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A lot of emphasis is placed on understanding the conventions of how to read a book, for example, reading left to right and top to bottom of a page.   Books containing no words are used to encourage and promote speaking as well as story telling language. Phonic skills are embedded whilst a wider range of reading strategies are taught using a range of different books.  Simple comprehension skills are also taught alongside improving expression, fluency and pace within reading. Comprehension skills are developed further with more emphasis placed on what happens within a book as well as considering author choices of language.
A wider breath of books is also available in each reading stage, including a range of non-fiction texts, which allow children to broaden their reading skills. In school, the principles of Guided Reading are used to improve and extend the reading skills of each child.  Children are placed into groups of 6 or less enabling the teacher to tailor the teaching to the needs of each group. The goal of guided reading is to enable learners to become independent, able to read, understand and appreciate texts on their own without the teacher’s help.  In small groups the teacher can observe each child’s behaviour to see the process by which they are creating meaning from the text and then offer prompts to develop strategies.

Last night, the tragedy that many Game of Thrones fans knew was coming — either from books or from a serious barrage of online spoilers — finally took place. Fans of both the books and the show watched in horror as Ned Stark's eldest son and King of the North was betrayed by Walder Frey and Stark bannerman Roose Bolton.
Guided Reading allows teachers to give immediate feedback on success and the opportunity to discuss further areas for improvement. Own the fact that your bookshelf is groaning under the weight of your personal library and you've missed more than one subway stop in the middle of a real page turner.
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This new board book series presents well-loved stories through 12 child-friendly words and 12 needle felted illustrations.
Pride and Prejudice is a timeless romance about how a bad first impression can turn into love, and one of the world’s most beloved classics. Even Robb's direwolf Grey Wind was shot down in a pen — not to mention the hundreds of Stark soldiers who were killed as they celebrated the wedding outside.

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