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I have had this problems for years and now since I found your blog, I am confident I will get the best answer!! Make makeup lovers unite your one stop shop for advice on all things beauty, product recommendations and updates on the latest makeup trends and products. What Rimmel London Professional EyeBrow Pencil Claims :Rimmel London Eyebrow Pencil is used to enhance and refine the shape of the eyebrows. The Rimmel Professional Eyebrow Pencil has become one of my go to products too wear everyday and I once I misplaced and was so upsetting. However, I con about this product is that as it's a pencil it become very blunt in just a few uses in which I have to sharpen the pencil around 2-3 times a week which can become stressful in the morning when I am trying to do my eyebrows quickly so I can leave the house. I have had times when it looks horrible, but I watched some youtube tutorials and got the hang of it. As much as I absolutely love the Rimmel Scandaleyes Waterproof Kohl Kajal pencils, I did not like this one at all. I have quite thin eyebrows, mainly because I like to pluck them to get a nice arch to them but then sometimes I go too far so when I've done that I then like to make them look a bit thicker and fuller and to do this I use this great eyebrown pencil from Rimmel. The pencil looks just like a regular make up pencil, like a lip liner or an eye liner but it differs a little bit because at the end is a little brush that is the perfect size for brushing your brows into place. Rimmel say, "the Professional Eyebrow Pencil is used to enhance and refine the shape of the eyebrows. The pencil comes in a few colours but I decided to get the dark brown one as this is the one that matches my brows the best. I find the bristles are of medium firmness so they move the hairs well but do not hurt your face because they are too scratchy.
What I like is that I can achieve a really full looking brow with this pencil that looks natural and subtle and does not look like I have drawn two big pencil lines where my brows should be.
I got into the habit of defining my eyebrows in May this year, after I was performing my final exam and highlighting my eyebrows was a requirement for my make-up for the performance. I have been buying this eyebrow pencil for as long as i have been using eyebrow pencils, so a good 5years!
As a nineteen going on twenty year old I rarely leave the house without at least some make up on.
DESCRIPTIONI've always been a fan of defined eyebrows, not as angular and loud as some people have them but I feel some definition adds a lot to a person's face.
My working on a graduation project is coming to the end, and now I will update my blog more often. In addition to this sharpening the pencil obviously makes the product go down in which the pencil becomes very short quickly. The brush lifts up and then you just have the regular pencil to fill in your brows a bit and give them a bit of colour and that look of fullness.
The trick when applying this pencil to the brows I find is to just put a few little dots of pencil on the brow at different stages across it and then use the brush to work it through the brow so you get even coverage and a nicely shaped brow at the same time. I have used this particular eye brown pencil on an off for over 10 years so will give you a review of it, so you can see if it would suit you too.
I have never used eyebrow pencils because I thought they looked weird on me; the one time I tried it, it looked horrible but now I think about it I guess it's because the make up lady drew quite a large set of brows on my face. One of the items in my make up bag which is used every single time without fail that I do wear make up is my Rimmel eyebrow pencil, an essential part of my make up bag. Today I'm going to review Rimmel Professional Eyebrow Pencil and show you how it looks on my brows.

The pencil is medium hard, but I would prefer if it was a bit  harder, so drawing thin lines imitating hairs would be easier. I used it sparingly throughout the eyebrows and concentrated more color on the outer third, because I have little to no hairs there. Most of the times I skip the eyebrow routine, just because I am not patient enough to sit through the whole ritual. If you are a beginner wanting to try and fill in you eyebrows I would defiantly recommend this product. Furthermore the product last very long for a pencil product that I use often as I have never repurchased this product yet and I've had it for 4 months.
I use this product every day and it looks completely natural which is a look that I try to achieve. Also another reason why I started to define my eyebrows was that, because I'm quite fair haired, my eyebrows match my hair color and when I look at photos, I look like I have no eyebrows! I have been using black eye shadows to filled in the sparse spot in my brow but then I thought, enough is enough and it's time to buy an eyebrow pencil.Boots do this loyalty voucher thing where if you spend more than ?12 on make up, you get 400 points. I have always had really faint hair on my eyebrows yet in the past dyed my hair a lot darker therefore this was my reasoning for first buying an eyebrow pencil and now I'm not sure I'd want to go a day without it!I have had various eyebrow pencils due to misplacing them in the past but one I always seem to go back to is this Rimmel professional eyebrow pencil.
This Rimmel Professional Eyebrow Product is something I use almost everyday and it claims to enhance and refine the shape of the eyebrows. Then I went over with a clean mascara wand and fixed the result with clear eyebrow gel.На фото выше на моих бровях Карандаш для бровей Rimmel Professional, оттенок Black Brown.
So I thought I'd do something about it.I wanted to go for a good eyebrow pencil that had good quality and value but wasn't too expensive either, so I decided to go for a safe option of using Rimmel London as I knew they a cheap, good quality brand. The first reason I went for a Rimmel eyebrow pencil was due to the fact I believe Rimmel are a reliable brand and due to the fact it was a great price of only ?2.99 in Boots which I found was a bargain in comparison to some other brands. You can achieve different effects with this eyebrow pencil - from natural to bold brows, and the staying power is great. The pigment of this pencil is great and this can be a pro and also a con because it can make your eyebrows to dark and thick if your not careful however the pigmentation of this product makes my eyebrows noticeable as I could never see my eyebrows before I began filling them in with this product. The colouring of the outer pencil is representative of the colour purchased, so it is easy to pick out a colour to suit you. I use DARK DROWN as i have very dark brown hair and almost olive skin (when i say almost i just mean im not really pale basically!). This product is also available for similar prices in other stores such as Superdrug and even some large Asda and Tesco stores therefore not too hard to get your hands on if you did wish to do so. Perfect for a girl on a budget (like myself).Лично я никогда не ожидала такого качества от продукта за 150 руб. Not only does it have little to no color payoff, I'm not even certain what color I would call it.
I bought this from superdrug, but you can get this product for the same price at Boots, Savers and various supermarkets. I did not have the chance to try it in really hot and humid weather on oily and sweaty skin, because we're only in the beginning of the heat, but it works great so far.Карандаш для бровей Rimmel Professional легко точить, он не ломается. The writing on the pencil is in silver and is very reflective, so I find myself rolling the pencil back and forth to try and read it without too much shine.
The bottom and lid colour change with each shade, making it easier to find your ideal shade and the pencil remains black.*PRODUCT*I just love this product, it is everything i need and i hope they never stop making it! The product is easy to spot it is simply a pencil which is painted black and in silver writing is the name of the product then Rimmels brand logo then at the very bottom of the pencil is coloured in what shade your pencil is (this is also wrote on the product).

