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Forward and reverse DNS lookup are commonly use in networking world and this is difference between them: Forward DNS lookup is used to convert the human meaningful name (domain name) which is in easy to understand format to computer meaningful name (IP address), however reverse DNS lookup works in reverse way to convert IP address to domain name. Reverse DNS can be used to log web traffic by domain name for site statistics, or prevent SPAM by verifying that an e-mail was truly sent from the domain name listed in the e-mail header.
Now, to test Reverse DNS, we’ll type in the IP address we wish to test rather then a domain name. If you need Reverse DNS set up for any of your IP addresses, please contact our Support department to request it. Interested in letting our experts solve your IT problems for you?Get a free, no-obligations consultation with one of our experts today!

Reply Link Stuart January 24, 2014, 8:39 pmYes, this is the magic question, isn’t it? In the returned results, we see the “name” listed as the domain typed above and the “address” it resolves to. Our system will check thousands of sources and let you download and view the records reports within minutes. Well, you can quickly use this nslookup tool in Windows OS to perform the lookup.Forward DNS lookup is commonly used for website or other server accesses on Internet, because ita€™s easy to remember domain name instead of IP address. At the same time, several servers with different IP addresses that are converted to same domain name for load balancing can be used to provide better website access performance.

During network troubleshooting, most of the time you will be interested to find out the domain name of the IP address that has problem or causes the problem, in this case this type of reverse lookup is useful.
Other domains resolving to the FSB Russia We will monitor this further and post updates when they’re available.

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