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Check out Jaclyn Stapp as featured on the cover of Entro Magazine, the online outlet for Mom’s Choice Award.
Wacky Jacky was voted among the best in family-friendly media by Mom’s Choice Award in 2011! Jaclyn to visit schools, meet and greet with Japanese children devastated by the tsunami and families of U.S. Jaclyn Stapp, accomplished philanthropist, spokesperson, model and children’s book author, is taking her message of hope and determination to the children of tsunami-stricken areas of Japan’s northeastern coast, such as Sendai and Ishinomaki.
In an effort to raise morale and build hope for children affected by the March 11, 2011 earthquake and tsunami, the Stapps will spend their time with both Japanese tsunami victims and U.S.
As a family effort, the Stapps invitation to Japan will help demonstrate how American families are dedicated to helping children and families who suffer in any way around the world. Jaclyn Stapp was invited to the annual Bookshare event at Pine Crest Elementary School in Boca Raton. Those awkward school years behind her, Stapp now proudly stands out with a number of different roles. This is the real-life story of Jaclyn Stapp, unlikely beauty queen, told in rhyme with bright and colorful illustrations.
Jaclyn kicked off the book tour for her first children’s book, Wacky Jacky: The Story of An Unlikely Beauty Queen, on Friday, Feb.

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Jolly Phonic Pupil Book 1 B&W Children are able to work through each book and complete a wide range of enagaging acativities, which develop key literacy skills.
The Jolly Phonics Pupil and Teacher\'s Books (with soft covers), cover all the five skills for reading and writing. SPELD SA would like to acknowledge the support of the Douglas Whiting Trust in the development of this website. The Little Sister program is  a non-competitive mentoring program that values esteem and empowerment amongst young women between the ages of five and twelve.
South Florida pageant title holders of all ages met at The Hollywood Production Studios in Hollywood, FL to  met and greet with Jaclyn Stapp, a former Mrs.
The students in the Pre-K through 1st grade classes were treated to a book reading of Wacky Jacky and photos! The Boca Raton mother of three and wife of Grammy-winning artist Scott Stapp, former lead singer of the band Creed, can vividly remember being teased over her frizzy, black hair and thin legs. While beauty is sometimes said to be skin deep, Stapp doesn’t believe it has to always be this way. It didn’t help either that as the child of parents of Jordanian descent, she packed hummus and pita bread for lunch, not a traditional PB&J sandwich.

But Jacky volunteers at the children’s hospital, where her best friend lives, and she does her best to be herself. Now Stapp empowers at-risk youth, champions women’s rights, and enriches the lives of underprivileged children. Jaclyn participated in a live reading, book signing and princess-inspired “play time” that included children trying on her authentic pageant crown and sash, baklava and pink lemonade tastings, and a fun question and answer portion. The teacher is able to support and guide children through the books with the Jolly Phonics Teacher\'s Book.
The launch marked her first appearance at multiple kid-friendly venues and book stores across the state. These can be given to each child in the class and provide daily lessons to be completed and are available as a class set or separately. Husband Scott Stapp will perform an acoustic show on board the USS George Washington at Yokosuka Naval Base for several thousand troops stationed in Japan. He will take part in a music program for tsunami victims, along with a meet and greet and Q&A.

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