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Cover StoryThis issue’s cover is from The Hutchinson Treasury of Children’s Poetry (cover illustration by Peter Weevers).
Anne Frank is one of eight young people featured in this collection of war-time biographies whose lives were irrevocably disrupted by Nazism. A move to a new house coincides for Michael with the anguish of bearing his new baby sister's medical problems.

Edited by Alison Sage (who also edited The Hutchinson Treasury of Children’s Literature), this sumptuous anthology is loosely divided into four sections corresponding to age starting with nursery rhymes and first poems through to poems for older children and classic poetry. Poems from such modern poets as Roger McGough, Ted Hughes, Wendy Cope and Maya Angelou sit alongside poems by Longfellow, Robert Louis Stevenson, Shelley and Shakespeare. Newly commissioned illustrations from, for example, Quentin Blake, Shirley Hughes and Nicola Bayley are included alongside illustrations by Randolph Caldecott, Jessie Willcox Smith and Kate Greenaway.

With such a comprehensive range of poems for 2-11 year olds and upwards, this is a wonderful family book.

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