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So look at your left palm and you will see the upper (heart) line; the middle (head) line and the lower curving (life) line.
A person who lives life to the fullest, with no regrets, tends to have deeper and darker lines than a person with lighter lines.
Now looking at each aspect of the three major lines with this concept in mind, will open doors. This is not exclusively a romantic line- it shows the generosity of spirit and emotional depth a person possesses in general for family, friends, pets, as well as lovers. A lighter line does not mean that a person does not feel or experience deep emotions for others- only that it is not as easy for them to open up.

Contrary to popular belief, the length of the life line does not necessarily mean how long you will live- it simply means the quality with which you live your life. Again, shorter lines signify people who hold back and have a list of coulda woulda shoulda in their back pocket. Long life lines that almost hit the wrist are for people who fill their days and follow their dreams, and luckily, I see more of these palms than the latter! Palm Reading is such a great way to reach out and connect with a stranger- at a coffee shop, a party. You do not need to know very much but as long as you have the basic knowledge of the Palm Reading Hand Chart, you are half way there already!

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