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In less than nine months Texas windshields are going to start looking different, and Department of Motor Vehicles officials are gearing up to avoid a sticky situation when car owners transition from having two state-required tags to one.
Changes coming to the registration and inspection programs for Texas vehicles will eliminate the second green sticker vehicle owners must display. As of March 2015, vehicles registered in Texas will no longer need separate vehicle inspection and registration stickers. To smooth out the transition to one sticker, someone will be able to register their car in 2015 provided their inspection is valid at the time they renew. If someone’s inspection sticker expires in May but their registration is up in June, they will have to get an inspection.
For the state, subtracting a sticker is expected to save about $2.1 million, Brewster said, mostly the result of streamlined paperwork and eliminating the need to buy two stickers. 1963 Hawaii Registration Sticker - $20.00 : Bob Hoyts Classic Inspection Stickers, Add a Final Touch to your Restoration! This 1963 Hawaii Registration sticker was placed on the inside passenger side of the windshield.
Ever wish you could get back into bed again, stick your head under the pillow and ignore the howling cries of protest from your children? There isn’t a case where you are asked to produce a property title to prove ownership.
Complete the form and present valid identification, WHICH MUST MATCH THE INFORMATION IN THE REGISTRY. If the vehicle is owned by a corporation, then the registry report of a corporation must be presented (called a personeria juridica).
For applications in the name of state owned vehicles, diplomatic vehicles or state univerisity vehicles, the application must be presented on the letterhead of the institution and the seal of the corresponding department, and the registry report of a corporation must be presented (called a personeria juridica).
If the applicant is acting under a special power of attorney, then they must present the original testimony (ESCRITURA PUBLICA) of that power of attorney.
If the vehicle has a pending sales transaction noted in the registry, then the replacement property title may not be issued. The property title is delivered immediately, once all the necessary documents are presented. Starting in January of 2012, the National Property Registry began using the new license plates for cars being registered in the country for the first time. The most distinctive feature of the new plates is that they have letters!  Prior to this year, the plates were numbered in consecutive order.  Late in 2011 the numbers were over 900,000, so the question was would the registry move to 7 digit plates, or do something else.
If you have a vehicle that you have owned and that is commonly imported to Costa Rica, you may consider shipping the car to Costa Rica. The legislative assembly is discussing a tax bill that will charge $200 annually for companies. Board members – you need to have different members of the board and a legal representative. Consult with your lawyer or CPA about what documents you must file for the company and when. For the past several decades, the last day or two of June, thousands of procrastinating Chicago drivers scrambled to buy their Chicago city vehicle sticker.

