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Unwind 1 a€? Connor a€?There are places you can go,a€? Ariana tells him, a€?and a guy as smart as you has a decent chance of surviving to eighteen.a€? Connor isna€™t so sure, but looking into Arianaa€™s eyes makes his doubts go away, if only for a moment.
Based in Minneapolis, Loft has made their fantastic offerings available to everyone with a great online format. Beyond classes, Loft has manuscript critiques, conferences, residency programs, and scholarships to help you get there. And if you’re looking for help with a writing project, need to accomplish some writing for your job, or just want to explore a creative outlet, I wholeheartedly recommend checking out the courses at The Loft Literary Center. A bunch of bloggers were given cool new cars to drive around for a week and I lucked out with a pimped out, glittery Cadillac. The second Hunger Games movie, Catching Fire, is finally out and is SO MUCH BETTER than the first one. The first movie set the stage for the trilogy and introduced the beloved characters, but the big complaint of the blockbuster was how very cheap it looked. When director Gary Ross (Sea Biscuit, Pleasantville) dropped out, I crossed my fingers that we’d see a huge improvement with replacement director Francis Lawrence (Water for Elephants, I Am Legend.) And what an improvement it was!
In related news, I was sent a review copy of Sharkopedia: The Complete Guide to Everything Shark. The collaborative work between Discovery Channel and TIME features more than 400 photos in its glossy pages. Creative Scratchings hipster series- I first spotted these adorable scratch drawings while feeding my face-hole with benedicts from Another Broken Egg Cafe. Austin skyline necklace by Vinca- I love everything this local kick-ass jewelry maker does, but my favorite piece (beside the mustache rings!) is her wooden Austin skyline necklace. The second installment of the gift guide series features the amazing Corrin from Oh Hey, What’s Up? Corrin is one of those pro-style bloggers whose posts feel elegant and effortless. Just because I’m a bookworm doesn’t mean you can buy me an Amazon gift card and call it a day. Kindle Paperwhite $199 – Any Kindle will do, but the Paperwhite 3G (sans “special offers”” is my favorite. Mighty Bright Book Light $12.99 – Book lights make great stocking stuffers, and Mighty Bright are the best.
Out of Print Sweatshirt $42 – Celebrating the best in literature by printing the cover on a t-shirt. Kate Spade Book Clutches $325 – Also comes in Emma, Romeo & Juliet, The Importance of Being Earnest, Pride and Prejudice, A Tale of Two Cities, and I Married an Adventure. Personal Library Kit $16.75 – All bookworms secretly dream of being librarians (at least this one does). If you recall how the first part of Breaking Dawn ended, Bella was dying during childbirth and Edward made her a vampire. It was fun to watch Bella get used to her new powers, leaping through the forest and feeding on unsuspecting animals. The Volturi play a huge role in the movie, traveling all the way to Forks to inspire fear and intimidation. Without giving away anything else, I’ll simply say this was the best movie of the Twilight Saga.
Andy acknowledged that it was The Real Housewives and Watch What Happens Live that made him a household name.
What I found most appealing about Most Talkative is that pages weren’t filled with so much trash and fluff like the Housewives shows.
My Booky Wook: A Memoir of Sex, Drugs and Stand-Up might seem like tawdry fluff, but it is so much more. Many of the characters that come in and out of the book were homeless, and even at the height of his fame (before he cleaned up) he chose to spend his time in London’s worst hovels. When you’re looking for a milk you can stand behind for quality and taste, look no further than DairyPure milk!
I’ve never heard of DairyPure but I will have to keep an eye out on our next trip to Smart and Final. Commenting again on a few posts including this one cause some of my comments are not being approved with my other email, i love reading an hour before bed, it always helps me unwind and calm down from the day, makes for a great night sleep. They’re welcoming the talented people of Austin with open arms, and you might spot them at the Texas Book Festival this weekend. I’m enjoying the new season of Inside Amy Schumer, which has replaced Kroll Show as my main funny show. Quattro Gatti Ristorante has been on 9th and Congress for years, but I’m just discovering it now, thanks to Food Fash, one of my favorite fellow local bloggers.
