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One of Munscha€™s most famous books is a€?The Paper Bag Princess.a€? Read a review of this book and learn how to buy the book online on the Amazon website. For a list of Robert Munsch books created by a Canadian book company, you can visit the list that Scholastic Canada has on their website. Just click on the book cover to download the MP3 version of the story read by the author himself.
Princess Elizabeth is beautiful and rich and about to marry Prince Ronald, until a dragon destroys her castle and flies off with Ronald. Before he puts a story to paper, Munsch spends up to three years telling, revising and fine-tuning the tale in front of his rapt audiences. Our schools have many fun activities planned this month like read a cereal box day, read- a shirt day, flashlight reading, and special guest mystery readers.
In our technology lab, we also explore many websites that share stories with some combination of text, audio, or video. Visit Seussville to find out more about Theodor Seuss Geisel and find some fun games to play. Can you share with us a fabulous book that you’ve read recently and just what makes it so great? If you had to pick your favorite genre, please tell us which you would choose and share an example.

To track down your old favorites from childhood, or to find something new, visit the list that Robert Munsch has created on his website.
This list gives you the opportunity to a€?look inside the booksa€? where you can read a snippet of the story! If you are looking for ways to use these books in a learning environment, visit the Resources section. But Elizabeth is a resourceful girl and, left with nothing to wear but a paper bag, she sets out to find her prince.
From the first time he stood in front of a group of children as a student teacher at a nursery school in 1972, his jaunty, animated presentation grabbed hold of the imaginations of his listeners and he hasn't let go since. His first efforts, The Mud Puddle and The Dark, were published in 1979 and the runaway bestseller Love You Forever was first published in 1986. Here’s a peek at some long overdue slideshows that we made showing how much fun we can have with reading. Seuss’ birthday today, (and you will find some fun links below) but did you know that we have another birthday to celebrate today?
But once he discovered how to capture the spontaneity of his narratives in written form, he was on his way to being a successful and sought-after author. All of his characters are believably spunky, stubborn and endearing children, while his story lines tend to challenge conventions and stereotypes.

Here’s a project that we started back during “March Is Reading Month.” After seeing what Amy Burvall creates for her high school History students, Mrs. Let’s have some fun in the style of this awesome author by writing and reading some of our own. Our students (and teachers) enjoy dressing up in our beloved character gear and reading our favorite rhyming texts.
For inspiring writers, he includes a list of talents a writer should have.Shel SilversteinWatch his drawings come to life as the poet reads his hilarous poems aloud. Then they showed us their Kindergarten writing by making text to go along with their pictures.
Alliteration is repeating a particular sound in the first syllables of a series of words or phrases. Brainstorm a list of 10-12 adjectives, nouns, verbs, and other parts of speech that begin with this letter. Try to create a short story using these words in a combination of simple and complex sentences.

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