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The primary purpose of this spread is to provide information on choices in a querent's life. You will not escape your destiny, but at least it is useful to know your future.Good luck in your path of cognition. After purchasing you will get the link for download full version of the software and a registration key. Mara's Unique Fortune Teller Guide - Learn how to read playing cards and tell accurate fortunes, easily! The Yin Yang spread sheds light on any situation where two parties do not see eye-to-eye on a given issue.
With this line, which in itself represents oneness, duality comes into the world, for the line at the same time posits an above and a below, a right and left, front and back - in a word, the world of the opposites.

In a conflict, there are two opposites that together form a whole which is the situation itself. I have collected a series of 14 paintings in which the black fortune teller is reading cards. I have organized them roughly by location within the home, number of clients, and then chronologically.
In a setting similar to the above, the fortune teller prepares her love potion for one client.
The Yin Yang spread has two sections that correspond to the positions or sides of the conflict (call them Sides "A" and "B").
When the Yin Yang spread is laid out, these cards are placed alternately - one on the left, then one on the right - until all eight have been placed.

Before you do a Yin Yang spread you should decide which person or group is Side A and which is Side B.
The Yin Yang spread is based on the familiar circular symbol made up of two shapes - one black and one white - defined by a central line.

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