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Unless you are petting fluffy bunny in the forest and didn’t get the memo, it is no secret that the world of marketing, PR and advertising is changing at lighting speed. A marketing agency could do a variety of things depending on their specialty ranging from brand identity (design, slogan, etc.), perhaps creating your website, some paid advertising (overlaps a bit with an advertising firm), maybe helped with events and other ways to get the word out (such as digital fun things like search engine optimization or more traditional like direct mail).
And in each category of course, there are consultants that help clients DIT: Do It Themselves. And then the social and creative web started to become mainstream and the game has completely changed. Now there amazing do-it-yourself tools that entrepreneurs, big brands and all clients can use if they so choose. Many companies (big and small) can handle all their marketing, public relations and advertising themselves (this wasn’t true even just ten years ago). Which leads to this question: What is the future of marketing, PR and advertising agencies going to look like? This model ends up driving up expense and instead of a well oiled machine, creates an environment that often isn’t cutting edge, but slow-moving.
Sure, it is nice to have “everyone under one roof” for control purposes, but now there is this Internet thing and more ways to do work virtually. I’d bet the future will be more about partnerships between highly specialized experts as opposed to the big box model.
It used to be that if you had a budget, you could just hand over all of your marketing, advertising or public relations and sit back and “watch and approve the magic.” The problem with this, and where we are going in the future, is that smarter, faster, cheaper promotion and advertising requires participation from the client.
Because smarter, faster, cheaper is all about the client becoming a trusted resource as opposed to a product pusher. New marketing isn’t about banner ads or a firm “Tweeting and interacting online on behalf of you”, it is about content. There is a huge value to help clients with this and agencies of the future are going to have to hop onto the content train.
Perhaps it is monthly events in your home town where you invite out business owners and marketers. The problem we all see over and over is an agency doing all of the above in the YES category and ignoring the NO category or trying to it themselves. There are blogs and new media sources with incredible sponsorship and advertising opportunities that go beyond print ads, 30-second ads and the dreaded banner ad (more on this in an upcoming post). In our example, “Joe’s Delicious Dog Food” in the past might be “pitched” by an agency to the local paper. As opposed to pitching the local paper, why not start building relationships with bloggers and new sources in your clients niches? Agencies of the future will have to learn a little more respect for the blogger and new media source.
All in all, these are VERY exciting times for both agencies, consultants, business owners, entrepreneurs, marketers looking to evolve and maximize the newest era of business.
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A few years ago Public Relations (PR) practitioners communicated with their audiences by sending press releases or statements to traditional media such as journals, newspapers etc.
Today, the digital environment has changed the landscape and that action is no longer enough. New possibilities arise for Public Relations: Content Marketing, Brand Content and Storytelling. The World Future  Society has released a 10-page report forecasting more than 70 major global  developments for the coming year and beyond. All of  these forecasts plus dozens more were included in the report that scanned the  best writing and research from THE FUTURIST magazine over the course of the  previous year.

The 2009 Outlook report will be released as part of the  November-December issue of THE FUTURIST magazine, on newsstands October 1st.  An individual report can be obtained from the World Future Society for $5 in  both print and online PDF format.
THE FUTURIST is a bimonthly magazine  published continuously since 1967 by the World Future Society and is a  principal benefit of membership, read by 25,000 members worldwide.
The focus of THE FUTURIST is  innovation, creative thinking, and emerging trends in the social, economic,  and technological areas. This chart shows future predictions for the next 50+ years arranged from most likely to actually happen to least likely. Read the Small Electric Cars for the Future - Lotus's Predictions blog post, voice your opinion in the comments section and join the discussion. Automotive Engineer magazine asked Lotus to design a concept to show how far city car design could go. They just might not need help from a bloated agency using old-school tactics (that was said nicely wasn’t it)? Folks have become (and continue to be) much more educated on things like social media, blogs, search engine optimization and creating online content. This is sure recipe for disaster and either results in a broadcast stream (aka a bullhorn with no interaction) or fake interaction done by the agency as opposed to the person (the human) that needs to be doing it.
Keyword here is relationships (In many cases traditional and new media are different animals.
I bet it will cost a FRACTION of a TV ad, reach dog owners and allow more bang for the buck.
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Public Relations is evolving, adapting to the new social environment that is interactive and participatory. Telling a story from one brand to an audience, existing or potential, has always been a mission of Public Relations. The OUTLOOK 2009 report examines  the key trends in technology, the environment, the economy, international  relations, etc., in order to paint a full and credible portrait of our likely  future.
By the late 2010s,  ubiquitous, unseen nanodevices will provide seamless communication and  surveillance among all people everywhere. There may not be world law in the foreseeable future, but the  world’s legal systems will be networked. The race for  biomedical and genetic enhancement will-in the twenty-first century-be what  the space race was in the previous century. The Society hopes this report, covering developments in  business and economics, demography, energy, the environment, health and  medicine, resources, society and values, and technology, will assist its  readers in preparing for the challenges and opportunities in 2009 and  beyond. Perhaps they are now communications companies, or social media marketing companies (yikes), digital marketing agencies, we-make-you-money-hahaha companies, buzzword-of-the-day firms or whatever. This doesn’t mean sitting behind the computer all day, but it does mean dedicating some time to interacting which is social aspect of social media. Online media (content sponsorships, guest posts on blogs, blurbs, etc.) is more like a long-term relationship.
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Fudge you can actually hamper the perfect message of their placing messages oil, acrylic booklet posts massage, etc. In many English-speaking countries, gifts the day of the traditional Valentine presented expressions of love. Emerging scientific  disciplines (notably genomics, nanotechnology, and other microsciences) could  pave the way for a bioattack. More powerful wireless communication  that reduces demand for travel, flying delivery drones to replace trucks, and  policies to restrict the number of vehicles owned in each household are among  the developments that could thwart the automobile’s historic dominance on the  environment and culture. An increase in unusual college majors may foretell  the growth of unique new career specialties. The Global Legal Information Network  (GLIN), a database of local and national laws for more than 50 participating  countries, will grow to include more than 100 counties by 2010. An individual’s professional  knowledge is becoming outdated at a much faster rate than ever before.