Lines stretched out the doors at City Hall, City Clerk satellite offices and finance payment centers around the city forcing motorists to wait hours to beat the end of the month deadline.
NBC 5 is reporting some older drivers are not getting their senior citizen discounts on this year’s city stickers.
The City Clerk’s office re-issued over 12,000 city stickers after two delivery batches were lost in the mail. After reports from vehicle owners of significant delays in receiving their 2014 Chicago city stickers, the City Clerk’s office decided to re-issue over 12,000 of the annual vehicle stickers according to the Chicago Tribune. According to City Clerk’s spokesperson Pat Corcoran, their office began receiving calls, e-mails and messages via social media from vehicle owners about undelivered city stickers weeks after paying online or in the mail.
Research by the clerk’s office indicated that stickers ordered online and sent out in the mail on May 30th, along with a batch of stickers paid via mail renewal forms and dropped off at the post office on June 23rd were inexplicably not reaching driver mailboxes.
Roscoe Village resident Chris Courtney puts his new 2015 city sticker on his windshield in the parking lot of a currency exchange after midnight Wednesday morning. Procrastinating motorists are catching a break with a 24-hour extension to purchase their Chicago city stickers due to a computer glitch affecting sales at area currency exchanges. Just hours before the midnight deadline for vehicle owners to purchase Chicago city vehicle stickers, the computer network used by currency exchanges for sticker sales experienced problems causing significant delays to transaction times according to the City Clerk’s office. This means drivers will have another day before the $60 late fee kicks in and before Chicago police, parking enforcement aides and other ticket writers begin issuing $200 tickets for non-compliance. Drivers faced relatively short lines at City Hall this morning waiting to purchase their city sticker.Procrastinating drivers have just hours to purchase their 2014-2015 Chicago city vehicle sticker before risking an expensive parking tickets and late fee.
July 15th is the last day of the grace period the city allows for drivers to buy and display their annual city sticker. Chicago vehicle owners have until July 15th to purchase and display their 2014-2015 city sticker.
There’s still time to order your Chicago city vehicle sticker online to get it by the end of the grace period on July 15th. If a vehicle does not have a city sticker displayed by July 15th, a ticket will cost drivers $200. Several hundred people stand in line for up to four hours Monday to renew their Chicago city stickers outside of the Dept.
With temperatures nearly reaching 90 degrees Monday, some procrastinating car owners waited in long lines to purchase their annual city vehicle sticker around the city.
Monday, June 30th is when the 2014 city sticker officially expires and people were rushing to get their sticker purchased before the deadline–despite the fact a grace period allows motorists until July 15th to purchase a sticker without penalty or with fear of a parking ticket. At the front of the line outside the facility, a group of people said they had been in line for nearly four hours. With Chicago city sticker sales poised to begin the transition to year round sales this spring, the City Clerk’s office announced some other changes to the program including doing away with the traditional 15-day grace period before enforcement begins.
As Chicago drivers are well aware, from time immemorial Chicago city stickers had to be purchased between May and the end of June.
Chicago City Clerk Susana Mendoza just released a new video explaining how year round city stickers will work in 2014.
City sticker sales will remain the same as previous years, but the Clerk’s office will use this year to educate drivers about the changes next year to hopefully make sales next year as painless as possible.

This weeks Chicago City Council saw the passing of two ordinances that will affect the vehicle owners in Chicago. City Clerk Susana Mendoza’s proposal to dramatically change Chicago city sticker sales from one month out of the year to year-round sales sailed through the City Council with overwhelming approval. While city sticker sales will begin in mid-May, the transition to a year-round model similar to the state’s model for renewing license plate stickers will begin in 2014. State lawmakers last year nixed the inspection sticker, citing the potential to reduce fraudulent tags. The change is simply issuing the two stickers separately, Texas DMV director Whitney Brewster told a state senate committee on Monday. For example, if someone’s registration expires in May and their inspection tag expires in June, they will not have to get their car tested until prior to renewing in May 2016. Ever wish you could twinkle your nose and have the whole family disappear in a poof of smoke? If the owner’s current ID is not the same as that shown in registry records, then the owner must present a publicly sworn statement (DECLARACION JURADA EN ESCRITURA PUBLICA), indicating that the the two documents identify the same person. The registration of the pending sale must be completed first and a new title will be issued.
Following is the low down on the procedure, which varies according to whether the vehicle is owned by an individual, company, NGO, government agency, or if it is in the process of being registered to a new owner.
This article attempts to objectively look at the issue and offer you advice depending on your situation. This can also be obtained when necessary from the service window at the Registro Nacional, it is pretty straightforward process that anyone can do. You can base it on market value to get a rough estimate, this should include lawyer’s fees and all taxes. City Clerk Susanna Mendoza changed the system to make it a year round process where vehicle owners would buy their city stickers six months opposite the month they renew their Illinois vehicle registration stickers.
City sticker enforcement and late fees will now go into effect will at 12:01 AM on Thursday, July 17th. In addition, vehicle owners will have to pay a $60 late fee in addition to their city sticker fee. Addison, across the street from Lane Tech High School, people waited in a line several hundred deep and wrapping around the corner of the strip mall where the city payment center is located. With city stickers officially expiring on June 31st of each year, drivers were always allowed a 15-day grace period to come into compliance before they could be ticketed for not having a city sticker on their car’s windshield.
City stickers will have to be renewed annually six months after the month a vehicle’s state license plate sticker expires. Now to re-up registration, a driver must submit their car for inspection not more than 90 days before they renew. If the person cannot appear in person, the form may be presented signed and with a notary’s seal that authenticates the signature, as well as with the official stamps corresponding to the authentication.

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