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A Writer's Diaryby Fyodor DostoyevskyThe essential entries from Dostoevsky's complete Diary, called his boldest experiment in literary form, are now available in this abridged edition; it is a uniquely encyclopedic forum of fictional and nonfictional genres.
The Diary of Vaslav Nijinskyby Vaslav NijinskyIn December 1917, Vaslav Nijinsky, the most famous male dancer in the Western world, moved into a Swiss villa with his wife and three-year-old daughter and started to go insane. If you are new to blogging or planning to start your first blog then this is must read Ebook for you. Secret Ceremonies: A Mormon Woman's Intimate Diary of Marriage and Beyondby Deborah LaakeSecret Ceremonies is the story of the awakening of Deborah Laake, who came of age in the early seventies in a manner that would have appeared out-of-step but certainly not tumultuous to an outsider. This diary, which he kept in four notebooks over six weeks, is the only sustained, on-the-spot account we have by a major artist of the experience of entering psychosis.
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This is an extreme case, but tales of psychological abuse similar to this are all too common in the Mormon Church.
It could be considered a quite impressive (if impenetrable) literary achievement if stripped of its context-- that is, a record of its author's descent into the schizophrenia from which he would never reemerge.
Nijinsky was one of the most gifted male dancers in history, and he grew to be celebrated for his virtuosity and for the depth and intensity of his characterizations. So today I would like to share the lists of free Ebooks related to blogging with all of my readers. Basically, it's several hundred pages of this type of thing:Reads like a disorienting fusion of high Modernist stream-of-consciousness, Kafka's psychological claustrophobia and the postmodern penchant for shifting personas and unreliable narrators. De exemplu, spre sfarsit, calul lui de bataie devine LNietzsche a spus despre Dostoievski ca este singurul de la care mai poate invata ceva. She is on the bed with her fiance, they are kissing and she says they are 'bumping pubic bones' (what the rest of us call dry humping or similar) when she has her first orgasm, which sets him off. Basically, it's several hundred pages of this type of thing:I fully expected to get a little ways into the book and have to skim the rest, but I have to say, once I adjusted to the general ebb and flow of Nijinsky's mental associations it became a fascinating read, especially when he'll wander, almost accidentally, into musings of his dancing career and the people associated with it (Diaghilev, Nijinska, his various patrons, etc). Those looking for Nijinsky to provide any kind of extended commentary on his dancing or career will be disappointed, however, because he barely mentions it directly (I'd wager just several pages worth in the entire volume), and the "unexpurgated" part doesn't mean juicy sex details, but rather long digressions on things like bowel movements.In it's own way quite beautiful, but also ultimately, and inevitably, sad. Katriina ? Jul 19, 2015[ ]is a quote out of this book, but so is[ ] or, my all-time-favourite, as I spent all of my life convinced that Dostoevsky was a stick and got really enlightened:[]No, really. Bineinteles, atacandu-l pe Levin il inteapa pe Tolstoi: adica de ce Levin (Tolstoi) nu-si rupe camasa de pe el si nu-si smulge parul din cap de grija altor popoare slave asuprite de turci.
I find it easy to make fun of some of these lines in Nijinskys diary, but I'm actually overwhelmed with the sheer genius of this man. Already quite early Nijinsky himself admitted that[ ]is a quote out of this book, but so is[ ] or, my all-time-favourite, as I spent all of my life convinced that Dostoevsky was a stick and got really enlightened:[]No, really. Nu a pus botul la propaganda, asa cum a facut Dostoievski [este vorba de acel gen de propaganda clasica din toate razboaiele, conform careia dusmanul arunca copiii in sulita, siluieste femeile in timp ce le injunghie cu pumnalul, si jupuieste barbatii de vii.]Legat de asta, imi amintesc de boierii nostri moldoveni care au crezut in eliberatorii rusi - crestini ortodocsi - si sperau ca vor veni si ne vor scapa de jugul otoman. Already quite early Nijinsky himself admitted that „people will say Nijinsky pretends to be mad.“. Si in ziua de azi avem o ura genetica fata de acesti barbari salbatici de la rasarit.Si cand este nationalismul mai oribil?

