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A Peaceful Heart By Judi Lynch Is it possible to have a heart filled with peace when the World seems lost in achieving the dream of acquiring it? My latest article in OM Times MagazineChoosing Love Over Fear By Judi Lynch Free will, life-changing decisions, karma and soul themes. My Latest Article in OM Times MagazineFeeling the Energy of Spirit by Judi LynchAs a child I remember seeing a movie in which an unseen spirit touched a woman’s shoulder in a cold breeze and sent her screaming from the room.
Holding On To the Vision   By Judi Lynch An incredible transformation has been taking place across this planet in the last few years. Patiently AscendingBy Judi LynchPatience represents the quality of your endurance to wait out certain situations and watch others manifest and prosper. 11 Things That Keep Us Shining By Judi Lynch There could be more than a million ways to consciously elevate our spiritual vibrational energy. Meditating With Your Spirit Guides By Judi Lynch Many people have challenges with the concept of meditation and just exactly what it means. Affirmations to Reach Higher GroundBy Judi LynchPositive affirmations can help us raise our vibrations into activating changes in the brain which release negative thought patterns, making room for spiritual transformations of the miraculous kind. Portals to the LightBy Judi LynchPortals connect our existence to the dimensions around us, through endless possibilities of energy fields and choices. We are Incredible Beings of Healing Light!By Judi LynchAs the process of ascension grows deeper inside of us, we begin to physically see the changes in everything created. I will be teaching a live online Spirit Guide Activation and Meditation Class next month with the Learn it Live Spirituality Center. The Beauty of Reincarnation By Judi Lynch Some people believe we have one life given to us to live on Earth and we have to do everything we can to make it count. Returning to the Consciousness of Peace By Judi Lynch It can happen in moments of extreme gratitude or times of great chaos in our lives. Soul Changes By Judi Lynch So many people choose to face dire consequences than make permanent changes in their lives. Constant Healing and Metaphysical Wellness By Judi LynchThe rapidly-evolving ascension process is helping us to understand how to set our inner frequencies on constant healing mode to carry us through this magnificent transition.
My latest book is now up on Amazon We were born to have hope, a reason to be here, to understand more and now we are responding.
Manifesting a New Reality By Judi Lynch As we attune to our own spiritual power and metaphysical abilities, we become increasingly aware of the principles of manifestation and how to apply them.
Do we really need to examine our thoughts, feelings and emotions in every extreme situation to recognize the process of evolving how we react? All of these variables and more can insist on crashing into each other with extreme force for some who are trying to overcome the fear of loving. It appears there is an ever growing divide between the thoughts created in light and those created with the intention to do harm.
It’s so easy to say that everything will work out for the best, or good things are on the way, but everyone always wants to know when! No longer an Earth bound soul walking around in a human body like you, but finally free of the suffering they endured while they were here. We all have the ability to tap into these incredible wheels in which the light is seen, felt or heard. Others believe we have as many lives as it takes to elevate our Souls into higher consciousness. For some, the thought of changing anything is so frightening the fear wins before they ever try to break free from it. It is important to feed and nurture the positive thoughts and qualities that will carry us through to the next task as we process the purpose of our being. The answer would depend on how much peace we are already able to feel in the core of our spiritual consciousness. Sometimes my fear was so great I needed to have the hall light on outside my bedroom door just in case.