The good thing about this product is that when you use it, it makes your eyebrows look tidier, so there's no odd-hair sticking out, and the eyebrows will not look uneven as well. The colour is just perfect for me and some days i apply a little and blend with the brush, other days i want more statement brows so i apply more, it is versatile. The pencil also has a brown lid which has a small eyebrow brush on the side attached to it which is extremely convenient as its a lid for your pencil but at the same time you can tidy up your eyebrows with a slight brush before colouring them.
I use the brush that it attached everytime i use the pencil, when i am happy with my brows i actually apply a quick spray of hairspray onto the brush and brush my brows into place. I believe this is an advantage to the product as it is essentially two in one and an eyebrow brush is a small accessory which would be easy to loose otherwise.Whats it do?Now this product can be described to enhance and refine the shape of your eyebrows you may just use it to refill gaps or add length to your eyebrows, it is completely up to you what you do with this eyebrow pencil. However as it is a pencil, it will need to be sharpen quite often, especially if you use this an an everyday product (like me!) but if the product does start to get blunt at the end, it will not do as a good job compared to a sharpen end. I personally use the eyebrow pencil for both shape and colour and add length at the ends of my eyebrows as they seem non existent due to my lightly coloured hair. Unfortunately, the brown in the Kohl Kajal is too dark to use for my brown brow experiment (and knowing the great color payoff, I know it would be REALLY intense), so my search must continue for an effective brow pencil in light brown. It completes my make up and I would feel a face of make up is not complete if the eyebrows have no colour to them I almost feel Alien like nowadays if I have a face of make up but not eyebrow pencil on. So if I was a chose a long lasting eyebrow pencil which was not expensive and had good quality and value for money, this is one I would have in my bag and make-up bag.
How does the eyebrow pencil perform?I personally use the hazel coloured eyebrow pencil as in the past I have used my friends dark brown and wow that is dark therefore if your light haired I suggest going for hazel. I would suggest drawing on your hand in the shop with a sample eyebrow pencil just to make sure your getting the colour you want before buying as you don't want to be disappointed. I've had eyeliner pencils where the crayon is too weak and it'll keep breaking off everytime I press hard enough, but I haven't had this problem with the Rimmel eyebrow pencil so it's a plus. It is easy to smudge while I am applying it to my eyebrows, but it can easily be wiped away using a cotton bud so I have no problem there. I personally believe compared to other eyebrow pencils it does last on a day to day basis, it certainly lasts on a night out when dancing around and sweating.
The colour of my eyebrows lasted the whole day and I didn't need to retouch it, so I am pleased with its long-staying quality. About the eye brow gel, it comes in a tube just like a mascara but it's clear (it has no color). Another amazing thing about this pencil is it lasts a long time (if you manage not to misplace it) and my pencil is almost the size of the lid and still going strong.
Next time, I might go for a ligher shade of 003 because this does come up quite dark on my skin. At times, this could give an unnatural look but I don't think it can be helped with any eyebrow pencils.
Whether you want a natural look or you want to go for the well known 'scouse brows' not as natural look this product can amazingly do both in my eyes with the right pressure being used when applying it.
Some brow pencils look good on one girl but turn red on another girl, so it's really hard to choose without trying in real life.

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