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Slideshare uses cookies to improve functionality and performance, and to provide you with relevant advertising. Your website may be your most important marketing tool, but it’s not just a fancy brochure.
This e-book explains what’s needed and why, with ten steps that guide you through the redesign process.
How to zero in on content that establishes your company as a valuable resource for your prospects. Things that others may not tell you, like why it’s important to analyze your competition, and how to protect existing website assets when planning a redesign.
How to turn your website into an inbound marketing hub that makes centralizes all your marketing efforts. This e-book also includes links to additional handy checklists you can use right now to increase the effectiveness of your website. Read this e-book now, and you’ll be one step closer to transforming your website into the beautifully powerful marketing asset you need to build your business. Selling and closing enterprise software sales takes time, and with sales cycle lengths on the increase, understanding how to shorten the time it takes to close has never been more important. As many of my contacts will know, I launched Every Cloud Digital around 6 months ago and I am more than happy to admit, I was scared. I’ve been in sales for over 20 years and have done my fair share of cold calling from newspapers and Yellow Pages (remember them!). In a very clever and feel-good guerrilla marketing stunt, a series of impromptu renditions of the classic tune were performed on buses, streets, and city squares, by the Choir of Champions – who were out in full force in Madrid, Munich and London. Walkers’ long-standing brand ambassador, Gary Lineker, was involved in the guerrilla campaign. The helicopter landed at London’s O2 Arena, where Londoners were also given a live rendition on the ground. In addition, commuters on a London bus were shocked when members of the choir began to sing a live operatic version of the anthem, while swinging scarves – much to the delight of the driver.
In Munich, a human statue street performer – covered from head to toe in silver paint, played the role of conductor as he led a choir in a flash mob rendition of the theme tune, in Munich’s busy Marienplatz square.
And in Madrid, a classic Spanish kiosk was secretly transformed to surprise customers as they approached.
Of course, the funny sequence of events, and the reactions of those caught off guard were captured on hidden cameras, CCTV and mobile phones in each city.
The stunt was used to create a positive buzz around the Champions League, by creating spontaneous moments of fun across the streets of Europe. This campaign had a real feel-good feeling about it – the joy of the music and surprise made people happy. Hotcow is a non-traditional creative agency that specialises in experiential marketing that goes viral. If you want to attend you can use the discount code CROmarketingblog  to save up to 40% through a special reader discount we have organised with the conference organisers.
In South Africa, Sagaran Naidoo leads our team of seasoned project managers, having served all the major research networks in the field, for years. And our clients have pretty well all progressed to repeat purchases, from initial ‘deep dives’ into tracking, and finally development of communications, packaging and products. It was also adopted ahead of the 2015 UK General Election (though no party really had it, and the polls turned out to be as useful as a bikini in the Antarctic).
Smile and the world smiles with you: A constant flow of good news and strong views will breed an audience of its own over time. An informed team is a happy team: What works externally often has a halo effect internally. Sanity not vanity: What you decide to go public with should always be of interest to your wider audience and, better still, of use to them. Slave to the algorithm: The more your PR reflects the business’s central positioning, the better your natural search ranking will be.

PR isn’t a tap: Some people believe that ad hoc comms is the best way of balancing a limited budget with bursts of activity to maintain some sort of profile. Identifying unmet consumer needs or a gap in the market and creating the perfect product may be what we all aspire to, but the reality is usually a little less perfect. Innovation can come from the need to use existing capabilities or utilising new technologies. The mentioned paper(s) are hence written by other researchers. This the abstract of the original paper made by Sitaram Asur, Bernardo A.
The best way to truly, deeply embrace nature is by getting back to our body’s natural state, too.
They ask any of their followers who are up for getting nude to submit their photos of going full-on natural, sharing stunning images of naked bodies in front of incredible natural sights. What I love about being a blogger, is the luxury to explore a story and see how it unfolds. Redeveloping your website can transform your marketing so it’s more strategic, better targeted, and just what your prospects are searching for.
To perform well, it has to integrate effectively with your blog, email marketing, social media, lead nurturing programs, etc.
It includes reminders about the not-so-little extras that transform your website from a good tool into a robust inbound marketing machine that attracts your prospects and supports and enhances your overall marketing so your company and career can grow and thrive. I will never forget the feeling of despondency if you had the temerity to tell your sales manager that you had no leads only to see a huge phone book being thrown in your direction, it’s pages already well thumbed.
It sends shivers down the spine of players and fans alike, before Europe’s finest do battle. To kick-start the day, the football pundit took to the London skies in a fully kitted out helicopter, which blasted out the tune to commuters below.
Based in Kensington, London, it operates globally with a number of blue chip clients.The company was established in 2012 by one of the industry’s most senior leadership teams. Please tell the readers how this very different research concept TX was started and developed.It was what you might call a ‘mature birth!’ Earlier in my career, my good fortune included founding, growing then selling the largest qualitative research agency in the world (Sadek Wynberg Research).
You said the InishTurk Beg dream was interesting in terms of the marketing and branding etc. We call it eXchange: a brand which creates a greater Inclination to Interact than its competitors all along the consumer journey, wins.
It’s become popular for political commentators to talk of “The Big Mo” on the election trail. There’s an obvious feelgood factor for your workforce in telling the outside world about the good things going on at your organisation. There was a debate on LinkedIn recently when someone posted a photo of his new-born baby, claiming the (usually) professional network could benefit from the personal touch.
This means considering the tone of voice and specific language used in all of your online content. Marketers however, have the potentially time consuming and costly challenge of “reverse engineering” the proposition; by retrospectively developing a game changing product that will capture the hearts and minds of the target audience. Huberman In recent years, social media has become ubiquitous and important for social networking and content sharing. I have been slack on researching and writing so I missed the Futurecraft series of video’s from Adidas (alright adverts). And this extends to social media sharing – the above video has been viewed 864,056 times in 6 days on YouTube.
I deliberately work with a number of young teams, mentoring them in their businesses, from fitness brands, to an online motorcycle review channel, and some very clever maths scholars who are rewriting the coding world.
But we believe that innovation has to take place not only in the Intellectual Properties of research, but also in its structure. The industry is a bit of an echo chamber where the same voices are heard over and over. I’ve never been an insider. It’ll take a lot to stop Leicester City winning the title, simply because they have the wind in their sails with a few games to go (sorry, Foxes fans, if I end up jinxing you but the odds are currently stacked in your favour).