For those practicing advanced spirituality, meditation helps them to strengthen the connection to their source energy. Affirming words, thoughts and actions give us the miraculous ability to raise the frequency of thought to change the body, mind and soul into healing action and manifestation.When thoughts are repeated, they become beliefs. This human evolution of spiritual awakening is thinning the veils of misunderstanding, opening our eyes and our hearts. It wins by taking them to a place of darkness and despair--they begin to tell themselves they won’t recover from. What is different about those who possess the metaphysical skills to heal with energy and to read and transfer thoughts telepathically that makes them able to operate on such magical terms? In times of great need and boundless joy we have all unknowingly captured that energy with the beauty of our thoughts and requests for help. It makes sense that some people are just born with a more peaceful core of existence within them and others have to work a little harder to focus in the effort to maintain their quest for inner balance. The guides, ascended masters and angels who help convey knowledge, insight and healing heed to this connection. Complete in consciousness form and able to transcend this time and space for glorious freedom of spirit.I first met Brad several years ago when he was referred to me by my friend Linda. The light is coming through the cracks, pouring through the crevices of our fears, healing doubts and insecurities. If we understand life is not incarceration unless we make it so, then we become the judge of our choices and lessons. Calmness surrounds you in celebration or rescue to let you know it really is going to be okay. That feeling of despair can be healed and transformed but a person has to have hope, they have to feel it true deep down inside to reach for it. Our DNA is responding to thoughts and capabilities as we create the ultimate human experience of truly living in a light-minded world. And now that I think back, how could you ever have known my mothers name and my Grandmothers name? While in a high vibrational state of meditation, you are completely able to control the physical body with the spiritual body and be conscious of it; thereby training your mind to stay in this state while awake. You feel a peaceful calm taking over, guiding you through stormy waters and you want to stay there forever. Some reach so high that they begin to fly spiritually and never come down the rest of their lives. How do we come together as ascending, evolving beings of light when we are spread out across this Universe? Your body can be in a constant state of renewal and recharge if you are channeling in higher realms during meditation. Listen and see through your third eye vision the words, people, places, things that will be providing these answers. The spiritual beings who thrive in the light of other dimensions bring this light into our Universe in incredible and astounding ways. Others go low, wallow in self pity, neglecting their bodies, minds and spirits with negativity. This information turns into the energy that your life force draws from and activates the reality that you will experience. I've had friends over the years who are psychic and love them, but you are especially gifted. Humans have witnessed some amazing happenings which can only be explained by divine grace manifesting to bring in miracles that science has yet to explain. The result can be devastating not only to their life and purpose here but also to the people around them who feel helpless in getting through. Just as your past life memories of prior negativity and disturbance can surface in this life, it is just as possible to be able to access and activate your true metaphysical ability to heal body, mind and soul.
There are several ways in which you can evolve your consciousness to react with a radiant peace that brings the situation to the balance point of understanding. Even after seven years of doing this work it’s still incredible to me when I receive specific names, numerous details and even past conversations they have had.
These experiences are evolving all the time and as more proof is revealed, scientific discoveries will catch up.These beams of Heaven are also shared with us when there is a great shift of spiritual frequency to upgrade our metaphysical abilities. As we find our bliss in this loving energy, we must also find our courage to speak up for injustices we encounter. There is no allowing of fear in those moments and the connection that sustains you reaches you with an unshakable knowing.
The formulas for setting in motion the constant regeneration of the body and an immune system that continues to function normally regardless of age are upon us now.All of the actions in your lifetimes are recorded as etheric atoms which attach to your soul body at the time of transition to the light.
We really can learn to stop ourselves from reacting as a mirror to the other person’s seemingly negative behavior towards us and lash out with an insult, etc. The joy comes flooding in, the recognition this was truly from the person they loved and missed is a wonderful thing to witness!
Even though the body that housed this energy may die, the soul lives on in light and can again reincarnate through this incredible process of life and rebirth. As time goes on, the child has to learn to live in the reality of the society they live in and conform to the popular thought process.
There are many remarkable documented cases of the transfer of thoughts and emotions involving twins, close friends, family members and even strangers passing by. They can also zoom in on people and situations going on before anyone else notices a thing. Lifting us up to heal in fusion of soul and human body while we continue our spiritual evolutions of human ascension. Certain energy is released that sends out a signal to the etheric, mental and emotional bodies to detach, to imprint.
In those moments we have broken free from the illusion we are ever separated from this love which fills our hearts with peaceful thoughts. When souls are working together to ascend a planet such as Earth, eventually they will learn how to transcend into the light at will without fear of physical death here. I wanted to express my gratitude towards you for helping me and speaking with me on Sunday. It is also an ability that can be developed over time and can be extremely heightened when you are in a group of spiritually advanced souls gathered in or near a high energy portal or vortex.  It is without a doubt an enlightening experience!
Yes, even when they deserve it, we can really practice turning the other cheek with the goal of raising our vibration, our joy factor and even our physical health. Others are too distracted by every noise and movement in the room to be able to maintain the focus they need.
He wanted to travel and write and enjoy his life now after working so hard and surviving so many life challenges.
Your life history is eternally recorded and this enables your Soul to bring those soul lessons unacknowledged back into a new lifetime. Your calm voice and laughs made me smile as i re-listened to the voice recording from our session.
