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But beneath his glossy exterior lies the awful truth : Bateman is a serial killer, who stalks the streets and nightclubs of New York looking to find people to torture and kill.
The book is famously controversial for its graphic content, and some passages are almost unreadable. About Beyond the BooksBuilding on the daily news that happens at GW, Beyond The Books covers the pulse of student life on campus. The Hatchet in PrintBrowse through more than five years of Hatchet front pages and print editions.

He spends his time going out to hip, expensive restaurants with his friends, working out at exclusive health clubs and shopping for the latest clothing and amenities.
However, despite his increasing lack of control over his bloodlust, he seems unable to be caught- people simply refuse to believe that such a superficial, luxury-obsessed yuppie could be capable of all the terrible things Bateman does. But it is redeemed by author Ellis’ cutting sense of humor and its brutal commentary on 1980s yuppie culture. Its critique of materialism is showcased by its central character, who has everything he could possibly want and is left devoid of all human emotions but rage and greed.

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