An introduction of new characters and furthering the story of the existing beloved characters, the excitement builds just like the second book. Shoddy camera work, shaky close-ups, and an unpolished appearance made it feel like maybe this movie was just for kids. But I will say that I’m thrilled with the casting of Sam Claflin as Finnick Odair and Jenna Malone as Johanna Mason. I probably missed my calling as a marine biologist, but I had a shitty public school science education and embraced English instead. Public perception has steadily shifted from outright fear to embracing these amazing (and terrifying) creatures.
Unlike Cast Away, which showcased the star power of Tom Hanks, Pi is carried by an unknown. You might recognize him from Slumdog Millionaire, The Amazing Spider-Man, In Treatment, or my favorite, The Namesake. The incredible and often sad story make it almost unbearable at times, but the wondrous scenes glorifying bioluminescence or water so calm that it can only be described as spiritual, it’s almost euphoric to watch. Every piece of jewelry, whether it’s acrylic, wood or precious metal, is designed and cut inside her shop with the help of an awesome team of ladies (Amber Demure!).
She has the confidence and smooth writing style that comes with years of experience and she’s a blogger that many, including myself, look up to. The story falls to the many friends they call on to help them from around the world to fight the Volturi.
He loved television, music, and celebrities, his greatest love being soap operas and Susan Lucci.
He divulged a little about the shows, but didn’t dish too much about the wives themselves. It was naive of me to think Andy Cohen is defined by the Housewives, when it is clearly just the current page in his long career. Yes, at 37 Brand has already lived a storied life, but the book doesn’t focus solely on his dark side.
Petty theft, cutting school, and the typical bad boy shenanigans transitioned into teenaged drinking and drugging.
Written with humility and humor, Brand does not attempt to even say that his life is better now, merely that this is the direction it has taken. Listen to Music - Make it a music party or choose soothing music, either way good tunes can help you unwind. Drink a Glass of Warm Milk – Peptides in milk are proven to help relax you and reduce stress! I need to do this, and reading a good book and listening to music is some things I do to relax!
Shea€™s such a slave to fashiona€”always getting the newest pigment injection the second ita€™s in style. Not only did I find the readings and advice from the teacher most useful, but I truly enjoyed the community of the class.
For those unfamiliar, the story takes place in a dystopian future where parents can choose to have their children unwound, or taken apart to be used for transplants. I love Nick Kroll so much and approve of him as a replacement for Will Arnett as Amy Poehler’s paramour. A bunch of us spent a cozy tonight together learning about Neapolitan pizza making before devouring as many pizzas as we could. New episodes of classics will feature plenty of attacks, great whites breaching, and sensational shark footage. Shark After Dark will bring a little comedy to the shark infested waters, especially the night Tara Reid is on to discuss Sharknado.
Ang Lee was the fourth director to take on this film, and his choice to make the ocean a central character is proof that he was the right director to complete the project. The very talented Austin-based artist behind these prints, Janis, has several hipsterrific portraits to chose from, but my favorite is the stoic cat with his Texas tattoo and cycling cap.
After decades of being a reclusive asshole, just as Zevon tried to make amends, he was diagnosed with terminal lung cancer.
I’ve been a big fan of the San Francisco-based makeup producer ever since I tried their now sadly discontinued She-Laq eye makeup sealant. Her large and dedicated readership are probably all in credit card debt, because she posts so many cool things that we can’t help but buy them.
There are lots of creative gifts out there for book lovers that show you put a little thought into your gift giving, and I’m here to share a few of my favorites. I was a little bored as he waxed poetic about Lucci and All My Children, because I just don’t care.
He started as in intern at CBS and spent most of his career there rising through the ranks.

Ultimately the story does go there because that’s where Andy is now, but the real enthusiasm comes out when he talks about big news stories he produced. He focused more on the evolution of how they came to be, what casting was like, and how viewers react. While he doesn’t usually talk about his deeds, the paparazzi often catches him in the act. The parts of the book where he reveals poetry he wrote as a child, his love of animals, and the tender, quiet moments with his cat, Morrissey. I really dig their core values of inclusiveness, community, and most importantly, that writing can be taught. Writers from all walks of life and at various stages were working towards a common goal and as different as we all were, everyone was so supportive of each other.
There’s a huge list of places in Austin that accept it and the list keeps on growing.
Information on all infamous species, anatomy, their pups, and conservation efforts, just for starters. I’m a lover of all big cats so I was drawn to Richard Parker and bow down to the brilliant teams that made this character so real, so alive, and at times, terrifying.