Our guides come in to warn us when to slowly turn and back away then when to stand and act. His health was a major concern and trying to control his diabetes had become our major focus the last couple of years.
They have relayed information to those near them explaining what they are experiencing or even spoken to people they are able to see who are in another dimension. We have to examine why so many have separated themselves in pride by heritage without coming into a more accepting and loving way to coexist without judgment.

Not only these energies but new soul themes you may choose to bring in with you next time as well.
I thank you, Judi!Georgi Hi Judi I just wanted to thank you again for the session it was amazing!!!Randy Hi Judi! The ascension is in full force and for those who know and practice it--feel it--it is astounding the amount of energy being generated with pure love. Through choosing affirmation you can intuit the path to take at that time without letting the doubt and anxiety change what you know is really true for you.
He tried everything the experts recommended, conventional and holistic.Brad would call, I would pick up the phone and every time he would say, “Judi, Judi, Judi! When a person physically dies but is revived, they can often tell you about a light portal and describe exactly what was going on in the room while they were unconsciousness.
Do you have trust in your very soul that you will always strive to do the right thing and do you have the courage to follow through with your dreams?  Do you start thinking negative thoughts when everything becomes too hard?
You are responsible for your own vibration in that energy, therefore your judgment of it decides its purpose. They can make us all tense, anxious individually while as a collective group we have to learn techniques to help us all stay focused, strong in our beliefs. When you tap into this stream of spiritual light, their light becomes one within you, and combined with the energy from the Source, it heals our every need. It may take you out of your comfort zone but that could be a very good thing!Anytime that stress brings in these little voices, use your big inside voice to quiet them down. Imagine their soul floating around the top of the room like a camera and then popping back into the body with a report. In synchronicity your souls touch in the spiritual consciousness and the spark ignites into a luminous energy. The combination of the thought process that accepts both rationally and joyfully is the ascending mind!
If you choose to mirror negative behavior with more of the same, then more will be created.
We proceeded with the reading and validating what I had written down before she ever walked in. As our spiritual consciousness continues to evolve, these occurrences will happen more often.It has also come into being that our thoughts have created special times during our Earth calendar year when the veil between dimensions becomes very thin.
Someone can be extremely headstrong in their religion or social causes to the point of being cruel and destructive, yet they love their family dearly and have given to many charitable causes.
If we expect to find our joy from other people’s lives and opinions then we will always feel like an outsider looking in. If you practice sending love to every situation that stirs your soul you will receive all the love in the Universe in the form of an energy that heals all.Simplify your life and your surroundings. His life stories, his view of strange happenings and the time he described his vacation as worse than anything that happened in a Chevy Chase vacation movie will forever be in my mind. Energy portals open with our very will of being able to see, hear and communicate with those souls who are no longer in human form. They may still have much to learn about compassion or bigotry but the good in their heart is recognized by the Soul.
They can feel the vibration lifting them up into this peaceful existence, knowing this is how we were meant to evolve. The synchronicity and the vibrational forces were almost overwhelming in how they combined to make everything glow and appear surreal.  It was healing in every way!
They can hear our prayers, answer our calls to be healed, and lifted up into the vibration of joy and absolute peace. October is especially filled with metaphysical phenomenon and seemingly unexplained presences. Free from caring how others define us, listening to our spiritual guidance and emotional intelligence to lift ourselves up when others may want to tear us down. It can seem like you are living in two different time and space zones with the people around you.
I wondered why this soul had asked me to write down his name and just who he was.  I gathered up my courage and said "Who is Stan, or Stanley?" She was quiet for a couple of minutes then she lit up and said "Oh! No matter how rich, poor, challenged or blessed you are, your thoughts create your reality.As you would never approve of someone bullying another, you should never bully yourself by agreeing to negative thoughts about yourself. Toronto calling!Last year he wrote something to Linda and I that made me burst into tears every time I even thought about it. December is also a time of great celebration where healing light energy is heightened and Angels have been sighted in many churches around the world. We can connect to each other in ways that were never possible before because of physical limitations. It may take only a word or an action from someone else and it can ignite a light that heals and inspires thousands of others to do the same. I also started doing the guided meditations you recommended and so far I feel wonderful.Thank you again! In the age of instant communication and connection at the touch of your fingers, it can be frustrating waiting for the Universe to answer your requests.
