jaundices, Joint pain, Blood diseases.
Ruby should be worn in Ring finger & should be mounted in Gold or Copper and should be worn on a Sunday for the first time.

The Pearl should be worned in Lady finger and should be mounted in sliver and should be worn on a Monday for the first time. The ruling planet of Coral is Mars and is found in deep sea, Coral comes in two colours Blood red or Orange and White.
According to Astrology the Ruling planet of Coral is Mars, A person who wears Coral, they dona€™t have to struggle from marriage related problems, fight with brother, Courta€™s problem. The person who weara€™s Garnet does not face Evil Eye (Nazar Badha) problem also has no fear from wild animala€™s and depression problem. Garnet should be worn on the Middle finger or Lady finger, It depends upon the situation in Horoscope.
The Ruling planet of Cats eye is Ketu and belongs to the family of Chrysoberyl, Cats eye is generally found in India. Cata€™s eye should be worn in the ring finger and metal used for mounting Cata€™s eye should be Silver and should be worn on a Tuesday for the first time. According to Astrology Ruling planet of Emerald is Mercury and the wearer of Emerald does not face the situations of kidney stone, piles, dental problem, skin problem and also has a sharp memory, sharp thinking power. According to Astrology Ruling planet of Blue Sapphire is Saturn, the person who weara€™s Blue Sapphire they are away from the diseases such as Asthma, diabetes, Blood pressure, sexual diseases. Blue Sapphire should be worn in Index finger and the metal used for mounting should be silver. The wearer of Ruby has better managing skills and is respected by his Superiors and Peers and the wearer always tends to have a very charming and bright personality.
Customers also demand for that when he is prescribed by an astrologer, such as Moon Stone, Crystal, White Agate, Opal etc. The metal used for mounting the Garnet is silver or Panch-Dhatu and should be worn on the Wednesday or Saturday as advised by the Astrologer.

The wearer shall not suffer from Ear Infection, Mental Disorder and no conflicts from their Son, If anyone keeps getting shifted from one location to another it could be due to weak Ketu and wearing of Cats Eye can help. The metal used to mount Emerald is Gold, Panch dhatu or can be silver depends upon your Horoscope and should be worn on a Wednesday for the first time. The substitute name are Peridot, Green Tourmaline, Onyx, Malacite, Moss Agate, Diopside, Fluoride, Aptite , Aventurine Quartz. The substitutes are Kynite , Iolite,Amethyst, Lapiz Lazulli, Torquise , Star Blue Sapphire, and Aquamarine. The person who weara€™s a Diamond they are away from diseases such as weakness & Sexual power. Their famous mines are in Colombia, Brazil, Zambia, Russia, India, Zimbabwe, and Pakistan .
Pyrope Garnet, Almandine Garnet, Almandine pyrope Garnet, Spessartite Garnet, Hesonite Garnet, Grosularite, Tansvale Jade, Demontite Garnet. Diamonds are found in Botswana, Tanzamia, Australia, South Africa, Canada, Russia, and Namibia.
If the person wants to look good they should wear a diamond and it also helps the wearer stay away from evil eye (nazar Badha).

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