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Search for books, dvds, games, music and much more on the online Wiltshire libraries catalogue. Libraries Unbound is a Pilot program between the Memphis Public Library and East High School. If students accrue $2.00 or more in overdue fines, or if they have material that is more than 10 days overdue, we cannot check out anything else to their account. Any items with checkout fees such as DVDs and CDs cannot be delivered.  Students can still check out those materials inside of Memphis Public Library in order to pay the checkout fees, but we cannot deliver to their school library. Please be advised that it is the parent or guardians responsibility for monitoring their student checkouts, not the school, librarians or school employees.

Artifact materials on this site are available for scholarly and educational use only, via Creative Commons License 3.0.
To obtain a card you will need to show a valid picture ID from a city, state, or government agency such as a driver’s license, military ID, or a passport. Non-residents who own property within the city limits need to provide a current tax bill for that property. Personal check made out to the Library on a check drawn on a local bank with proper ID and for the exact amount of the fines. If the Library has reason to believe that the user has changed address; when this is the case, the library user may be asked to present current address verification before being permitted to check out materials.

The Library staff has the option of waiving or reducing charges if they determine that extenuating circumstances are warranted.
Student Program recently awarded fellowships to 11 current and three former Bates College students.

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