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Having recovered Angel, Max and the flock head to New York City to pursue a lead regarding their true identities. Pribeh ctrnactilete Maximum Ride a jejich kamaradu, kteri maji kridla a umeji letat, pokracuje druhou casti.
Fang's blog has brought ITEX and their cruel research to the world's attention, and his readers take a stand at the facility where Max and the girls are being held, shutting the organization down.
Kdyz zachrani unesenou Andilku, nejmladsi clenku jejich „hejna“, zamiri vsichni do New Yorku, aby zjistili, kdo ve skutecnosti jsou, a dozvedeli se neco o svych rodicich.

Ona a dalsi poislusnici jejiho "hejna" - Tesak, Iggy, Brepta, Psouk a Andilka - se nieim nelisi od obyeejnych diti, az na to, ze maji koidla a umiji letat! Ale Likvidatori jsou jim stale v patach a navic se Maxi zacal v hlave ozyvat znepokojivy Hlas. Nikdo by v tom vidil splniny sen, ale hejno ma spise pocit, ze se ocitlo v hotove noeni muoe, kdyz se znenadani objevi lide z tajemne laboratooe zvane "Skola" a unesou jeho nejmladsi elenku. When the Flock is asked to aid a group of environmental scientists studying the effects of global warming, the expedition seems like a perfect combination of adventure and activism.

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