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I have light brown brows, with thin blond hairs, slightly scattered, that surround my eyebrows.
If I knew ahead of time what it was like, I would’ve chanced buying a light brown mascara.
Perhaps I was expecting too much from this product, but I was really hoping that it would give me better defined brows & just maybe I could try to grow my brows thicker, without the new hairs just looking like strays. While I don’t want to recommend another product that worked for me when our needs seem quite different, I have to say Benefit Gimme Brow has since totally blown this Maybelline product out of the water. SophistiKat is a new Irish Beauty Blog by Kat of Dolly Rouge - Best Beauty Blog 2014 Blog Awards Ireland. Ok, maybe that’s a bit dramatic, but if there were one feature I could change about my face, it would be my brows. While taming brows with gel isn’t a new concept, the shape of the wand is quite innovative with its spherical tip.
Having thin brows makes it difficult to use because the residue goes above and below the brow. To be honest, I haven’t tried a lot of other make up for this purpose, until recently.

Where other brow gel + wand combos fell down for me, was that thanks to an oversized brush I’d end up with coloured gel everywhere.
Hopefully you can see from the above how the product gives my brows shape and definition, even filling in the bald spot just to the right of the arch. For me, Maybelline Brow Drama is the perfect compromise between definition and effort, giving me a decent result in no time at all.
I like to write about skincare ingredients that REALLY work (not just those made up for marketing) and take great product and swatch photos for your enablement.
When I used the gel though, it seemed to pick up every hair and caused more difficulty because it would be hairs that weren’t part of my main brow. It just goes to show how something which can work well for one person, might be another person’s worst nightmare!
Maybe it might be worth popping to a Benefit counter and asking an assistant to try it on you? The other complaints were only a slight inconvenience & may have ceased to be any problem of not for the wand. To balance out my large brow-bone space, I need to have a decent structured brow, otherwise I look like a bald egg.

Since the clean-up would take as long as penciling and waxing my brows, I’d just do that instead and end up with a better result. So even when make up matching the color, it can make them look too dark, which looks funny with the rest of my features. Make up is expensive, so I am disappointed when I spend $ on something that doesn’t deliver. I noticed that pencils can look too harsh & make brows appear drawn on, of not careful.
It really doesn’t help that brows are big at the moment, I (almost) wish for the overplucked days of yore.
Brow envy aflame, recently I’ve been trying out a few different cosmetics to give me some definition, without taking 10 minutes in the morning.

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