You don’t have to be a hipster or hate hipsters to appreciate the beautiful meta-irony of these.
It’s difficult to buy just one item, and with prices averaging in the low twenty dollar range, their products can quickly add up.
The movie wasn’t a drawn out series of Bella and Edward staring into each others eyes longingly.
As Andy equates his success with his various Lucci meetings in his life, from a student up until now, she came up a few times.
The catastrophic events he was in the midst of like the Oklahoma City bombing, California wildfires, and the Missouri floods. He is often asked which of the ladies he dislikes, but he loves them all for what they are. I really love his vocabulary, too, which is often out of place on the MTV awards shows he hosts. There was no moment of rock bottom clarity, rather his consistent drive to make his career work was what ultimately saved him. It’s nice to read the shocking tales that were often funny and sometimes sad, knowing that he came out of it okay.
It’s been a while since I ventured into a class setting and this was the ideal way to dip my toe in again. I felt right at home driving it, lending credence to my suspicion that I am a lost royal who was switched at birth.
New episodes won’t be here till 2015, but you can catch the old web series on YouTube till then.
Aside from the benefit of not having to carry your wallet everywhere, it does cool things like calculate tips, splits checks, and offers rewards. It’s a thrilling visual spectacle that should be seen on as magnificent a screen as possible, preferably in 3D. But it’s also quite poignant and melancholy, as Lauren ponders her existence and a deeper meaning in her day to day life.
Betty to accompany me Thanksgiving night and we laughed through the movie all hopped up on tryptophan and good feelings.
Brand’s was interesting enough, and certainly revealed the source of many of his problems.
I love to travel and have been known for planning trips specifically to hit the roller coasters! When The Loft Literary Center approached me recently and offered an online class I was forced to evaluate my work and be more attuned to the process. The classes are affordable and the personal attention from the teacher increases the value even more. At $34, this collection of travel-size samples includes popular products such as Bad Girl Lash mascara, Cha Cha Tint mango-tinted lip and cheek stain and That Gal face brightening primer. They all get together and trade stories and hang out ’round the campfire having vampire good times. Betty pointed it out once.) One of my favorite anecdotes was when he bamboozled Oprah into doing an unauthorized interview and really pissed her off.
For instance, his father left him to be entertained by pornography starting at the age of seven and bought him his first prostitute at 17. The physical and emotional demands would have been challenging for even the most seasoned actor.
She’s so much more than the word hipster implies, but at the very core of the word meaning is cool.
The only color on his skin is the tan it takes during the summer, but now, in November, that tan has long faded. Arianaa€™s violet eyes begin to shine as they fill with tears that flow down her cheeks when she blinks.
Once more he can feel the rumble of the freeway beneath them, as cars pass by, not knowing or caring that hea€™s here. This place where they hide from the world is one of those dangerous places that make adults shake their heads, grateful that their own kids arena€™t stupid enough to hang out on the ledge of a freeway overpass. He closes his eyes, feeling the vibration of the traffic as if ita€™s pulsing through his veins, a part of him.
This has always been a good place to get away from fights with his parents, or when he just feels generally boiled. He might put up a tough front, he might act like the bad boy at schoola€”but running away on his own? He kisses her, and in spite of everything going on in his life Connor suddenly feels like the luckiest guy in the world. More like a€?alive without lectures.a€™a€? Connor takes her hand, trying hard not to squeeze it too tightly. He was always a€?that Lassiter boy.a€? They think that just because hea€™s been in and out of disciplinary school they have a right to judge him.
Still, when he walks her home that afternoon, he stops short of her door, hiding behind a tree as she goes inside. Before he heads home, he thinks how hiding is now going to be a way of life for both of them. Connor wonders how he can call the place he lives home, when hea€™s about to be evicteda€”not just from the place he sleeps, but from the hearts of those who are supposed to love him. He wasna€™t supposed to find out, but Connor has always been good at ferreting out secrets. Three weeks ago, while looking for a stapler in his dada€™s home office, he found airplane tickets to the Bahamas.
At first he just figured the ticket was somewhere else, but the more he thought about it, the more it seemed wrong. The yellow copy would accompany Connor to his end, and the pink would stay with his parents, as evidence of what theya€™d done.
