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Artificial flowers are a good alternative for busy people, provided they are dusted and washed at regular intervals.
Chinese roses - These represent love (red), wealth (yellow) and honour (white).
Chrysanthemums - It is a flower of happiness, laughter, comfort and relaxation. Lotus - The sacred flower of the Buddhists, it represents purity, peace and triumph. All green plants are known to create Chi and help to get in harmony and balance in the home. Healthy plants at entrances and windows make an attractive display as well as ward of all the Chi but not as much as aquariums. Be it an aquarium, a fountain or a miniature waterfall, you should never place them in the south. Stone, metal, ceramic and glass animals are also used in Feng Shui.

More docile animals such as elephants (representing power) tortoises (representing longevity) and rabbits (representing fertility) are to be placed indoors in relevant locations. Potted plants and freshly cut flowers are best for apartment residents. Among live flowers, most are good and brighter they are, the better. The best locations are east, southeast and the north as plants relate to wood and water elements. Aquariums and small indoor fountains can become a feature of a room, while at the same time increasing the wealth of the occupants.
Thus elephants go well in a study or office, tortoises in drawing rooms and rabbits in the bedroom. One has to be careful about dead flowers in the sense that they create negative Chi. There are five flowers that Feng Shui places right on top and believes to be especially beneficial.

Plants can also effectively eliminate the undesirable Khi caused by sharp corners. A water presence in the north, west or northwest will help you progress quickly in your career. In many cultures you have feline mammals placed on each side of the main entrance to a building. Dried flowers as strongly discouraged as their life (water element) is drained out of them. Though most of them need lots of care and alertness in terms of maintenance, they tend to be the best hosts for Chi.

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