However, it is hard to pretend you're mad, and it's even harder to pretend to be mad and have people believe you.
Plus, it's now a wide-known fact that Nijinsky was „mad“, a schizophrenic, and this book is quite an evidence.
Dupa revolutia din '89 si la noi au aparut opinii copilaresti conform carora Bucurestiul va noul Ierusalim si poporul roman e cel ales etc. They say there's a very thin line between being a genius and being a madman, and Nijinsky has crossed it. Nijinsky has been undeniably a master of ballet; very few have been able to dance in the way Nijinsky does. Most unfortunately, I was not alive when he was, so I never got the chance to actually see him. Now, admittedly, I'm not exactly the kind of woman to go and see a ballet show every other week, but I do appreciate it and have actually been dancing ballet in the past. Cine cunoaste istoria poate intelege ironia rusinoasa, cu tot bolsevismul si materialismul care au urmat - cu care am fost „blagosloviti” si noi de altfel.Apoi, nu stiu cum un om extraordinar de inteligent ca Dostoievski a putut scrie despre „problema jidoveasca”?
I had heard of Nijinsky long before I knew he suffered from schizophrenia because as a young girl taking ballet classes, my teacher would be so happy about being able to teach some boys and would call them “my little Nijinskys”. E drept, atunci cand un intelectual „ovreu” il dojeneste intr-o scrisoare ca pentru 10% dintre jidanii care-s rapace si nesimtiti ii ataca si pe restul de 90% dintre evreii ce traiesc la limita saraciei, Dostoievski o cam da in balbaiala. There's this movie, Black Swan – which I've admittedly never seen – and there's Nijinskys diary.
Pot spune doar ca politica ziarului in care si-a publicat Jurnalul era de orientare conservatoare, asa ca si el s-a conformat. Schizoaffective disorder is like a schizophrenia-&-bipolar-disorder crossover, so within the 7 years since my first outbreak I have suffered a lot of psychoses, delusions, grandiosity thoughts, hallucinations and the like.
Acum sa vorbesc si despre caracteristicile pozitive, care-s infinit mai multe si mi-l dezvaluie pe Dostoievski asa cum il stiu si-l iubesc.In primul rand in Jurnal sunt incluse doua nestemate, Sfioasa si Visul unui om ridicol. I'm skilled at being mentally disordered, one could nastily say, and I recognised myself a surprising lot in this book.
Some of the lines sound as if you'd taken them right out of my very own psychosis-diary, which I had and have to keep from time to time. Sunt atat de profunde incat a trebuit sa trag un scaun si sa stau vreo jumate de ora sa ma dezmeticesc. Asta-i Dostoievski pe care-l cunosc, nu nationalistul ridicol.Apoi, Dostoievski apara si sustine dreptul femeilor de a avea educatie universitara. I read the unabridged diary, and I had been searching for an unabridged copy costing less than 88€ for a long, long while. O idee foarte progresista pentru vremea aceea, cu mult inaintea miscarilor feministe din tarile anglo-saxone.In sfarsit, la un moment dat, in capitolul „Un discurs fantastic al presedintelui completului de judecata” am avut norocul sa asist la o lectie rara de pedagogie si psihologie infantila. Just after I found and purchased it a wonderful, amazing person had send me a PDF version and when I opened it it, turned out that about 40% of the book were missing. Lectia are ca punct de plecare cazul familiei Djunkovski, in care parintii si-au supus copii la chinuri groaznice si la tratamente inumane [existau „stirile de la ora 5” si pe vremea aia :)].
I hopped to Wikipedia as I wondered why, and found out that his wife had been – after his death – erasing parts where Nijinsky talked about his homosexual relationships, or wrote of his wife negatively, or wrote about his experiences with „upper-class“ prostitutes etc. Fara credinta in nemurirea sufletului viata devine absurda si singura solutie ramane sinuciderea. And it's such a pity that his wife erased all of this because it depicts Nijinskys inner controversy and ambivalence so much. If you're heading straight for psychosis, thinking clear and structured isn't always a thing you necessarily do. Cred ca acesta a fost si motivul principal pentru care m-am apucat sa citesc cu pofta cartea asta uriasa.
While he surprisingly managed to – mostly – focus his thoughts on one topic he constantly, he would constantly, constantly, constantly contradict himself in everything he said.

One time he was God, one time he was God in man and one time he wasn't God, but only Nijinsky. If you're looking for a gripping book, this is not for you and yet, this book is nowhere near boring. If you're looking for a funny read, this is not for you, and yet, there is a few funny phrases. This literary experiment includes everything from letters, literary battles, and short stories to fragments of poems, recollections and long polemics focused on Russia’s system of justice (which had undergone a substantial reform in the previous decade.)It’s a whopper of a book, over 700 pages. However, they're not funny on intent, they're rather grotesquely, absurdly funny and plain sad when you think about it for a minute or two. This book has no genre; there's no action, no suspense, no character-development, no love stories, no nothing.
This book is merely a depiction of a poor mind descending into madness, with all of the sadness and absurdities accompanying it. But it’s also true that anything Dostoevsky wrote had (and still has) a relentless force and crackling energy worth exploring.In a very long introductory study, Gary Saul Morson of Northwestern University makes a valiant attempt to suggest that many of Dostoevsky’s failings and surprising shifts of genre and subject in his Writer’s Diary amount to a new kind of literature. H.e was on top of thingsThere is a second volume to The Writer’s Diary that covers the years 1877-1881. I’ll probably read it because I am, in fact, a Dostoevsky fanatic and generally fascinated by Russian writers and Russia as a country. The critically important lesson one learns in the first volume of The Writer’s Diary is how alienated, confused, attracted and repelled Dostoevsky was with regard to Europe, not to mention America. The diaries of Vaslav Nijinsky are the diaries of a genius -perhaps the best dancer who ever lived- who increasingly suffers from psychosis, presumably schizophrenia.
That’s probably because we don’t fathom Russia’s sense of difference, vulnerability, and mission vis-a-vis the West.
The book was meant to be published by Nijinsky, but it does not seem as if that stopped him from penning down every sinThis book has no logical reasoning whatsoever. Ademas de Escritor, Dostoievski era periodista y podia hacer ensayos realmente extensos a partir de pequenas notas que leia en los periodicos.
The book was meant to be published by Nijinsky, but it does not seem as if that stopped him from penning down every single honest thought. There are descriptions of his personal life, reflections on art, on philosophy, on faith, on vegetarianism but most of all: on love. Nijinsky is obviously a sensitive and empathetic soul, who constantly cries tears for the world around him.
He stresses the point that he has no political preference, his only 'preference' is that people should be kind and loving to each other.The book is written as a kind of chant of love and God. Throughout the writing the profound sadness of Nijinsky is present all the time and it makes one want to hug the man and tell him everything will be alright. Nijinsky knows that people think he is sick, but he claims in the diary that he just claims to be sick.
However, he describes on almost every page how God talks to him and tells him to do or don't do certain things. Not in a way that your average religious person does, but in a way that elevates him to be almost Christlike, in his experience. He does not have mere opinions on things, he has the truth, because his ideas come from God. And in the end, he almost jumps of a cliff as well as almost freezes to death laying in the snow, because God tells him to.

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