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Repainted 1942 California license plate used as Year of Manufacture plate (December 2010) on a restored 1942 U.S. Modern plates in Heigard use a typeface called FE-Schrift ("falschungserschwerende Schrift", tamper-hindering script), also used in Germany.
The military plates use the code AH (for Armees Heigardiennes or Armadas Heigardianas) instead of the department code followed by a 5-digit number (an additional number replacing the vehicle class code).
Whenever a person changes its main residence within the country or buys a new car, they are required to buy new number plates.

As the most of plates in countries within the European Union, a blue strip on the left shows a shortened country code in white text (HE for Heigard = Heigard and the Flag of Europe (12 golden stars forming a circle on a blue background). Just after the country code strip is a two-letter abbreviation which represents the department where the car was registered, such a CH for Charleroi. It is designed so that the O cannot be painted to look like a Q, and vice versa; nor can the P be painted to resemble an R, amongst other changes. The department code is followed by a 4-digit random number, ranging from 0000 to 9999 and a letter indicating the vehicle class.

This typeface can also more easily be read by optical character recognition software for automatic number plate recognition. Buying new plates costs around €30 plus a fee for de-registering the old plate and registering the new one.

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