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I, along with Thu Tran of Food Party, am creating some video content and interactivity for Meal of Fortune, by Andy An’s Mouth Arcade. Mouth Arcade presents Meal of Fortune, an immersive four-course pop-up restaurant featuring digital and analog games with food pairings by chef Theo Friedman of Theory Kitchen, and video programming by artists Thu Tran and Will Rahilly.
I’m giving a talk at Pioneer Works for their software for artists day on Saturday, December 5 at 4 PM. Calymayor and Dunlap have collaborated with sound artists and musicians Anais Blondet, Brian Jacobs, Erick Lodwick, Will Rahilly, Brandon Seabrook, Erika Spring and Reggie Watts.
Just finished working on effects for friend Autre ne Veut’s video for Age of Transparency. Some time ago, Ben Fama asked me if I’d be interested in making a video incorporating one of his poems, Los Angeles.
As with any of my videos, I ask that you use headphone and watch in full screen mode for a better experience.
Throughout his career, Will Rahilly has produced moving images intended as installation, and performance—Blastulacon and Blue Dot represent his first, and most recent intended to be viewed cinematically.
Started as a visual for Ben Fama’s poem, Los Angeles, Blue Dot is a pulsating visual experience. Will Rahilly is a multimedia artist who makes installations involving analogue phenomenon, photographs that contain objects without function, and videos dense with color and sound. Free and open to the public.Books available for purchase for $10 on the night of the event. Positioned in a dark echoing room, two projectors are aimed at two basins of water resting on two speakers. Blasts of synthetic sounds come from the speakers, creating a variety of interference patterns in the reflected images as the relationship between the two projected entities progresses. Huge thanks to Nick Emmet for design consultation and construction and Matt Ching for shoot + installation assistance. It opens today, and is open through Sunday at Skylight at Moynihan Station (31st Street Entrance).
A huge thanks to all who sang for the piece, and especially Micaela Carolan for working really hard to make the base of this structure come into being (I am slowly learning how to do these things), Nick Emmet for helping with the install, and Eyelevel BQE for curating.
Created for a large, 4-sided video cube, ExStanchion follows the path of rope as it weaves its way through the abstracted working day of a man.
Played as part of Monkeytown, Denver, CO for three months, summer 2014, Bushwick open studios, 2014 and Aqua Fair, Miami, FL December 2013 as part of Art Basil. The video has been broken apart into stages of The Baroness’s life, and each of 50 artist has been assigned a section to creatively reproduce.

There is one week left of the Monkey Town’s immersive video cube and dinner experience at EYEBEAM Art Center. The Instagram hashtag #monkeytown3 has some great photos from some of the thousands who have experienced the show.
I have some photos and a new video with Tom Smith at a show at ROX Gallery in LES, New York early this fall. On August 8th, I have a section in the collaborative film, The Filmballad of MAMADADA, premiering at Roulette in Brooklyn. I took part in another collaborative piece entitled Dreams Less Sweet, a video made to an entire album of the band Psychic TV thanks to Sam Zimmerman. Come spend a day in the sun at Rockaway Beach, then swim over to the MoMA PS1 VW Dome 2 where you can watch the US premiere of NEVER FOREVER  under a starlit geodesic dome.
NEVER FOREVER is the first ever Now Age psych-opera starring Prince Rama and featuring songs off their latest apocalyptic pop album, Top Ten Hits of the End of the World. The Fertile Swipe, 2013-16 is an interactive video performance lecture on the topic of food created for specifically for the 4-sided, seamless video cube dining experience of Monkey Town. The above is a segment of the performance in which the audience watches the screens alone, as most of it is meant to be seen alongside the performer. A series of interactive video performances, readings, and video showings at Spectacle Theater, Brooklyn, NY — my favorite venue. Special thanks to: Jocelyn Spaar, Eric Shaw, Dilian, Nick Emmet, Ariel Kavoussi, and Carlos Diaz. I’m helping out with the visual look for the virtual realms in the upcoming long-form music video. Essentially, I will be presenting a game made from eating various combinations of food colors.
For three nights only, this event will bring into question the formulaic actions of eating we perform daily. I will talk about my past work and process and give a demo how to make your dreams come true-ish. This video is being released concurrently with his new book of poems, Fantasy, via my friends over at Ugly Duckling Presse. Separated by six years, each explores the elasticity of the medium and its ability to manufacture environments, create relationships between sound and image, and distort reality. In the poem, Fama writes about an abstracted navigational blue dot pulsing down a boulevard on a GPS system. Inspired by Japanese cinema, video games, eczema and bad internet art, Blastulacon tells the tale of two isolated characters and their fantasies — gastronomic, sexual and otherwise.

The aesthetics of the installation bring to mind the grid-like, abstracted early computer graphics of the 70’s with an additional layer of natural processing via the vibration and sloshing of the water. Video is shot off vibrating pools of water in the dark where sonic swells cause alien interference. It will birth itself sometime in the great year of 2015, more information in the coming months.
The Art Frick City after party at Emerson Bar ( 551 Myrtle Ave, Brooklyn, NY ), will feature me doing an intro performance that leads into a new 10-min video around 8pm.
It premieres at the Warhol Museum in Philadelphia on August 16th and is due to have a New York premiere in the near future. A video my friend Dan Meth and I made was played in this massive K-Pop arena with Korean acts such as The One, Ulala Session, and, my personal favorite, Infinite. Maybe by rethinking the gestures and props we use around food, eating can feel more like winning.
In Blue Dot, Rahilly expands this idea into virtual environments and pathways that riff off of the internet, visual media and separation.
The two entities engage in a cacophonous sonic language that moves from lust to war, synchronization to battle until they are destroyed. It’s beyond the installation with hanging strips of light in the dankest, darkest room in the building.
The project is called The Film Ballad of Mamadada and was put together by Lily Benson and Cassandra Guan. Wahrman (Astral Projects), Never Forever takes you on a free-form journey through dimensions both surreal and virtual– from the glamorous, twisted world of a post-apocalyptic gym queen to the nightmarish breakdown of a VR robot turned pop star. As he hooks up the machine to his body, different relationships between his orifices and the machine are explored though vibrant video meditations. A huge thanks to Montgomery Knott for his insane efforts putting this all together, and his incredible support. If Alejandro Jodorowsky was reborn in 2127 and crashed his motorcycle into the decayed set of Thriller, it still wouldn’t come close to the terror that is Never Forever. She remains isolated from the members, seeing only their faces flash before her on a screen.

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