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Each book also has Related Activities, Lesson Plans, and Activity guides available to enhance learning! Computer clusters around the classroom could be set up to allow students to listen to different stories and then complete follow-up activities. Students could do a variety of activities to compare literary aspects (setting, characters, events) of two different stories from Storyline Online: Story Web, Wordle, Venn diagram, journal entry, or create-a-quiz. Students could listen to the Storyline Online videos and then practice reading aloud with a partner. Bookpals and Pencilpals are an extension of the storyline online program through the Screen Actor's Guild.
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It is a program founded by the Screen Actors Guild that has videos of famous actors reading children's books. Ask them questions about the similarities vs difference between the two people reading the stories. Hatch and then come up with an activity to benefit others, such as writing letters to the military, firefighters, etc. The first reading will be flat with little fluency and prosody, the second reading will have prosody and fluency.
Students will use descriptive words to create their diagrams that will repersent each reading. The Venn diagram will have little overlap in the center, with more descriptive words in the outward circles.

The Double Bubble will have few shared bubbles in the center, and the central bubbles containing the descriptive words.
The diagram then becomes a tool for the student to use to write a summary of the different reading styles that have been presented.

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