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Right now those scopes will change the location of the files themselves yet do not update the actual pathing names so you are getting a duplicate error. Thank you, this does get me past the Invalid route name issue, but I then run into another issue. Not the answer you're looking for?Browse other questions tagged ruby-on-rails api devise routes or ask your own question. Below is a screenshot of the error I am getting in my RegistrationsController when trying to create the new business.
Any ideas on why it isn't able to pass the business information provided and create a new business?
It would be really helpful if you could put your full controller, model and view into a gist and link to it. Not the answer you're looking for?Browse other questions tagged ruby-on-rails-3 devise registration nested-attributes or ask your own question.

What are some good ways to figure out one's interests in mathematics, before applying to PhD programs? To maximize the chance of correctly guessing the result of a coin flip, should I always choose the most probable outcome? Each single device, with its own built-in communication board, microcontroller and dsp, is an active part of the brain of the system, able to store presets, receive commands and continuously send status information. RDNet 2.0 is based on many years of research and development making the management of complex audio systems simple and intuitive. At sign up if a user doesn't have an invite token I would like them to also sign up and create their business that will be associated with their user account.
RDNet 2.0, entirely designed and developed by RCF engineering team, includes several new functions as well as multiple improvements and adjustments. Once the customer has registered he can visit the Download section and access the software. With this release objects registering has been improved, with a significantly higher reliability compared previous releases (objects registrations is remarkably faster and safer thanks to the implementation of separated threads for each sub-network).

The Bypass Override function, masked for touring or live applications, is easily activated for installations. AX 8042 is a high quality, highly versatile digital matrix-mixers designed on a powerful DSP platform, dedicated for installed sound and commercial audio applications. Everything happening here should probably be pulled out into another method and called after the successful save.
RDNet 2.0 includes its control software, all supported devices (with new firmware updates) and Control 2 and Control 8 devices.

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