Their sources are varied but their voices are destructive in the same way.The purpose of affirmation is self-improvement and spiritual connection.
Beautiful beings filled with messages of hope, courage and understanding come to us in dreams, telepathy, synchronicity. We understand better what happens on one side of this planet can greatly change the lives of the people who live on the other.
Compassion, forgiveness, non-judgment, encouragement, understanding, acceptance; these are the concrete concepts for now and for our future here.
There may be a lot of growing to do for your soul to be given the responsibility of the spiritual gifts you’re manifesting in your life here on Earth. There are so many lost souls who have never experienced unconditional love with a true compassion from a stranger. The Dead Sea Scrolls, Gnostic texts and many other writings and religions back this concept. It is truly incredible that one great thought can multiply into a thousand great thoughts through the consciousness that lives inside all of this human drama we must look through.
It also takes time for the human mind to comprehend the truth in our evolvement purpose and ascension of consciousness after being taught otherwise earlier in life.
They would tell you that even in the darkest places, there are cracks which can become tunnels. The ability to call on the souls in the consciousness who love us fearlessly and unconditionally is the super power of pure love which created us to which we will always return to.
The subconscious will start to believe the lie which in turn could truly damage your mental state. Millions of souls have traveled through those tunnels and felt the indescribable love pouring through them.
The human consciousness has come into an evolution of global proportion and grows stronger every second the planet spins. There is total freedom to choose your spiritual path and your personal religion but the vibration of love remains a universal force. Instead of concentrating on lack of anything, concentrate on creating abundance and gratefulness. Brad passed away on the 23rd of December, 2015.Thank You Bradley for finding me in this life and for your unconditional love, open mind and compassion. How completely miraculous it really is to our human minds we can travel through dimensions!The Earth is filled with energy centers which are able to absorb and channel more light-filled vibrations than other locations. How we treat them this a direct reflection on the energies living in our hearts and how we see the miracle of life and being alive.
If you openly accept you are a spiritual being living in a human body and that your consciousness can never die, it is likely your consciousness will be greeted by a radiant light filled with loving beings. We have the insight and knowledge to see the visions manifest because more of us around the world have decided to communicate at a deeper level.
There is a love filled with glorious light and healing in these incredible miraculous vibrations and we are now learning to hold those vibrations at the highest level.
Respecting each other as beings in growth, evolution and understanding is the concept we all still have to keep our focus on. Isn’t that why time exists in a certain order here, so we can learn the experience and the soul lesson as it would make sense to gain the knowledge?
He also added with sarcastic humor, "Tell her thanks a lot for coming!"  We cried and then we laughed. I am Grateful means that you have gratitude for life itself and as long as you are alive, there is something waiting to be discovered, explored, and manifested.Self-talk can change your entire life setting and attitude if the frequency is set on positive reinforcement.
They exists in powerful mountain ranges filled with living things, waterfalls, crystal formations, ancient rocks. If your Soul has been filled with anxiety and dogma about the afterlife, it is very likely your fear will block the light from your consciousness, causing the Soul to think they are all alone. We must look at these situations and see how they can be healed instead of glorified or duplicated by those who are unaware. Filling ourselves with the peace of mind that is being offered to us now, this is how it was meant to be. Acting physically, spiritually and humanely to the needs of the suffering who have been placed in the middle of conflict and chaos is ingrained in the souls of those who want to see the world heal. We understand spiritually that everything really is okay but we have to live on the Earth in a World that has been thriving on materialism and fear. You will let in the forces of metaphysical miracles when the mind can understand there really are endless possibilities in human evolution of the mind’s consciousness. The truth is the light exists all around you at all times whether you think you are worthy of it or not. The Law of Karma; every action generates a force of energy that returns to us in like kind.
There are many signs of awakening you can experience and build on to strengthen your bond with the souls who are there to assist you from the light. How incredible is this tool that we are really only now beginning to understand through science and belief.
In North America, these places were often occupied by native people who blessed the land and easily found their homes among the sacred spaces where they could seek spiritual solace and connection. Their thoughts, actions and vibrations can help us to raise the frequency, transmuting the negative into positive outcomes and understanding for change. It is astounding the healing number of people who are no longer afraid to stand up and speak out for change--what is right and humane.