As more of the  world’s population lives in cities, rapid development to accommodate them will  make existing environmental and socioeconomic problems worse. Popular support  for religious government is declining in places like Iraq, according to a University of  Michigan study. Electrification has expanded around the world, from 40%  connected in 1970 to 73% in 2000, and may reach 83% of the world’s people by  2030. Evolution is good for those that understand how to maximize the new (and ridiculously changing world). But, you can help if you have a knowledge of what kind of content spreads, how to create it, market it, measure it and monetize it. This means educating and enabling as opposed to controlling (practice what you preach, right?). Good choice, but still not a guarantee that people watching a lion eat a duck (or something) own a dog.
Consumers present as gifts Valentine’s Day cards, presenting flowers, offering confectionery, and the people of St. The future of public relations, in addition to the content, passes through social media, which happens to be a great ally. Bacteria and viruses could be altered to  increase their lethality or to evade antibiotic treatment. If current trends were to continue, the world would  have to make way for a total of 3 billion vehicles on the road by 2025.  -Thomas J. Instead of simply majoring in  business, more students are beginning to explore niche majors such as  sustainable business, strategic intelligence, and entrepreneurship. The database  will lay the groundwork for a more universal understanding of the diversity of  laws between nations and will create new opportunities for peace and  international partnership. The  researchers report that in 2004 only one-fourth of respondents polled believed  that Iraq would be a better place if  religion and politics were separated. Electricity is fundamental to raising living standards and access to the  world’s products and services.
But, there are some incredible opportunities online to generate buzz, sales, trust and more that many agencies aren’t educated on. Or Joe sponsors a series called “Getting Doggy With It” where the show host records doggy karaoke. Do not excessively into the basket with this; instead try to organize them in the right way. Rapid changes  in the job market and work-related technologies will necessitate job education  for almost every worker.
Global  warming may accelerate due to higher carbon dioxide output and loss of  carbon-absorbing plants.
But why hire a bunch of experts as opposed to bring them in on a per project basis or set up a referral network?
Consumers have a lot of shopping before the fall of Valentine’s Day and think about the gifts the day of the beautiful Valentine. Nanoparticles could  potentially cause new diseases with unusual and difficult-to-treat symptoms,  and they will inflict damage far beyond the traditional battlefield, even  affecting future generations.
Scoff not:  The market for comic books and graphic novels in the United States  has grown 12% since 2006. At any given moment, a substantial portion of the  labor force will be in job retraining programs. Valentines gift baskets include Chocolate Cookies layers of cherry, natural roasted tomatoes, cheese, pasta, chocolates and more to excite your taste buds and seduce the sense ukusa.Romanticna books, lots of scented candles and rose petal scent increase the attractiveness of the basket. Now there is a huge market for gift Valentine worldwide, as roses, flower Valentine, valentine hearts, decorations for Valentine’s Day and more. Consumers see the gifts Valentine in various forms in the market, such as balloons, bears, gifts of money, confectionery, sensual gifts, romantic candles, champagne, daring some board games and erotic gifts for their relatives.

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