He was going off to be unwound, and they were going on vacation to make themselves feel better about it. For once he had held his temper, and aside from a few fights in school that werena€™t his fault, he kept his emotions hidden. Everyone knew that an unwind order was irreversible, so screaming and fighting wouldna€™t change a thing. I could even bring my science grade up to an A by the end of the semester.a€? An hour later his father was sitting in a chair, still clutching the test in his hand, and staring blankly at the wall. But there was no sweetness to this revenge, and now, three weeks of rubbing it in their faces has made him feel no better. In spite of himself hea€™s starting to feel bad for his parents, and he hates that he feels that way. Hea€™s going to tell me theya€™re unwinding me, and then break down in tears, going on and on about how sorry sorry sorry he is about it all. He might even forgive him, and then tell him that he doesna€™t plan to be here when the Juvey-cops come to take him away. But in the end all his father says is, a€?Did you lock the door when you came in?a€? a€?Ia€™ll do it now.a€? Connor locks the door, then goes to his room, no longer hungry for whatever it is his mother saved for him.
Connor peeks in on his brother, thinks about waking him to say good-bye, then decides ita€™s not a good idea. Suburban Ohio neighborhoods never have streets that go in straight lines, so instead he takes the more direct route, through the woods, and makes it there in ten. Arianaa€™s yard and front porch are equipped with motion-sensor lights that come on whenever anything moves into range.
From where he stands in the shadows at the edge of the backyard he can hear it ring in her room upstairs. Connor disconnects quickly and ducks farther back into the shadows, for fear that Arianaa€™s parents might be looking out from their windows. He makes a wide arc around the edge of the backyard, wide enough not to set off the lights, and although a light comes on when he steps onto the front porch, only Arianaa€™s bedroom faces that way.

She comes to the door a few moments later, opening it not quite wide enough for her to come out or for him to go in. She doesna€™t have to say anything after that, because he knows, but he lets her say it anyway.
And running away doesna€™t solve anything.a€? a€?Running away is the only way to save my life,a€? Connor hisses.
What are you doing at the door?a€? Connor backs up out of view, and Ariana turns to look up the stairs. I thought I saw a coyote from my window and I just wanted to make sure the cats werena€™t out.a€? a€?The cats are upstairs, honey. Sure, he has enough money, but nothinga€™s leaving until morning, and by then theya€™ll be looking for him in all the obvious places. Unwinds on the run are so common these days, they have whole teams of Juvey-cops dedicated to finding them. He knows hea€™d be able to disappear in a city, because there are so many faces, you never see the same one twice. He knows he can also disappear in the country, where people are so few and far between; he could set up house in an old barn and no one would think to look. No, Connor knows his situation calls for justified cautiona€”not just tonight, but for the next two years. After that, sure, they can throw him in jail, they can put him on triala€”but they cana€™t unwind him. Down by the interstate therea€™s a rest stop where truckers pull off the road for the night. He figures he can slip in the back of an eighteen-wheeler, but he quickly learns that truckers keep their cargo locked. If it was, he might not have gotten into the various situations that have plagued him over these past few years. Situations that got him labels like a€?troubleda€? and a€?at risk,a€? and finally this last label, a€?unwind.a€? There are about twenty parked trucks, and a brightly lit diner where half a dozen truckers eat. There are too many lights over the lot for Connor to hide in shadows, and he cana€™t bolt without being seen in the bright moonlight. In a second its headlights will be on him, so he rolls beneath a truck and prays the cops havena€™t seen him. On the other side of the eighteen-wheeler the second patrol car passes in the opposite direction.
His father sleeps like a log, and his mother never checks on Connor during the night anymore. From his spot beneath the truck Connor sees the drivera€™s door of another eighteen-wheeler open. A trucker emerges, stretches, and heads toward the truckstop bathrooms, leaving the door ajar. In the hairbreadth of a moment, Connor makes a decision and bolts from his hiding spot, racing across the lot to that truck. He pulls open the door to the trucka€™s sleeper, hurls himself inside, and pulls the door closed behind him.