You may be able to feel a presence, a blast of air, a touch on your forehead or hear a bell ring.
If you are endless, and boundless in spirit then you are able to exist way beyond these physical bodies which we are also only just beginning to realize how to keep alive.Through our diets, beliefs and physical motion these bodies will begin lasting much longer than ever and the mind will expand in its ability to heal.
I wanted to thank you both - for being who you are, for putting up with me and for all the healing energy and love you have sent to me over the years. The magic of the mountains, lakes and skies were a constant source of discovery and amazement.In our recent evolution of mind and soul, man is remembering and then redefining how we once thought of our metaphysical skills and possibilities.
How simple it should be that by changing our minds to only know love, we evolve the soul of the heart for everyone and everything. Crossing over will mean walking through to the higher dimensions without leaving our physical bodies at all.

It also takes courage and hard work to make changes in ourselves and in our personal environments. Expanding the love we feel for ourselves and others leaves no room for anything else to penetrate.
Many people who have awakened have experienced their tests and trials long before others have realized that the Earth truly is evolving. When our intention is to love, our purpose is to heal; evolving these multifaceted, unique, ridiculous souls becomes clear. When a child understands their inner light is there beyond any harsh word or action against them, they feel empowered as a soul. Right now more than ever, we need to hold on tight to each other along with the vibration and vision of peace being our ultimate goal.
The Way showers and everyone who has the inside lights turned on are ready to share and get this party started!
I love you both BradleyIf you have a friend who accepts you and loves you unconditionally, you are truly blessed. When a person’s worth is not judged by their skin color or their demographic location, we see true enlightenment.
We are finding our kindred spirits, soul groups and purposes--learning to communicate in many ways and forms to help each other find our humanity with compassion for each other. Being able to connect with the true spiritual guidance that gives someone life options and their own personal connection to spirit is a more favorable practice.
They want to celebrate and experience the Ascension and it sometimes feels as if someone or some unseen force keeps trying to put on the brakes.
She said her mother had recently passed, she was like a best friend and she had a huge turtle collection. In knowing that and reminding ourselves of it through affirming our ongoing existence, we give ourselves a glorious gift of peace.Reaching that higher ground in an emotional flood becomes a practice that helps to bring in a thriving and growing lifestyle in affirmation of life. Acceptance of themselves and others by celebrating diversity is something every child should have the gift of knowing. If it feels right in your heart and resonates in your soul, you are the only one who can decide. Helping others to empower their own abilities is how we evolve into a society of peace and trust. Just be in the light and in the vibration of love as much as you can and for as long as you can. If Spirit is coming through to you and healing your needs and comforting your fears, where and how you connect makes no difference. We may only be here a set number of years right now in these lifetimes, while we are here and alive, we have purpose and meaning.
She is president of the Crystal Healing Foundation, Inc., a 501(c) spiritual charity, and also a featured columnist for OM Times Magazine. When situations arise that test your patience, let the emotions wash over you before you react in a negative way, breathe.Be kind to yourself and the light soul you are. Whether you are standing at the top of a mountain looking out at a beautiful valley or kneeling in a great cathedral, just know you are worthy of all the love you are receiving. She has authored two books, Friends with Lights and Conscious Ascension, and has read for clients all over the world. We are rearranging our minds to leave behind old thought patterns of negativity that contain the past and things that no longer serve the greater good. Make sure they are filled with unconditional love and understanding for all you have been and all you are learning to be. There is reason and purpose to every single cell that lives in each person who decided to incarnate here during this rapidly changing and evolving Earth. It was so healing for her to hear that mom had come through to me the night before with this information and so much more. What we are witnessing right now is an opportunity being given; to every lightworker, seeker of truth, lover of life, healing shaman and those deeply dedicated to healing humanity.
Some wouldn’t even consider going a day without a drink no matter how long they had left.
She is the founder of the Crystal Healing Foundation, Inc., a 501(c)3 non-profit charity dedicated to Healing through raising spiritual consciousness with psychic communication, energy healing, ascension awareness, crystals and meditation. The codes, keys and insights are blooming like flowers all around us if we look closely and tune in. Since I have personally seen both choices made and the consequences thereafter, I have a realization. Even as we are still learning, forgiving and going through our own soul lessons, we can still look beyond to create a love and energy that heals all things. I understand that it can be very hard to pinpoint these things sometimes just as I know that certain events need to happen to play out the scene. There are a million ways we are given here to amuse ourselves and inspire our creativity.
