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We help you buy cherished number plates at a lower price than the DVLA, honestly – Why would you use anyone else? If you buy a reg number off DVLA, you then need to buy the plates to fit on your car – lots of paperwork and messing about.
We also offer a low cost, complete transfer service that takes all the hassle out of transferring your new personalised number plates onto your car.
Yes, you are free to use our themes on as many websites as you like. You can view more information on personal number plates here. We can help you buy registrations online today & with millions of combinations for you to choose from, you can be driving away with new private plates! When you’re looking to buy a new cherished number plate, look no further than Platehunter!
Platehunter is the UK’s cheapest number plate supplier with over 56 million personalised number plates for sale. As the leading seller of DVLA number plates, we can help you with everything from buying and selling registration plates, to even helping you create the ideal reg plate.
Buying, selling and transferring your new number plate can be tricky, so the team here at Platehunter can make the whole process a lot smoother (and much less stressful!). The team here at Platehunter are committed to make the car registration plate process as easy as possible for you.

If your name has too many (or too little!) letters to be interpreted onto a private number plate, there is no need to feel limited. The 2016 DVLA number plate auction was held in February and it managed to raise over £1m!
Want to know how much your cherished number plate is worth but not sure you want to sell it? When you log in as a “personal” subscriber, you will see a notice regarding your current package and instructions on how to upgrade.
If you would like to use a custom theme of any kind, you will need to purchase your own hosting account and install the free software from
Our free registration valuation team makes us the best place to buy or sell your private plate.
I was looking for a Personalised number, but kept on finding barriers put in my way with other companies. All you need to do is find your perfect plate using our search tools, choose the type of acrylic plate you want with your purchase and buy it! We will advertise your number plate on our site and once a buyer is found, we will professionally handle all the transfer paperwork and administration for you. Use our ideas for personalised number plates to give you some inspiration, as well as checking the price you should estimate to pay.

Everything from kid’s names and job titles can be put onto your private registration plate to make it unique to you.
Perhaps your friend has always wanted a new private number plate to customise their car, or your dad has been collecting them for years and is looking for a new addition; the team here at Platehunter can help.
Our firm is a Member of the Institute of Registration Agents and Dealers, and is governed by their strict rules and regulations.
Our extensive list of contacts means that we are able to track down the perfect number plate for you. Just complete our simple sales form telling us how much you want returned for your private number plate or leave the value blank and we will provide you with a free number plate valuation. Straight away when rang Platehunters their helpful friendly service was there right from the start. I was told it had not been released by the DVLA, but after a couple of days they rang me and said it would be in a on-line auction.
I would recommend them to any one who is looking for a fist class, friendly, professional service.

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