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Psychic – still a controversial word that starts to be recognized and used all over the world with less and less limiting belief systems resisting it. For most of the people that do not believe that they are psychic, there is good news.  There is a dormant psychic energy in all of us that awaits surfacing.
We are tapping and unlocking more than ever the mysteries that our minds and universe has to offer. Learning to tap into psychic reception area can be amazingly helpful in any creative thinking and become your own counselor, asses people, events, circumstances in our lives more effectively. You find answers and guidance through challenges in life, seek Truth, find who you truly are, what your life purpose is, find more about past lives, future experiences, gain clarity and insight in any area of your life including health, relationships, answers regarding your carrier, spiritual path, enhance spiritual and personal development, spiritual guidance, develop as  a whole human being, being able to be in charge of your own LIFE. It is important to expect success, and you will because the laws say if you keep practicing and stay focus on your success goals you will achieve them no matter what. Deep relaxation is key to shift consciousness and enter altered states. Relaxation is the first thing you should master first, because without a relaxed mind we cannot move forward in increasing psychic powers. Example of psychic tools: crystals and gemstones, orgone (life force generators), tarot cards, pendulum, meditation, breath work, yoga, being in the nature, chanting, drumming, being in the presence of high elevated psychic beings, etc.
Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. Read this special 2015 career and money forecast for Scorpio and find out, month by month what I predict the will happen in the coming months. As always if you have any questions please feel free to leave me a comment below and I will be sure to get back to you.
The good news, if you’re going to call it that, is that at least the drama will be pronounced, identifiable, and specific.
In the month of February, the month of love, the Scorpio career and money forecast involves paying people back. With that said, the payback that it’s going to be in play in February 2015 is actually the positive kind. You have to remember that for you to get to where you are in your career and financial standing, people helped you. The good news is that this payback is not really going to involve any kind of money or any kind of public pronouncement that can impact your pride or personal or social stature. Instead, the payback is really internally that you would resolve in your mind that these people did help you out, and it would be clear in your mind. In the month of March 2015, the forecast for Scorpio career and money issues is looking quite bright indeed.
It seems that you put in some investments in the past either in your career, your business, or in your finances. With that said, a lot of these investments that used to be sleeping are now basically showing signs of life and things are beginning to pan out in the Scorpio March Horoscope.
The most important days in March for Scorpios’ career and money horoscope are March 3rd, March 5th  and March 8th 2015. At your job, there will be some sort of changes that would involve you working with projects that you know for sure, you are not a master of. The good news is that your team is set up in such a way that if somebody fails, everybody else takes the hit.
You can basically just work on raising everybody’s morale, focusing on the objectives straight ahead, and giving it all you’ve got. Unfortunately, Scorpios, being typical emotional signs, often snatch defeat from the jaws of victories. There are many cases in your life where things look like they’re going to pan out in the brightest way possible, and all of a sudden you let your emotions get the best of you, and you switch from victory to defeat. Don’t let that happen in May 2015 as far as your career and money issues are concerned.
Key days in May for Scorpios’ career and money horoscope are May 3rd, May 18th, and May 19th 2015. In the month of June, the Scorpio career and money horoscope is all about unpredictability. You simply don’t have enough information and resources to achieve the high level of control that many people around you think you need to do.
The most important days in June for Scorpios’ career and money horoscope are June 3rd, June 22nd, and June 30th 2015. Too many people are so scared of failure that they keep running away from it and end up failing in many different ways.
The key days in July for Scorpios’ career and money horoscope are July 7th, July 8th, and July 30th 2015. One of the biggest weaknesses of Scorpio people is that they’re so intense that they think that their intensity produces meaning. In other words, as long as your emotions are lined up in a certain way, and you have a certain target in front of you, you are doing well.
August 2015 will bring many key self-realization and truths that can really point you into the right direction. However, if you live your life on the lie or misunderstanding, that’s not really a very solid life. In October, the Scorpio career and money horoscope is going to turn on the concept of solidity. The good news is that real personal growth often involves destroying the past and piecing it back together into a form that not just makes sense now but gives you a strategic advantage for the future.
In the month of November, the Scorpio money and career horoscope is going to paint a very hopeful picture.
