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As working adults, we long for those special nights, but it's hard to carve out the time to make a sandwich, never mind read a book.
The best place to get knowledge from the source is from books, especially if you have a tight budget. Emotional intelligence is the ability to understand and respond to the feelings of yourself and others. Reading can foster and improve all three types of intelligence and is good for your memory, too. Researchers at the University of Sussex found that reading is a more effective way to beat stress than listening to music or taking a walk.
Think and Grow Rich is one of the first books to ever ask "what makes a winner?" It's an extremely motivational book about leadership, winning personalities, and historical successes.
So, delight yourself with reading, there's nothing in the world quite like it, so pick up a book.
Scientists found that even between pairs of twins, a sibling who was a better reader would go on to have higher intelligence. The views expressed in the contents above are those of our users and do not necessarily reflect the views of MailOnline. The experiences, perspectives, and knowledge of other entrepreneurs can help shape how you think about running a business.

When you read a book, your attention is focused on what you're doing a€” you're not distracted by a smartphone or a computer screen. According to research in an online version of Neurology, people who participated in mentally stimulating activities (such as reading books and completing math problems) had better memory retention later in life, no matter if they read as children or adults.
Even when you're not working, it's impossible to take your mind off of what you should be doing. You might be suffering from problems with friends and family, while struggling to take care of yourself. The University of Manchester published a report that concluded that those who are severely depressed can benefit from these books as much as others.
Napoleon Hill's 1937 book focuses on such entrepreneurs as Henry Ford, Thomas Edison, and Andrew Carnegie. In this book, Jim Collins takes a look at twenty-eight companies that have gone from good to great and even better and the steps they've taken to do so. That’s not to say that I understood the plays of George Bernard Shaw, or even that I passionately loved them.
However, pinpointing the cause of the difference reading ability between twins was almost impossible, the researchers foundThe children underwent a series of IQ tests at seven, then again aged nine, ten, 12 and 16.The results revealed that those children who were better at reading had higher general intelligence and were more adept at spotting patterns, observing trends and completing pictures.
Before you walk past the self-help aisle in your local bookstore, consider this:those books actually work.

In Predictably Irrational, Dan Ariely explains how the mind works and why we are often prone to irrational decision-making. The historical lessons still ring true today, making "Think and Grow Rich" well worth a read. The Checklist Manifesto details how to organize and empower teams so they can be way more awesome.
This book will prove that companies don't have to be "born great" but with strategic steps they can make it to the top just the same. They just happened to be around the house, in a set of neat little green paperbacks left over from my father’s college days. When you're finished you'll understand what motivates your customers, as well as what compels you. As a surgeon, Atul Guwande knows a great deal about procedure and the various outcomesa€”he uses anecdotes from various industries to illustrate how a checklists can help organize and improve teams.

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