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This is the best news I have gotten in months: the Rainbow Magic series of books by Daisy Meadows is available in audio form.
I downloaded one for Kindle for the sole reason that the fairy has my daughter’s name and is in charge of my favorite flower.
My oldest daughter is mostly past those now (thank goodness!), but she was crazy about them for a while.
Of course, we read lots of other things to her (and to my son, who is only a year older but had been reading on his own for ages). I’m not familiar with those books but your description of them reminds me of the series of short chapter books about Tinkerbell and her fairy friends.
As an elementary school teacher, I certainly can appreciate the usefulness of those blah formulaic books for early readers, but I HATE HATE HATE having to read (or listen to) those books over and over again. Joyce and alison, you might find a different set of books about Tinker Bell and crew a bit more tolerable.
I have not been tortured by these yet, but any Dora The Explorer book makes me feel the same way! While I was at the library today, I took some photos of Stella’s favorite books to share with you to give you some new ideas. I also checked out a few new ones (to us) in different series, so stay tuned for our review of those as well (Gooney Bird Greene, Calendar Mysteries, A to Z Mysteries…to name a few). I feel this way about Biscuit book, although I don’t ever want those in audio format either.

I am so looking forward to summer break, beginning next Friday, so that I can actually read books meant for grownups!
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This means that you need never read one of those awful, formulaic, vomitous books aloud again! Piggle-Wiggle, Harriet the Spy (I think I enjoy that one more than her, still too old for her). My DD starts kindergarten in the Fall and the books have given us lots to talk about in terms of what is going to happen, how to behave, how to treat friends, etc.
We recently finished Anne of Green Gables, and they demanded the rest of the series, so we’re halfway through Anne of Avonlea.
You needn’t read about Tillie the Toenail Fairy and her attempt to retrieve her magic toenail clippers, or Estella the Engine Block Fairy, she of the enchanted Allen wrench.
Ruby, the Red Fairy, Stella, the Star Fairy, and other titles are out for your delectation, and I must not be the only parent completely psyched to not have to read them aloud, because some of the prices of new audio CDs of the stories have gone sky-high: almost $200 for a new copy of Sky, the Blue Fairy? We started with a word here and there, and then took turns by alternating sentences, and worked up to whole pages.
HOWEVER, I have finally put my foot down about reading certain things that bore me to tears.
My daughter is about to finish first grade, and I read them with her not too long ago, with some slight editing of some of the tenser moments, and she chose to buy one to reread, although it’s just a bit too difficult right now (she can read the Disney ones on her own).

Are you looking for some new ideas for your young reader for an upcoming Spring Break or Summer Break? You won’t be looking at maps of places like Pussyfoot Island and Weatherhoople Station. I was so glad when she got tired of waiting for bedtime and started just reading them on her own! We even tackled Rbin McKinley’s book Beauty (a Beauty and the Beast retelling), though the complexity of the language and description made that a bit of a stretch. I will no longer allow them to check out Curious George or Dora books from the library and if we get a book at the resale shop or yard sale that I don’t like, I just donate to the library for their book sale. But those Rainbow Magic books, they are so samey-same and predictable that I would rather clean a cat’s litter box than read even one more of them. Life is too short and there are too many good books to drive myself crazy reading horrible books.
If the kids insist upon hearing a book I don’t like, I make my husband read it to them.

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