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Use these free images for your websites, art projects, reports, and Powerpoint presentations! NoveListPlus is a guide to fiction and nonfiction that gives you hundreds of thousands of popular fiction and nonfiction titles. Like many of you, I see the new year as an exciting opportunity to set some epic goals for the year ahead. Strangely enough, I was never interested in learning while I was in school, it just never appealed to me. It wasn’t until my early twenties, when I started discovering business, and that the more I learnt, then more I could apply successfully to my business (at the time myself and my friends were running a DJ events business in Dublin, Ireland) that I found I had an insatiable appetite to learn. This appetite gathered pace in University, and it was during a year travelling around Australia immediately after university I really lost myself in business and marketing books – I’d devour every book and podcast on marketing, self development, consumer behaviour and entrepreneurship I could get my hands on (luckily my girlfriend of the time had a severe Harry Potter addiction so I was able to get away with hours of learning a day). Since setting up my business just over two years ago the amount of books I’ve had time to read have dropped considerable. In your business there’s always a new area that the business needs, or a way you can be better – for me it’s anything around the area of growth of the business so (Marketing, Sales branding etc) but also personal growth as the better I am, the better my results will be.

Now I have a backlog of things I want to learn more about: Entrepreurship, fundraising, marketing, branding, personal branding, inbound marketing, visual learning, personal development – the list literally goes on and on. One of the few teachers in school that made a lasting impression on me in school was our English teacher called Mr McMonigal. On the final day of school he gave us one piece of advice which has always stayed with me (in fact its one of the few piece of advice I remember from 6 years in that school ;). For many years it didn’t quite sink in why he would have said this, but now it finally has. Clearly if I choose War & Peace (or another crazy long book) it will near to impossible to read the entire book in a week.
As extra commitment, if I don’t achieve this goal I’ll donate ?500 to charity on the 1st January 2016.
I plan to track what book I’m reading through my Goodreads account (feel free to follow me), which will also have a widget on this blog (watch this space). I’ll also be tracking what I’m reading on this google doc, which you can all access (as if I take an online course, for example I wouldn’t be able to track it on Goodreads so I’ll use both).

It’s Tuesday evening, we sit drinking some peppermint tea, I’d already had four coffees so conscious not to overdo it. Find lists of author read-alikes, series, award winners, recommended reading in various genres, and book discussion guides.
This year is no different and one I’m very excited by is my goal to read 52 books in 52 weeks (a book a week).
After working late in the office, by the time I got home I’d be exhausted and was more likely to spend an hour watching Game of Thrones to switch off, rather than reading.
If there’s a topic you wish to learn about, just pick up one or two of the best books on the subject and….hey presto!
From my experience, most non fiction books tend to be 200 – 300 pages, so each week I’ll read a book ‘up to 300 pages’, if I choose a book longer than this I can use more than one week to read it, depending on the length of the book e.g.

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