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7.  What is the importance of the vaccine produced at Deakin University’s Centre for Integrative Ecology? 5. Sensory gardens, a liberty wing and hydrotherapy pool are ideas for new schools in the region. Brainstorm Who, What, When, Where, Why to help you write a letter to the editor about the rubbish we collected on Friday.
6.  How many musicians will take part in Geelong Symphony Orchestra’s first performance? In pairs (a year 5 and year 6 student) summarise your understandings using the Cornell note taking system.
7.  From which two cruise ships did 120 tourists visit Serendip Sanctuary and the You Yangs? Choose two or more of the below topics and write the best sizzling start you have ever written, make sure you rule up your page, use your best handwriting and edit carefully !! 6.  Name the political parties Donald Trump and Hilary Clinton want to represent in the upcoming US presidential election. Mr Dando and Miss Kylie will check in with each student to see how they are going and find out about the book they are reading.
L.O- We are learning to use the Cornell note taking system to summarise biographies of artists. Use the parts of speech below to write sentences and give examples of what you have learnt. The writer and historian reflects on the difference between the mythical and real stories on the first day, and how crucial elements of Australian identity emerged during the war, as well as the lack of help given ANZAC soldiers returning to Australia after the war.
Gary Oakley is the president of the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Veterans and Services Association of Australia, and has worked at the Australian War Memorial from 1991.
Choose 6 words from the spelling list and 4 from your previous weeks work (Blog- Spelling). 9.  What were the first words ever transmitted over Alexander Graeme Bell’s telephone? 5.  How much money will you save at the footy this year if you buy a pie and a can of soft drink?
8.  When Michael Parks won the Victorian O’pen BIC Class state Championship, what was his boat made from? Write a creative story using the above prompt in your literacy book and then upload it to your blog. LO: We are learning to confidently create a news report, demonstrating current issues using technologies. Use your writing piece from one of the competitions above and record it on Show Me or YouTube and upload it onto your blog. LO: We are learning to write a detailed book response using the short listed picture story books. SC: We are successful when we have read a story and reviewed the book and given feedback on our blogs. L.O- We are learning to analyse multi modal texts to compare to other texts, self and world.
Navigate and read texts for specific purposes applying appropriate text processing strategies, for example predicting and confirming, monitoring meaning, skimming and scanning. All these worksheets and activities for teaching St Patrick?s Day have been designed by English language teachers. It?s a simple, colourful ws for elementary students, with 3 different writing tasks, and the answer key on page 2.
There are 2 pages: On the first page, it is a coloring activity that the students learn the symbols of St.

