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In looking for a printable reading log online, I was rather discouraged to find very few attractive options that would work for a middle schooler.
As always, I love to hear when you use the free printables from The Notebooking Fairy in your homeschool. We too had problems finding a reading log suitable for slightly older kids, but I just made do with the best of what I could find. Corrie, a Google search for the term reading log will give you lots of options, almost all at the elementary level.
I love your reading logs but was wondering if you had one that also has a check box for narration.
I have a weekly reading log for my Kindergartner, I started him on the log for a couple of reasons.  One, to get him prepared for next year when he does have homework.
Remember when your child first learned to read and wanted to sound out the words on everything from books to street signs?
Reading aloud allows you to introduce more sophisticated material than kids are capable of reading themselves. Boys tend to “adore bombs, barf and bloodshed,” points out Kropp, as well as goofy humour like Captain Underpants.

Teachers and librarians see lots of budding readers and can often suggest books that will engage them, but the ultimate expert in your child’s eyes may be a buddy. As a bonus, site members have access to a banner-ad-free version of the site, with print-friendly pages.Click here to learn more.
There are some cutesy ones well suited for elementary aged readers, but a twelve year old doesn’t want a silly dinosaur on her reading log. Nothing can be reposted on this site (excluding the button features) without written permission from the author.
They also like to read for information, so even going through the Canadian Tire catalogue with dad can appeal. Every budding reader reads a lot of mundane material from cereal boxes to comic books to Twitter postings. Even for strong readers, school’s emphasis on reading for performance can make reading seem like a chore. According to Paul Kropp, author of How to Make Your Child a Reader for Life, kids often have a reading slump around grade three, when the type of books they read tends to change. You’re broadening their knowledge, opening up new forums for discussion at home, and giving them a taste for more complex stories, words and concepts.

Use your knowledge of what your child enjoys, Kropp advises, to find books he’ll find hard to put down. Put the fun back into it by picking up a book of jokes or humour, and reading it together at night. I hope the variety will mean that at least a few of the pages suit what you are looking for in a reading log.
Or try storytelling — preferably with your child as the hero — which at least familiarizes him with the rhythm of a tale. But, Kropp contends, “you don’t get smarter by reading what’s easy for you.” Here are his tips on inspiring young readers.

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