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But although there are many great children’s books, not all of them are written to be read aloud. Refusing to write what its possessor demands, a pen peevishly scribbles all manner of insults instead. This has been one of Yakuza Baby’s favorites since she was 1, when she used to demand “Papa!
WE love old classics like the stuff from the New York Review Children’s Literature Collection. One of my favorite holiday traditions is to save certain Christmas books to read only at Christmas time.
When I was little my mom would usually read The Littlest Angel out loud to us on Christmas Eve.
I planned to read 1 of our Christmas books to my kids every night this December, but with a 15-year-old planning his own Festivus party tonight and different bedtimes for the rest, we may have to do some catching up these last few days. 8-year-old Albert and his talking dog, Lucille, set out to get his mom a thoughtful Christmas gift.
This Christmas story set in Appalachia is about a boy named Frankie who waits hopefully for a specific present to be delivered by the Christmas train.
This picture book presentation of Robert Frost's poem is edited by Susan Jeffers and I LOVE reading it at Christmas time.

This quirky Christmas story explains why elves are just the best suited beings to help Santa, even though gnomes, mermaids, and the like are also willing to lend a hand.
This is one of my favorite Christmas fables about Small Pine, a tree who hopes to become the Queen's pick for Christmas. Use a Facebook account to add a comment, subject to Facebook's Terms of Service and Privacy Policy.
What makes this book a delight to read is that it’s sculpted into a series of escalating set-ups, followed by crazy punchlines. But what makes Tabby McTat stand out for me is its dark undertones of separation, responsibility and class. That along with listening to Elvis’ Christmas Album and opening 1 present (usually, but not always, pajamas) ushered in the painfully sleepless night I looked forward to all year. Here are some of my favorite Christmas stories to read out loud to my kids over the holidays.
I thought the Herdmans were the most hilarious and audacious pack of kids I'd ever heard of. There are points in the story which evoke the working class British movies I love and admire, like those of Mike Leigh and Ken Loach. I find the ones from Taiwan to be better, but that means I have to read the traditional fanti, which I’m not so used to.

This book has lots of text, which might take a few nights to finish but it's wonderful to read out loud.
It almost feels to personal to share with the whole world, but I'm glad to be able to read it to my kids.
But Leonardo is probably his best, due to the multi-layered character of Leonardo, a monster who craves respect as a monster, then finds that it’s not so important after all. If you get a chance please visit Operation Help and help bring a smile to a Romanian Orphans Face this Holiday Season like I did, they have such little in Romania. Yen thinks I picked up the accents from my years studying in London, but to be honest, I learned them all from watching Monty Python. I have a hazy memory of being left to wander the kids’ books section on the upper level of the old Stamford Road MPH bookstore and picking this up, and finding it very, very odd and funny. The bowl full of jelly, the finger placed on the side of his nose—It gives you something to think about while you're trying to fall asleep. The part Yakuza Baby likes me to read aloud the most is (Spoiler Alert!) Sam’s response to Leonardo.

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