She has authored two books, Friends with Lights and Conscious Ascension and has read for clients all over the world. It is patiently waiting for us to reach out, touch it for ourselves and share it like the life sustaining miracle that it is.
The wake up call had to come from a place much higher up; it was truly between them and God. There is a Universe out there and our globe is filled with people who believe the way that you do. I read the part where a specific older male relative on his father’s side had a message. If you are not around those people who lift you up and inspire you, find new people!Gather your courage and learn how to do something you have never done! She is the co-founder of the Crystal Healing Foundation, Inc., a 501(c) 3 non-profit charity.
I had to accept the outcome of their choices and carry it with me through my life as another chance to learn and grow from what I had experienced.
Have confidence your soul will lead you to the challenges and events you were meant to experience. Her book "Friends with Lights, A True Story" is available on Amazon; A featured columnist for OM Times Magazine and she has read for clients all over the world. Sometimes people have lost multiple friends and relatives and we have to ask specifically who we want to communicate with. Everything that came through to me - the validations, the words and wisdom from the angels and our guides. If we believe we will exist as energy in whatever life form we can incarnate into, we have nothing to fear but our thoughts.
You can open the door to a courage you never knew existed inside you.Speak your heart without fear. To change our thought process on any negative situation by seeing the benefit of the lesson or information, we create the changes inside us on the soul level.
We never got to finish our phone conversation, because that was all the validation they needed. If you have something that dearly needs to be expressed; write it down, talk it out, publish it, own it.
Do you believe it can be healed at the soul level and never affect the body or mind in this life or any other? I have been told by Kerri, my friend, that at one point my legs were levitated off the table.
Your words can help someone else find the courage to reach out and get the help they have desperately needed.Take care of your body. Some souls have such strong energy; they come through loud and clear and others have messages which are more visible in the third eye. Sometimes they have even waited until the person leaves to tell me something in astounding detail. Read and educate yourself on how to put the best nutrients you can afford into your body. Many blessings to you Love and Light xo CharlotteJudi is extremely gifted, she has read for me several times and her messages and readings are so full of information and heart felt kindness. You can change your DNA by what you eat, how you exercise, and every thought you think.
We are evolving spiritually and physically at a more rapid pace than ever before in the history of man on Earth. This fact is ever weaving itself into the fabric of our collectively conscious ascension.
I have done readings for people all over the world and the one thing they all have in common is the light that lives inside.
In a very short time it will be common fact healthy people will be living well into their hundreds without suffering from the ailments of old age we see today. Every living creature who suffers should be helped if put in your path, no matter how small they seem.
If you have anything in excess you can give to someone else never throw it away in haste.
You are truly amazing in your abilities, and I appreciate all the information you gave me. You will physically feel a joyful vibration of energy come through you.Let in the Light! Everything we talked about and everything you wrote down for me was so informative and quite accurate.
Whenever you feel there is darkness around you or your human emotions get the best of you, turn the lights on.
Meditate, pray, walk, rationalize--talk to a friend and ask your guides plus the angels to turn up the vibration. I'll definitely recommend you to anyone interested in a reading, and I hope to see you again in the future for perhaps another healing session (if this one ever wears off) or to get an update from my guides on the many perplexities that I may face in life. There are a lot of good hearted souls out there filled with light, seek them, friend them, keep them close by.
I had an inspiring afternoon with you and believe my life will be forever changed as a result! Thank you & bless you, Kim I have had the pleasure of utilizing Judi's services on several occasions both as a medium and as a healer.
Every time I have used Judi I have found her to be personable and a lady of high integrity. She is a featured columnist for OM Times Magazine and has read for clients all over the world. I absolutely recommend Judi to anyone who is seeking spiritual growth or help with a critical issue facing them. Sometimes one helping hand can bring us the hope to start looking positively again at our possibilities". Sincerely, GabeI'm sending up thanks to the universe in general but I did want to thank you for your part and to please don't stop what you're doing because we're feeling the love from here in Huntsville all the way to Vandy!

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