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Scary Book Volume 1: Reflections (Scary Book)by Kazuo UmezuThe spine-chilling influence of Japanese horror films has taken hold in Western audiences with hit films like The Ring and based on Japanese films themselves based on classic manga stories.
I was excited to read it because a couple years ago I'd gotten some Japanese capsule toys which depicted little horror scenes, but since all the print on the box was in Japanese I never knew what the context was. When I saw one of these Umezu books in a store, I recognized the art right away, and being a fan of horror manga I thought these would be great. It was trite and obvious, and the art looked like it was from 50 years ago, but most importantThis sucked. It was trite and obvious, and the art looked like it was from 50 years ago, but most importantly it was really really boring.

The main character repeats the same line of dialog about 5400 times in the book, and any attempts at scares or laughs totally miss the mark. I've heard that this guy is a master of scary manga, but if this is representative of his work, there's no way that's true. One day her reflection escapes the mirror and wreaks havoc on Emi making her friends and family turn against the real Emi. There is a funny part where a boy from her school continuously gets beaten up by his baby sister. I didn't really care for the story.The second story is about a spoiled brat of a prince who is in hiding.

One day the swordsman feels his son's life is being threatened by the prince and he pushes him aside in doing so the prince is injured and the wrath of the king is great.This story was also very silly and not scary at all.
Have I read that much manga!) The first story in this book is very scary kids movie scary -- ooh Evil Mirror Girl.

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