A WORDSEARCH, CROSSWORD AND RIDDLES TO MAKE THE STUDENTS IMPROVE THEIR VOCABULARY ABOUT ST.PATRICK?S DAY. It includes 10 things you didnt know about Saint Patrick?s Day followed by a match activity (Saint Patrick?s Day Symbols). This is an updated version of a worksheet I uploaded two days ago, but unfortunately it was deleted because it had some German words in it. Students will have fun finding the leprechauns, then they will learn about the holiday and finally they will practice writing sentences with there is and there are. These are among the best phonics worksheets, games, videos and flash cards you will find online.
All these worksheets and activities for teaching Valentine?s day have been designed by English language teachers.
Listening to a song, reading about the origins of Valentine, writing an eleven word poem, talking about being in love, quiz How romantic are you. Ws dealing with the present simple & adverbs of frequency (usually), with some exercises to practice. It?s a lovely reading worksheeet about St Valentine?s Day - especially designed for 14 February :) including vocabulary exercises, comprehension questions and a paragraph writing.
This worksheet helps students improve their dictionary skills, especially phonetic transcription, in addition to having a good time by listening to this song and filling in the gaps.
Introduce young learners or beginner level students to Valentine?s Day words with this Valentine?s Day Words Search. This activity gives students an opportunity to learn more about Valentine?s Day in different parts of the world. THIS IS A READING COMPREHENSION ACTIVITTY THAT COULD BE USED TO TEACH READING STRATEGIES OR AS A WRAP UP ACTIVITY AFTER FINISHING THE HOLIDAYS AND CELEBRATIONS UNIT. This is a simple test I did for my students including: Reading, comprehension, and grammar.
These worksheets are useful to work Valentine?s Day through a reading activity that consists in differents texts about important aspcts of Valentine?s Day and another worksheet with questions about the text. This exercise is going to help students to develop their skill on listening comprehension and also the use of relative clause WHO and the use of SIMPLE PAST. It is a curious reading I took from an old magazine and I have added questions on the text and some questions to know our students opions on this day. Use a dictionary to correct and put into sentence and  use a thesaurus to find words that mean the same. Your summary should cover the main concepts of the notes, be accurate, and have adequate details. How you respond is up to you- Some examples are letter, persuasive writing, Movie, News article, Blog post.
He has been editor of Melbourne’s journal of record, The Age, as well as editor-in-chief of The Herald and Weekly Times Ltd. In 2009 at the time of this interview he was appointed the Memorial’s first Indigenous liaison officer in order to advance the knowledge of indigenous involvement in Australian Military history. Write a story of no less than 200 and no longer than 500 words with the theme: Living in a Treehouse. Children need to complete a poem with their name and words that rhyme at the end of each line.
I love doing this topic with kids, especially leprechauns, and it?s a nice introduction into spring. Patrick?s Day?s favourite activities - a crossword, a song, a text about Ireland and a story about a leprechaun and a greedy lady. It contains comprehension questions and voabulary exercises about a video on Saint Patrick?s Day whose link is provided.

I found the text quite interesting and rather complete to make my pupils learn about this great celebration.
It can be used with little ones (matching words and pictures) and older ones (fill in activity).
The first video is about St Patrick?s life and the second one is a funny one on how to celebrate this day. I took the audio from British council and I edited it (it was longer)I can send you the file if you write your email addresses. A multi-level English curriculum featuring cartoon animated videos, engaging games, interactive tests and a progress tracker. The has everything you need to help a child learn to read through phonics: decodable stories, listening exercises, you name it.
Just enter your list of words and this website will create bingo, dominoes, crossword, memory games, etc. In fact it?s part of a set with the most frequently used adverbs, because Brazilian students have difficulties managing with them.
This word search can be combined with some of my other Valentine?s Day activities to create a Valentine?s Day themed lesson! They read and discuss about the different customs people have on this special day and later they can compare them to how they celebrate it in their own country. First,students have to unscramble the words and then, they have to match each word to the right picture.
Write 5 questions for your partner or group to answer and write the answers in your literacy book. In this interview Gary talks about the presence of indigenous soldiers at Gallipoli and WW1 generally, what conscription meant for them and the post war challenges they faced as returned veterans.
E.g- Rising Sun, ANZAC Day Ceremony, Last Post, Women in Anzacs, Aboriginal involvement, etc.
It basically deals with the biography of the saint.It contains several activities to check comprehension, and some more to briefly revise present and past tenses and also the passive voice(present and past).
It includes detailed descriptions and links to all the materials you?ll need - including some youtube videos with informations and a song. I?m very sorry but I couldn?t manage to upload the answer cards in the same document so I had to upload it in another one. It contains 3 simple writing tasks, two about the given text and the third one is a creative writing task. Thank you all for sharing your great ideas and helping "less creative people" improve their work.
First students have to listen and write the words they hear, then they have to choose the word they hear from the three given. The Great War, published in 2006, is the story of Australian forces on the Western Front in France and Belgium also during World War I. By activating students? background knowledge, it improves comprehension and can guide students through many learning experiences. The video might be a bit challenging but has plenty of photos and the excercises are easy enough - I hope! Page 2: true or false exercise, correction of the false sentences, synonyms and reference exercise.

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