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I have used this brow pencil and you are right, the pigmentation is rubbish and it’s staying power is no good, I have to be really careful to avoid touching my face when I use it.
Today I am sharing one of my favourite picks from BH Cosmetics which is BH Cosmetics Automatic Eyebrow Pencil in shade Brunette. Twist and define with this automatic eyebrow pencil that glides on smoothly to keep even the sparsest of brows looking full and perfectly defined.
This eyebrow pencil has been with me since more than a month but I completely forgot to review it.
It is water proof pencil, which is again a plus against sweating and smudging in sweaty days. Overall, this really perfect and functional eye brow pencil has succeeded in impressing me thoroughly.
To the best of my knowledge they only come in 3 shades (black, dark brown and hazel), which is pretty rubbish to be honest. But, if you are a fan of powder eyeshadow to fill in your eyebrows, my favourite is Benefit Brow Zings (HERE) or for a drugstore alternative try VIVO Ultimate Brow and Eye Kit (HERE).
The shade range is poor and the pigmentation is sheer, which means you use a lot more product to get a decent result.

I’ll probably give the MAC one a go, even though I’m not happy with the price tag of MAC products! I was just a bit disappointed with the pigmentation and the shade range, but I love the little brush; super handy! I am not a Brunette definitely but I have dark brown hairs naturally, so I chose the Brunette instead of black.
Rich and creamy formula makes application a breeze and easy to blend for flawlessly arched brows.
If it hadn’t been so, the eyebrow pencil might have tugged and broken in between eyebrow hairs.
I also found it hard to fill in my eyebrows with this pencil and make them look as natural as they normally look with powder eyeshadow. I even tried using it as a brown eyeliner but I couldn’t get any colour payoff out of it. I wanted the shade dark brunette but laid my hands on this one because dark brunette was out of stock.
The twist up mechanism is flawless and yields a lead pencil with a small, flat, broad and rectangular shaped lead, slim enough to fill in smaller spaces and broad edge to give a final finish.

Usually, we have the issue of not getting thin, sharp lines with retractable pencils but the design of BH Cosmetics Automatic Eyebrow pencil is such that you can create the thinnest to thickest line at the same time, all the way long without sharpening. The pigmentation is perfectly good that one slight touch gives the exact shade as of the lead. I wouldn’t say this is a bad product, but I honestly think you can get products that are a lot better and for a similar price. I probably won’t use the pencil as much, but the little brush is quite handy and I will keep that for touch ups. Those who have shaped their eyebrows using a brow pencil or brow kit know that how much difference it makes to the overall look; so if you haven’t ever shaped up your eyebrows, try it and see the difference.
See, BH Cosmetics gives five variants for eyebrow pencil which means you can precisely match with your hair color for a natural look.
It makes the eyebrow pencil so precise and functional to give accurate results and natural, flawless look.

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