There’s a lot to be hopeful come November because a lot of seemingly impossible things with your career are beginning to pan out. If you think about it, the human condition is really very fragile and the most important thing that we can, the most powerful thing that we can do in many cases is our hope. Keep this in mind because it’s easy to continue with a very negative mindset and this can lead to a prolonged period of self-sabotage as far as your personal finances and career are concerned. It’s a good idea as far as Scorpio career and money forecast is concerned to share in the season of giving. People would be able to see that you are a more complicated and nuanced than they originally thought. You have to remember that, for the most part, of the financial world is a cooperative world.
The most important days in December for Scorpios’ career and money horoscope are December 7th , December 19th , and December 20th 2015. I truly believe that my gift of psychic ability and insight is a blessing to me and if I have a responsibility to use my God given gifts to help others. Although both psychics and mediums have to work in an alternate state of consciousness, the work of a psychic involves a number of tools while mediums solely use their gift to communicate with the deceased.
While a medium channels energy from the life after death, the psychic reads the aura around a person to read his future.
Now that you know the difference between Psychic and Medium, it is important to know which one to turn to when you are looking for readings.
He was first noticed by the CIA when he was conducting research on remote viewing in Stanford Research Institute.
CIA recruited Ingo for The Stargate Project which essentially involved him to detect extra-terrestrial life forces in the dark side of the moon as suspected by the CIA.
Swann’s first out-of-body experience test was conducted in 1972 by the American Society for Psychical Research. In 1973, Ingo carried out a remote viewing of planet Jupiter and its rings for a span of 20 minutes when he reported several physical features of the planet, including its weather, surface etc.  He described the rings of Jupiter as glittering crystals. At present, Swann has stopped appearing in public but is said to be researching on remote viewing and psychokinetic abilities.

Geller started his career as a model but in 1969, he began performing as a professional entertainer for small audiences in Israel.
In the early 2000’s Geller appeared on TV, participating and hosting a number of international shows. Clairvoyance – meaning clear vision in French, is the ability to perceive things without the use of the normal human senses. Some say that Clairvoyance is present in every human being; it just needs to be discovered and practiced. Clairvoyance has been mentioned in religious texts, practices and figures since time immemorial.
In a usual psychic session, the information that the clairvoyant obtains is passed on to the seeker to the best of their abilities. Remote viewing is often associated with Clairvoyance while these two terms are related but not interchangeable. Psychic experiences are incidents that people regard as paranormal such as clairvoyance, telepathy, astral travel etc. Discuss all aspects of psychic abilities, ask the experts for advice and clarify your doubts about the psychic realm – all under one roof at the psychic discussions forum. After her brief stay in India, she went to Colombo (now, Sri Lanka) with Henry Steel Olcott. She went to Belgium in 1886, where she claimed to have a revelation ordering her to finish her book Secret Doctrine under any circumstances. Edgar Cayce was born on 18th March, 1877 in Beverly, near Hopkinsville, Kentucky, USA.  He possessed psychic powers since a very early age.
As he was being famous, a lot of fortune seekers and business-minded people started to persuade him – some for luck, some for treasure, some for professional success, and some for experiment.
1920’s to 40’s was the period when Cayce founded various institutions, including the Cayce Hospital. They can give a boost in the right direction, increasing the speed and working through blockages. Write down an answer before you go into your altered state including dream state and make sure you write down everything that you have experience during your travel, meditation, dream  etc:  words, symbols, draw pictures, smell, taste, anything that you have encountered during your travel session.
Can you be more specific on which piece of orgone pendants do you recommend to help with psychic development?
It seems that there was a lot of unfinished business in 2014 and all that is coming to a head in January 2015.
You’re not exactly the type of person that can live in let live and let grudges slip by. Payback and Scorpio how can it happen?” After all, Scorpios are known to be one of the most vindictive signs in the horoscope. A lot of these investments actually went gone south, or they basically hibernated for a long period of time. Just because you studied the stock or studied an investment opportunity, and you are very thorough about doesn’t necessarily mean the amount of work you put in order to research that investment will necessarily translate to investment success.
All eyes will be on you and considering how you often have a paranoid streak to you; you feel that at some level or other, people are expecting you to fail. When it comes to passion, Scorpios can definitely bring it so bring it in the month of April 2015. But the defeat that I’m talking about is the kind of defeat that people need to suffer so that they can grow. At the very least, even if you’re able to achieve the focus of your ambition and drive, at the end of the day, you will be defeated, empty, and bitter. It seems that a lot of the realizations you had regarding your career, the way you handled your money as well as your financial ambitions has you unsettled to say the least. You can run to the past with its false hopes and misleading sense of security or you can embrace the truth regarding your career choices, the way you handle your money, and other financial realities with open arms.
