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We don’t have math classes at VBC, but I would hope your addition skills are still in tact and you can do the quick calculation to realize that you will need to read NINE books this quarter. Let’s get those syllabi out, make a trip to the bookstore, map out the next eight weeks, and READ! To see our content at its best we recommend upgrading if you wish to continue using IE or using another browser such as Firefox, Safari or Google Chrome. To those who despair of their teenagers tackling any kind of challenge, the news that many 13-year-olds are shunning difficult books in favour of those suitable for 10‑year-olds will have come as no surprise. Middle School Workshops will be offered on Wednesday, July 17 and on Wednesday, August 14 from 4-6 pm. High School Workshops will be offered on Thursday, July 18 and on Thursday, August 15th from 7-9 pm. To sign up for Linden Tree Summer Reading Workshops, please call the store at (650) 949-3390. Use these free images for your websites, art projects, reports, and Powerpoint presentations! All of the books you’ll be assigned will be ministry related books that are written in language that is easy to follow and will not total more than 200 pages. Go ahead and let out that sign of relief! Take some time this week to thumb through each of the books, read the back descriptions, and figure out the order you want to read them in! Research published by Dundee University showing that rising numbers of pupils, including the brightest, choose books like Roald Dahl’s The Twits, suitable for seven-year-olds, may confirm many of our fears about dumbing down.

Say you have a 12 chapter book: read two chapters for the first four days of the week and then one chapter for the last three days. Worst of all, having reached a decent level at the end of primary school, the failure to promote reading causes many to regress.
An audiobook builds a child’s vocabulary and enables him or her to tackle books a good couple of years above their actual reading age.
Practical ministry training is the focus at VBC, so you can be assured you will not be turning in 20-page papers every week. Doing ministry in a church or in the work place is often going to require you to do things that you don’t particularly like. Before you call home scared, let’s get a game plan to make reading machines of us all. Choose two or three to read at the same time, and figure out how many pages to read of each to finish them in two to three weeks. You’ll have more motivation to read books you are interested in that last two weeks than books you aren’t interested in! These reading assignments will not only fill you with knowledge and revelation, but will also help you cultivate a discipline that will benefit you for a lifetime. My daughter, luckily, took to books before primary school thanks to the splendid Frog and Toad series, but my son got trapped in the dismal Biff, Chip and Kipper reading primers, and nearly got put off for life. His first big breakthrough came when he discovered Cressida Cowell’s gloriously funny How to Train Your Dragon sagas.

Depending on the teacher, there may be short papers, responses, or projects that get assigned over the course of the quarter. Story‑telling is crucial, so why not take a leaf out of Philip Pullman’s book, and, as he did with his own sons, tell your children stories from The Odyssey?
Talk about the plots and characters in films they enjoy, read them poetry aloud, make up shaggy‑dog tales on long car journeys and please, never, ever push children into reading books that are too advanced for them. Anthony Horowitz, Malorie Blackman, Chris Priestly, Jon Mayhew, Helen Grant and Darren Shan all write sizzling tales devoured by teen readers. If they want unhappy families, try historical romances by Mary Hooper, the hard-edged Kevin Brooks or even Great Expectations. The excellent Barrington Stoke imprint gets distinguished authors like Melvin Burgess and Bali Rai to write gripping, unpatronising tales that are designed for those with dyslexia.
If you can get them into, say, King Solomon’s Mines, A Study in Scarlet or Jane Eyre, and then stop at a crucial moment, you will have them desperate to carry on reading.

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