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A New Orleans Witch, Lady Laila Florane is a natural psychic, one who communicates Magickal messages of the Faeries to you via oracle cards, tarot cards, and pendulum.
A practicing Witch of the Correllian Tradition and High Priestess of a New Orleans coven, Lady Laila works with oracle cards, pendulum, tarot cards, medium boards, runes, and Ogham sticks.
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She credits her gifts of divination to her biological ancestry (her great great grandmother was a Louisiana witch who worked with Nature Spirits), her past life experiences, and her studies in the Cabot tradition and, later, the Correllian tradition.

As a child, she could hear the voices of the Fae in the wind and see sparkling light of the Fae in the trees. She is grateful for her grandmother, husband, son, family, and friends for encouraging her with her Magickal abilities over the years.She currently reads for clients at the Metaphysical Resource Center in Metairie, Louisiana. Being an ally to the Faeries means that Lady Laila provides you with what you need to know on your path. And she is very informative, great at helping you narrow down what the Fae wish you to know.

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