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As an Ethics Researcher, I’m using an online survey to explore many of the ethical issues raised by the application of genomic technology as well as investigating attitudes towards the sharing of genetic data.
Right now, being cutting-edge is all about plain black and white (maybe pastel colours if you're lucky), translucent plastic, smoothed edges, screens that slide and flip out, touch screens, unobtrusive buttons, minimalist advertising and displays, lights that come out of nowhere and catchy little chimes when the devices start up. Everything Is Online, and physical data storage either consists of an equivalent of a USB thumbdrive or doesn't exist at all, considering that computers are so small and compact you can carry them anywhere and transfer data wirelessly.
Of course, like every other "futuristic" visual style used in previous decades, this trope will probably be considered Zeerust after a while.
In the 2005 Doctor Who Magazine comic strip "The Flood" (the final Eighth Doctor strip), the monsters are far-future Cybermen, who have been redesigned to look this◊.
The futuristic silver armor Iron Man began sporting after AXIS was stated by many to have a distinct Apple influence, particularly with the color scheme and minimalist design. Despicable Me uses this to contrast Gru's classic Mad Scientist style villainy with the upstart, next-gen villain, Vector.
EVE is basically a floating sentient iSpace Probe that appears to be made mostly of curves, folds up neatly, and is packed with numerous features. WALL?E himself, though his design is boxy and not sleek, makes a distinctive Mac start-up chime when he powers up, indicating that he probably runs on some form of Mac OS. Everything aboard the Axiom and perhaps the exterior of the ship itself is indicative of this trope.
And as a rather cool bonus feature, AUTO (the autopilot) itself is voiced by MacInTalk (Apple's old text-to-speech software). The headquarters of Men in Black consists of featureless, rounded shapes, from the egg-shaped furniture to the oval viewscreens.
This is particularly amusing because the "Men In Black" organization is using technology built during the previous incarnation of this design style, the "space age" aesthetic of the early 1960s. In many ways the closest resemblance to anything from the original Star Trek franchise was the look of the ship in Star Trek: The Motion Picture, whose pastels and self-illumination now look ahead of their time. Ironically, the pop art bright colors in the Original Series make more sense as it prevents cabin fever among the crew.
At the end of Star Trek IV, we very briefly see the NCC-1701-A Enterprise's bridge, which is just the STTMP bridge set painted completely white with black touchscreens◊, anticipating the iPod style in 1986. The first bridge set for the USS Excelsior used only in Star Trek III The Searchfor Spock is positively this style. The Starship Heart of Gold and Marvin the Paranoid Android in the film adaptation of The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy.
In Cube 2: Hypercube, instead of something out of hell with dark shadows, visible circuit boards, spinning doorlatches and rumbling elevators, the environment of the new tesseract cube is almost user-friendly with all white surfaces and touch-to-open panels.
Samsung has cited 2001's tablet-like devices as Prior Art to Apple's iPad in a patent struggle.
Costume designer Michael Kaplan has said that the newer, sleeker Stormtrooper armors from The Force Awakens were inspired by Apple's iPhone. TRON, a film that takes place inside of a computer, uses this aesthetic, partly because of the limited CG technology of the time, but mostly because everything is supposed to look sleek and virtual.
Total Recall (2012) has lots and lots of touch screen technology to spare, while also mixing this with the darker, grittier style of traditional Cyber Punk. The Bubble Ship from Oblivion (2013) in particular is a prime example, all sleek curves and shiny white surfaces. The buildings and other structures in the eponymous park of Jurassic World have this aesthetic in contrast to the jungly safari theme used for the one in Jurassic Park.
The Yellowjacket armor in Ant-Man is described as looking like "Apple made an Ant-Man suit." This is in contrast to the suit worn by the protagonist, which was developed in the 60's and therefore looks rougher and more leathery.
The Chee in Animorphs are like this under their holograms-sleek ivory and steel androids that vaguely resemble two legged dogs. Hoffmann's offices in The Fear Index is described like this, where everything is sleek, clean and minimalistic.
The TARDIS in Doctor Who can be thought of as a version of this, in its original 1960s incarnation. The most frequently shown data storage medium is the Isolinear Chip which looks quite a lot like a USB thumb drive or flash memory card.
The "Star Trek Predicting the Future◊" meme highlights a lot of this across the series. Despite iCarly being something of a rip-off of the 'iPod Generation', the actual tech they used is completely opposite.