Therea€™s space down there where he can hide, but ita€™s blocked by two duffle bags full of clothes. Connor just stands there, unable to react as the trucker reaches in to grab his jacket and sees him. Ia€™ve got to get out of this place.a€? He reaches into his backpack, fumbling, and pulls out a wad of bills from his wallet. I got new ones, though, and I pulled through.a€? He looks at his hands, and now Connor can see that the trick-card hand is a little different from the other one. You can ride with me till morning.a€? Connora€™s relief is so great, it takes the wind right out of him. I just gotta go take a dump, and then wea€™ll be on our way.a€? Then he closes the door, and Connor listens to his footsteps heading off toward the bathroom.
As for his next move, well, first hea€™s got to get through this one before he can think about what comes next. With his journey over before it even began, Connor swings the door open to see three Juvey-cops aiming weapons. Across the way, the cab door swings open of the truck he had hidden under just a few minutes before, and a kid comes out from behind the empty drivera€™s seat, his hands in the air. Hea€™d been so surprised by this turn of events that hea€™s still just standing there, exposed for anyone to see. The look of despair on Andya€™s face is suddenly replaced by a steely resolve bordering on triumph. He quickly looks away from Connor and takes a few steps before the police grab hima€”steps away from Connor, so that the police still have their backs to him.
Outside, as the police take Andy away, Connor lies back down, and his tears come as sudden as a summer downpour. Hea€™s not sure who hea€™s crying fora€”for Andy, for himself, for Arianaa€”and not knowing makes his tears flow all the more. Instead of wiping the tears away he lets them dry on his face like he used to when he was a little boy and the things he cried about were so insignificant that theya€™d be forgotten by morning.
It was about a place he was sure he had been to, although he couldna€™t quite remember when. Connora€™s leg had fallen through a rotted board on the porch into spiderwebs so thick, they felt like cotton. Connor had screamed and screamed from the pain, and the fear of the giant spiders that he was convinced would eat his leg off.
And yet, this was a good dreama€”a good memorya€”because his father was there to pull him free, and carry him inside, where they bandaged his leg and sat him by the fire with some kind of cider so flavorful, he could still taste it when he thought about it.
It wasna€™t the story but the tone of his voice that mattered, a gentle baritone rumble as calming as waves breaking on a shore. Little-boy-Connor drank his cider and leaned back against his mother pretending to fall asleep, but what he was really doing was trying to dissolve into the moment and make it last forever.
His whole being flowed into the cider cup, and his parents placed it gently on the table, close enough to the fire to keep it warm forever and always.
The sleeper room of the truck is so dark, he doesna€™t realize at first that hea€™s not in his own bed. The only thing that saves him is that he cana€™t find his phone and he must turn on a light.
When he finds a wall where his nightstand should be, he realizes that this isna€™t his room. The truck isna€™t moving anymore, but they must have traveled at least two hundred miles while he slept. Your ridea€™s over.a€? Connora€™s not complaininga€”it was outrageously generous of this truck driver to do what he did. He swings open the door and steps out to thank the man, but ita€™s not Josias Aldridge at the door.
Aldridge is a few yards away being handcuffed, and in front of Connor is a policeman: a Juvey-cop wearing a smile as big as all outdoors. Standing ten yards away is Connora€™s father, still holding the cell phone he had just called from. It had been so stupid of Connor to leave his cell phone ona€”thata€™s how they tracked hima€”and he wonders how many other kids are caught by their own blind trust of technology. The truck has been pulled over to the side of the interstate by two highway patrol cars and a Juveycop unit. Traffic barrels past at seventy miles per hour, oblivious to the little drama unfolding on the shoulder. Connor makes a split-second decision and bolts, pushing the officer against the truck and racing across the busy highway. Would they shoot an unarmed kid in the back, he wonders, or would they shoot him in the legs and spare his vital organs? Then, as he reaches the highway median, he hears another gunshot, and a small blue splotch appears on the center divider.
Theya€™re not taking him out, theya€™re trying to take him downa€”and theya€™re much more likely to fire tranq bullets at will, than regular bullets. Connor climbs over the center divider, and finds himself in the path of a Cadillac thata€™s not stopping for anything. The car swerves to avoid him, and by sheer luck Connora€™s momentum takes him just a few inches out of the Caddya€™s path.
Its side mirror smacks him painfully in the ribs before the car screeches to a halt, sending the acrid stench of burned rubber up his nostrils. Holding his aching side, Connor sees someone looking at him from an open window of the backseat. With the police already reaching the center divider, Connor looks into the eyes of this frightened kid, and knows what he has to do.

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