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Me and my friends have so much fun and I hope to meet you there too so we can play together. In this issue of Club Penguin Times we have one of my Favorites :) Can you guess what this Picture will be? This Message is from Club Penguin Times: On October 24, for one day only a special celebration is coming to the island – the Anniversary Party!
On Monday I spoke to Grandpa on the phone and then me and Littletias walked over to Grandpas house. Pick Your Path 4: The Great Puffle Switch (to be released Mars 4, 2010) - In this 80 pages book where you choose your own path, the reader magically switches places with his or her pet puffle in a wild turn of events!
Usually when we come Grandpa open the door and hugs us but nobody opened so we used our own key. The book also includes classic activities like how-to-draws, word searches, crossword puzzles, and more.
We both run out to Grandpa and when he didn't answer us I started to cry because I thought he was dead!

It has always looked cool when penguins waddle around pretending to be a real squidzoid making monster noises like rarrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr! Shadow Guy & Gamma Gal is happening at the end of the week at the Stage and there's a NEW MONSTER on the set! Nobody would tell me the whole deal, but I managed to get an interview with someone who helped make this new monster. I used my Sweater to press on Grandpas head to stop the bleeding and Littletias called First the Ambulance and then our Parents. They both came at the same time and the Ambulance took Grandpa to the Hospital and we followed in our car.
And if you don't already have it, starting tomorrow you'll be able to grab the Squidzoid costume at the Stage.
I was so afraid that Grandpa was going to die so I couldn't stop crying Littletias cried too.
Then he told us that he remembered he went out to pick down some apples and he guessed that he had slipped with his foot when he was on the ladder.

And if your comment is chosen as the feature comment on next week's blog, we'll add 10,000 coins to your penguin account. It seems only fair that Squidzoid has a partner since there's a Shadow Guy and a Gamma Gal. I found his Doctor and asked if I could stay and first he said no but Mum spoke to him and Grandpa said that he wanted us to stay then the Doctor said it was okay as long we didn't disturb Grandpa.
A very kind Nurse came with a mattress, pillows and Blanket so me and Mum could sleep on the floor in Grandpas room. Grandpa was better the next day but the Doctor wanted him to stay one more Night for observations so me and Mum stayed too.

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