This can lead to a lot of long, cherished concepts being broken down with very little to replace it. If you are working with some sort of misunderstanding or like a misplaced confidence in things that really don’t exist in terms of finances, chances are there will be a massive letdown in the future. Hope is a bigger concept than simply getting even with somebody or returning hurt for hurt.
As mentioned above, seeds that you planted in the past actually begin to show signs of progress, and this can further increase the level of hope that you have. You might feel that you are already a giver, but guess what, allow yourself to give to charity.
This can lead to the right people, giving you the right attention which can lead to solid career and financial gains in the future.
Another answer to the question Am I Psychic or Am I Medium is that a medium can possess psychic abilities but it is highly unlikely for a psychic to possess mediumship skills. He was to detect, describe and illustrate some objects that were several feet above him, concealed in a shelf from the ceiling. His range of psychic abilities became famous when he demonstrated telepathy, sprouting, dowsing, bending metal, stopping and fixing clocks, moving compasses, erasing data from computer hard drives and tapes etc. He claims that Tutankhamen’s half-sister Scota hid treasure under the ground of the island and he would find the treasure with the help of dowsing.
One who possesses this ability is known as a clairvoyant and uses this power to obtain information about various things such as a person, a place, an object, or an event.
While some psychics need to work on it to achieve perfection, this ability comes naturally to other psychics and for them, it is quite frightening when it strikes first. It contains A-Z words with meanings and explanations stated explicitly for the everyday reader. We understand the difficulty of your situations, which is why, we have created a free, user-friendly platform where you can come and share your problems with our talented psychic readers.
She moved to New York in 1873 and impressed a lot of people with her proclaimed psychic abilities. Both of them became Buddhists there and started to revive the religion in the country.  In 1880, she is said to have materialized a lost brooch from one of her guests at a dinner party. The process was successful on stage where Cayce’s voice came back in trance, but when he woke up, he again had no voice. It went on to a point where Cayce announced he would only do readings for the poor and troubled. He is most commonly known as ‘The Sleeping Prophet’ because of the way he performed his readings. Also If you worked with someone, give thanks to them and their higher self and also make sure they leave the space in peace. These records are very useful for the future, to notice how much you have grown, what to improve, and can help in answering your questions.
It use to be that my intuitive skills use to lead me in right directions ALL THE TIME, but for the past three years, EVERYTHING has been scrambled, and the opposite of what my intuition is telling me. I was just asking my guides to show me a sign about what I need to do to increase my intuition and found your site. When you can clearly identify the issue, then you have a higher likelihood of fully resolving it within a fairly short period of time.
You tend to hang on, and that’s why this is going to be a very potentially emotionally rocky situation as far as your career and money issues are concerned.
Either they pointed you in the right direction, gave you concrete advice, or physically and directly helped you get to where you are.
This is a very important resolution because it can lead to positive changes as far as your career and money issues are concerned come the rest of 2015.
In many cases, your tendency to basically look out for yourself and forget everybody else is heavily suppressed and your ability as a team leader is shining forth.

The good news is these important people are giving you another look because of the group victory that you achieved that dates from April 2015. By simplifying things and breaking them down into smaller doable parts, you increase your likelihood of success.
This doesn’t necessarily mean that the truth will not sting but at the very least, it shall set you free. In many cases, it’s very easy to feel defeated, empty, and frankly, discouraged from all this internal turmoil often triggered by the external realities of your career, your business, or your financial issues. When you are able to let go and just basically allow yourself to be an intensely, emotional, and caring person without being overly defensive; things can look up for you as far as your career and money prospects are concerned. But if you want to communicate with a close friend or relative who has departed from this world, you should go to a medium. He is well-known for his contribution in fine-tuning the CRV technique was the cornerstone for CIA’s famous Stargate Project.
His test was to upset a magnetometer with the magnet enclosed in a vault 5 feet under the floors. He started working full time as a stage entertainer and his popularity grew at an exponential rate. He also claims to have reinforced the mystical powers of Lamb Island by burying a crystal orb there that used to belong to Albert Einstein.
They can disappear within a few seconds or can last a couple of minutes.  According to Bruce Main-Smith, there are 4 primary channels such as clairsensing, healing, physical and trance. We’ve captured a vast and varied collection of words from the psychic realm and we regularly update it for your convenience.
