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Using LeapPada€™s advanced features; the eBook helps early readers build phonics and decoding skills, sight word recognition and reading comprehension.
Many of these high frequency words have common spelling patterns, helping new readers develop a foundation to transfer learning and expand vocabulary.
This helps kids develop an understanding of letter-sound relationshipsa€”the building blocks of phonics.
Tap highlighted words for a kid-friendly definition and see a simple animation that shows a word's meaning or how it's used in the story.
Three Auto-Adjusting Reading Levels The Learn to Read 2 Ultra eBook Adventure Stories enhances the way kids learn to read. With three reading levels in each story that adjust automatically kids can read at their pace.

If they get stuck on a word, they can drag the stylus across the word to hear the word sounded out.
Three levels of text in each Ultra eBook vary in complexity based on how kids perform in comprehension activities. Studies have shown that children who learn to read and write early on are more likely to experience overall success in school.
Seven Action-Packed Activities Each Ultra eBook in the Learn to Read Collection features engaging activities including Shake & Drag, where readers complete short sections of the story by filling in the blanks with words that they shake out of the sentences. This activity aims to teach kids to identify the word and its logical location in the story. Designed to encourage kids to think more deeply about the story and assess their level of understanding, performance on comprehension activities determines a child's suggested reading level.

Ultra eBooks have integrated mini games that are not only fun, but help move the story forward. As kids play they actively experience what they are reading, bringing stories to life in a whole new way.
Take advantage of the library of hundreds of games, creativity apps, ebooks, music, videos and more to keep kids challenged and inspired. From math and science to creativity and reading, we provide fun and engaging learning solutions that adapt to each childa€™s level and help them build new skills.

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