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Modern day technology provides us with access to a previously unheard of flow of information, yet we squander it by opting to distract our minds with pornography and Netflix. They know the inherent value of the informational goldmine found on the Internet and in books. I remember, as an ambitious but naive kid, attending a seminar for one of those large, cultish, scammer-esque multi-level marketing companies.
Read enough books on success, written by individuals more successful than you or I, and you’ll run into the same bit of advice, time and time again, yourself. It seems to be the case that successful individuals know that in order to succeed, it is important to invest in developing yourself before investing elsewhere.

Doing so allows you to absorb and internalize a constant input of free-flowing information that helps not only to inform you, but also to think critically and outside-the-box; factors vital for success in any degree. I personally aim to read at least one book per month, to keep my facts relevant, my motivation fresh, and my ideas new. The corollary to this is to not read too much at the expense of action – a trap I have repeatedly fallen in to. Psychological Manipulation, Aesthetic Improvements, Chemical Enhancement, Sex, and a Handsome Writer.
Trust me, the economic elite of the world would love nothing more than for you to sit idly by doing nothing with this wealth of information that is available to you; this is how they maintain the upper hand over the lazy and complacent 99% of the population.

I read roughly 30 books last year, I’ll read a few less this year but it is certainly one of the things that keeps my brain working at its best.
There’s definitely a possibility of reading too much and burning yourself out; the brain can only retain so much information at a time, you know?
The goal should always be to have your worldview changed in at least some small way by whatever you’re reading.

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