Find out how you can improve your psychic powers and put them to the right use with guidance from real-life psychics.
Soon afterwards, she started travelling with an Italian opera singer named Agardi Metrovich, who later claimed to be her husband. Throughout the span of her career, she claims to have performed a lot of psychic activities such as levitation, astral projection, clairaudience etc. Around this time, the Theosophical Society became international and she again moved to India to its headquarters.
Her strong disbelief in the ‘holiness’ of the Church has been supported by many Christian Gnostics, both in the yesteryears as well as modern times. This article will describe one of the Famous Psychics of all time who started as a layperson and became prominent in the world of spirituality. He received education till the ninth grade and worked in various places when he was a teenager such as a bookstore, a dry goods store etc.  In the year 1900, Edgar suffered from severe laryngitis as a result of which he totally lost the ability to speak. Soon after this, another hypnotist, AL Layne offered to cure his ailment through a session. He always performed his reading in trance with the help of a hypnotist and had a stenographer to type whatever he uttered in the trance. He has given more than 20,000 readings on various topics such as health, dreams, past life etc. All of us have this innate ability which requires exercise of spiritual and psychic faculties.  So now that you know that you are psychic behave like one. Needless to say, Swann was able to manipulate the functioning of the equipment successfully.
He concludes that Clairvoyance and clairaudience are two types of clairsensing and that the presence of one does not ensure that of the other. But the truth remains that all of these are different forms of psychic phenomena that are so extensive that they can’t be labelled Clairvoyance. Whether you are an amateur or an expert, you’ll find all the basics and definitions for the entire psychic terminology. If you are intuitive, clairsentient, psychokinetic or clairaudient, this is a free platform for you. Be it your career, relationships, family life, health or financial issues – our qualified psychics are here to help you. There was a child called Yuri whom Blavatsky loved a lot and upon the death of whom she declared that she no longer believed in the Russian Orthodox God. The next year when she was working on her book Isis Unveiled, she married for the second time. Her actions, teachings and proclaimations have been countered by many, but little evidence has ever been produced to back it all up. During the entire session, Cayce was in trance and communicating with Layne, describing his ailment and telling him how to cure it. A psychic can also give you information regarding events that have occurred in your past or present. It is because mediumship entails an intense level of dedication that people with psychic skills cannot always offer.
As a child, he could read the mind of his mother and later on, he could bend spoons and make clocks tick faster just like that. He has been a target of critics, psychologists and magicians claiming that the activities he performed on stage can be performed with the help of magic tricks and some common sense.
A number of mediums who are clairvoyants lack the ability of clairaudience because having more than one primary channel open and active is highly unlikely. This discussions board features members from diverse walks of life who are united by one thing – their psychic ability. If you want to get insights into your inherent psychic abilities, post a thread in this forum.  If you are gifted with mediumship skills, take classes from a practising medium. You may have the gift of natural born psychic powers, maybe you are blessed with the power to heal others, to make peace and bring happiness into other people’s lives. If you are having psychic encounters such as visions or sensitivities relating to the work of a psychic, post a question and find answers given by genuine psychics. His accurate readings made him so popular that people from all over the world started to contact him for help. Does the word “cosmic consciousness” bring anything to your mind?  If you already have knowledge of psychic terminology and wish to research further on it, you will find this glossary immensely useful. Maybe this is your destiny, or maybe someone is trying to tell you something through these psychic experiences. Find like-minded people, share your views with them and learn their views on various topics related to psychic. You will get a detailed, clear-cut and 100% accurate reading plus guidance.  Each and every reader in our pool gives honest answers.
The clear-cut definitions in this glossary give you a brief yet in-depth understanding of the psychic world. Learn which path to follow in the labyrinth called life through gifted psychics from all over the world. Be it the psychic abilities you want to know about, or the use of terms by psychics all around the world, this glossary will act as a personal psychic guide to you. You never know how the powers can manifest in you and make you one of those ‘special ones’ with very special skills. Bring peace into your life and find how to avoid mishaps with free readings offered by well-versed readers that do not do fake.  Get insights into the deepest desires of your life and discover how you can maintain the balance of your mind, body and soul through the in-depth psychic readings from Mysticboard.
We have used simple words to describe the meanings of the terms to ensure that you find what you are looking for. Join and share your experience with expert psychics from all over the world absolutely free!

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