The interiors of Moonbase Alpha on Space: 1999, and the Alphans' Rudi Gernreich-designed uniforms (particularly during the first season, when they were more unisex). The computers in the video for Europa VII from La Oreja De Van Gogh, with a bit of Raygun Gothic mixed in for variety. The Tau Empire in Warhammer 40,000 combine this with Crystal Spires and Togas (at least on the surface).
Traveller fits this to a T with illustrations of computers looking almost exactly like twenty-first century ones. Eclipse Phase has this, because any object not physically implanted or worn has to be usable by everything from ordinary humans to uplifted squid.
Portal: Aperture Science product design borrows heavily from Apple, especially with the turrets. The entire city of Esthar in Final Fantasy VIII looks like an iMac: everything has a sleek, rounded design and is built in translucent jewel colors, primarily sky blue, bright pink, and green. The shinier locales in Mass Effect, like Illium or the Citadel, tend towards smooth white walls and blue Holographic Terminals. Terran ships and stations in the X-Universe are an example of this in sharp contrast to both other races and Argon (human Lost Colony) ships which are instead gray, blocky and have more exposed machinery. Aeon technology in Supreme Commander is like this, in contrast to the utilitarian UEF look or the Cyberpunk Cybrans. Putt-Putt Travels Through Time predicted the future would take place on Floating Continents, with teleportation being possible, having food makers for all living creatures, libraries where you could print your own stories, museums where calculators are ancient mathematics artifacts, and there is no such thing as money.
To "commemorate" the public-beta release of League of Legends for the Mac, iBlitzcrank◊ was introduced.
The near-future world of Lost Echo features this trope both in- and out-universe, since the game is made for iPod and iPad. Simcity's expansion Cities of Tomorrow uses this design philosophy for its cleaner, more utopian structures.
Even the spy agencies are applying these breakthrough technologies to predict revolutions, natural disasters and economic disruptions. Gaining insights on consumer attitudes and behavior has always been critical for big marketers like Procter & Gamble and Ford, but now tech companies like HP are using social media data to predict success of box office hits, new ideas and products. And just when you think you’ve heard it all, companies like IBM are scanning social media data to predict women’s heel heights, perhaps taking business intelligence to new heights. Companies and marketers that can understand and exploit rich sentimental trend data and see ahead, bringing their brands and consumers along on the journey, will enjoy a tremendous competitive advantage. While there are skeptics and critics of these analytics, it is nonetheless intriguing to consider the predictive capabilities of emerging social media tools.
Cheryl Burgess, CEO of Blue Focus Marketing, helps clients transform brands from the inside out by implementing strategic marketing initiatives that empower social employee engagement, and social executive leadership. She is the co-author of the best selling book, The Social Employee, (McGraw-Hill) How Great Companies Make Social Media Work, hailed by management guru, Tom Peters as a “landmark that converts the power of social media from fiction to fact.” Her book is featured in MIT Sloan Management Review. Burgess is listed as “Forbes Top 5 Influential CMOs”, “Top 40 Social Selling Marketing Masters” and named by Huffington Post as a social media “Passionista”, and is an IBM VIP Futurist.
I have enormous respect for the skills and insights Mark and Cheryl provide at Blue Focus Marketing. This entry was posted in PICTURES and tagged cartoons, funny pics, future, meme, Simpsons, Trump.
An important aspect of entertainment is the audience, which turns a private reaction or leisure activity into entertainment. But what if you also found out you had a high chance of getting something incurable and life-threatening, e.g.
We are particularly interested in the views of scientists and health professionals as well as members of the public. I worked with a film maker for many months to create 10 short films that sit in the questionnaire and explain what genomics is as well as the ethical issues raised, so basically these give you all the background info you need, no prior knowledge necessary. Set yourself up with a cup of tea and a comfy chair and open up the survey on your computer – if you are interested in science and the impact on people (as well as a bit of mind-bending), then you’ll love it.
Raygun Gothic gave way to Crystal Spires and Togas, in turn supplanted by Cassette Futurism, Used Future, and Cyber Punk (and then all kinds of Punk Punk). Interfaces are designed to be soothing, easy to use and colourful, and if intelligent they'll probably be annoyingly helpful. Contrast Raygun Gothic, which is its opposite in a number of ways, and Cassette Futurism, which could be thought of as "Everything Is A Walkman In The Future".

