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If you devoured the Divergent series as soon as it came out, and if you could meet anyone in the world it would be John Green, then this news is going to make you very excited. If you want to take a go at it on your own, here are three books on the list we think would make great picks to start with.
Charlie’s best friend Michael committed suicide, and Charlie is struggling to come to grips with that as well as dealing with things every teenager experiences, like making new friends and falling in love. Harper Lee is releasing a sequel to To Kill a Mockingbird called Go Set a Watchman this summer, and it is getting crazy, crazy buzz.
She lives in New York City, where she's on a mission to find the most delicious mocha in the East Village.

The book is heavy for sure, but it’s also smart and funny, and will make you think about friendship, love and life in ways you might not have considered before.
Today, Amazon launched its YA Book Club featuring one book a month, making it an easy way to jump in and get cracking. When you’re done, you can rent the movie starring the adorable Logan Lerman and Emma Watson. And if you remember anything about your own first love, you know how all-consuming it can be. It’s about two twins who used to be best friends as well as siblings, but at 16, they now find each other practically strangers.

The book’s chapters alternate time and narratives, taking the readers on a journey to discover what happened to drive the two sisters apart. With racial tension still making front page news today, To Kill a Mockingbird is more relevant now that we might want to admit.

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