They may even start proactively seeking your opinions and looking forward to your next missive.
Now, being proud of my three daughters, I’m not saying there isn’t room for that somewhere on the Internet.
Certainly where external consultants or agencies are concerned an unbroken campaign prevents the need for constant re-education and planning with the client. Describe it as you will, The Big Mo is as crucial to your organisation’s proactive PR as it is to political victories, championships and even the economy. I had also started my own brand to learn what if feels like to create, invest in, build distribution and communication, and generally run a brand.TransgressiveX is really the manifestation of ‘unfinished business’ for us all.
I wanted to practise what I’d preached for years to clients, and set about building a brand, a marketing team, and investing in its success. Client-side insight professionals should not have to wade through reams of information, hoping to find a way to add value, endlessly interacting with the people who serve it. We believe they should access real insight with simplicity, speed, cost-efficiency, and an easy interface. When people ask why I haven’t written papers, I’ve always joked I’m too busy writing invoices.
Its intellectual properties are designed to do most of the heavy lifting. That’s where all our experience, our investments and 3 years of testing were focused.
The snowball effect of one contract leading to another – often snaffled through the simple act of applying the elements that worked in one pitch to subsequent situations – is worth considering when plotting out a PR and comms strategy for the year ahead.
In this paper, we demonstrate how social media content can be used to predict real-world outcomes. TX wants its clients to be able to find self-sufficiency in accessing our outputs at high-speed and low-cost, instead spending their time on adding value to the marketing organisation to which they’re attached. You’ll probably even end up spending the same budget to greater effect if you avoid breaks in play. We had all experienced the frustrations of legacy research frameworks: slow, cumbersome, expensive, and more focused on commentary than action.
Our whiskey bottle was developed from a glass mooring buoy and had a neck at a jaunty angle. We succeeded in winning a Mobius prize for best new brand, amongst 4,900 global competitors, and went on to win awards for our seafood range, had a number 1 album in Ireland with our music offering, and were recognised as Ireland’s best premium single-malt Irish whiskey.
Your internal PR guys will tell you the same: structure a calendar of content and comms and they won’t be scratching around for things to say during a PR lull. We show that a simple model built from the rate at which tweets are created about particular topics can outperform market-based predictors.
We promised each other we would start with a clean-sheet and quit if we did not invent something which palpably was more effective and actionable for marketers. It diagnoses current competitive performance in terms of Propositional Pull and Activation Push - these make immediate sense to the marketing community. We further demonstrate how sentiments extracted from Twitter can be further utilized to improve the forecasting power of social media.
TX is full of wisdom, but we’ve determined to be Agile Veterans - we work fast, learn quickly, and move on to the best version of our work as soon as we can. But alongside it we have a Software as a Service (SaaS) option by which we continue to drive down costs and time-taken, matching the positive market disruptions of innovators like Uber. We’ve collided true, scientific innovation with practical, commercial outputs. Quite simply, we believe there is no purpose to research, other than to serve to improve marketing. Each one had its own designs, teams, category dynamics, challenges and opportunities. It was an amazing experience, teaching so much about the real world of brand stewardship. The Client Service Teams, of which I’m a part, help our client to identify the competitive set and category journey, then our completely digital, quantitative surveys do the work. We have a global project hub in South Africa, which fields, analyses and reports the information into our templated outputs.

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