Marvel Editor-In-Chief Axel Alonso even referred to it as Tony's "Genius Bar costume" (a reference to the tech support stations inside most Apple stores). Gru's base looks like something out of a James Bond film, Vector's looks like if Steve Jobs had designed an iFortress. While the rest of San Fransokyo looks like early 21st century America, Baymax invokes this trope with his all-white body, minimalist design, and rounded surfaces.
The new Enterprise itself is a mix of stylistic throwbacks but the general design seems a lot smoother than remembered.
Later variants of Excelsior-class bridges, including the Excelsior herself, were replaced with less minimalistic bridge sets later on.
It also refers to how the designers wanted the titular guide to look like the previous generation's iPod to the Heart of Gold's current gen model. The facilities are almost completely white and smoothly curved, although according to background material, the inhabitants' eyesight is adapted to a spectrum of light closer to the ultraviolet part of the spectrum, meaning that the environment looks varied to them.
The original set designer, Peter Brachacki, gave it a sterile white feel covered in a regular geometric pattern of circles with hints of neoclassical architecture to make it look "timeless", rather than making it deliberately futuristic. The goal was to save on the prop budget by using replaceable painted glass "touch screens" that could be updated to suit the plot, rather than designing a new machine with buttons and dials every time one was needed.
The "Pear" Pods are literally shaped like pears, they're very colourful, and their laptops avert the typical white Macbook colour scheme. Justifiable in that after you have miniaturized past a certain level user friendliness, fashion and aesthetics will become a premium. As a result, everything is palm-sized, made of smooth cream-coloured plastic, lacks corners or sharp edges, and more than likely doesn't even have buttons, since you can operate most things mentally. In fact, one of the turrets from Portal was used to represent a Macintosh computer in a "Steam for Mac" ad, with a Team Fortress 2 Sentry representing the PC. Their ships consist entirely of white metal hulls with brightly colored, transparent accents, and sleek weapons. And if you think about it, the less-scientific Nostradamus had a few predictions that didn’t happen, but we still tweet them.  Let’s just hope his 2012 doomsday prediction will be wrong.  That’s one tweet (with our “sentiments” of course) that will be worth sharing!
Or that you have a particular predisposition to developing heart disease or prostate cancer and then specific screening programmes could be put in place.
Even some of the other technology has a similar aesthetic; a security monitoring system consists of a thin strip of blue light. Due to the low budget the control console in the middle of the room was covered with conventional buttons, dials, levers and switches (Brachacki's original concept called for controls moulded specifically to the pilot's hands), but the sterile white roundel-covered walls became iconic and continue to inform the design of the current TARDIS sets nearly 50 years on.
They do seem to have trouble with multitasking and filesharing though, judging by the piles of PADDs seen on one desk◊, but how else are you going to convey a character being swamped with work from subordinates or deep in study?
The Pear "Pad" is a massively exaggerated version of the iPad that's about as big as most common LCD computer monitors. Maybe you can someday put several terabytes into a datadisk the size of a dime but a human still needs to interface with it comfortably, so it is hard to picture computers designed to communicate directly with a human instead of just another computer being smaller then a palmtop without being inconvenient.
With costs dropping and social data continuing to grow, small businesses can consider adding these analytics to their social media arsenal. Our page is related to the Entertainment which consists of everything u want like Funny pictures, videos, gifs, memes, comics, and many more which can't make you bore.. The UK Government announced at the end of 2012 that it would decode the genome of 100,000 patients in the National Health Service.
For when everything (in the future or otherwise) is actually made by Apple, see Everyone Owns A Mac, as well as iPhony for direct parodies of Apple products.
Amusingly, attempts by subsequent less visionary designers to make the TARDIS look deliberately futuristic (especially with the console design in the 1980s◊, which looked like a giant BBC Micro) dated at alarming speed. Wristwatch-sized computers, "datacloths" which seem to be flexible paper-thin screens, and perhaps myriads of other arrangements are available. For those companies that just want to take a quick peek into the future, check out Recorded Future’s free 14-day subscription.
This means it is possible to reveal predictions relating to your current and future medical health. However one of the most popular arrangements in Traveller from pictures and descriptions seems to be something that looks rather like an Amazon Kindle.

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