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Hello Readers, We frequently add new circuit diagrams, so do not forget to come back often. If you've been doing any circuitbuilding or electronic engineering technician work, you know how important a DC power supply is. Smoothing Capacitor- The next component after the full-wave rectifier is the smoothing capacitor. A regulator is a device that "regulates" voltage so that a perfectly smoothing DC voltage is output. R1 Resistor and R2 Potentiometer- The next components needed are the R1 resistor and R2 potentiometer. This is because when we use a regulator, we input a voltage into it and it outputs the voltage, based on the values of resistor R1 and potentiometer R2. This creates a lot of heat, since the voltage difference between input and output voltage is so great. You can construct this circuit of simple inverter at a cheap rate with locally available components.
The transformer used here is an ordinary step down transformer which is connected in inverted manner.
Here is the tested and verified inverter circuit that I have made, for those who doubt working of the circuit.

Hi,No,it not possible to do so, you have to connect separate charger circuit for it, it may damage your circuit. I want to build this circuit for a simple application – to drive a small aerator for an extenal fishpond. Please specify the ah of the battery you are using and next time use your name while commenting for better response.
How do I have to connect the output to obtain 12 volts AC?Can I obtain 3 volts AC by charging the circuit with 3 volts DC?The same for 16 volts? If the gate input to both mosfets is high, wont it short circuit the primary end of the transformer?? But having a 3-prong plug is better because ground provides better against possible electric fires. Therefore, we lower the very high voltage that we get from the mains outlet from the wall into a smaller voltage. A step-down transformer is a great device for lowering voltage from a mains AC voltage line. First, it serves to further smooth out the fluctuating signal, so that it's a perfectly smoothing DC signal. This potentiometer decides how much voltage is output, just like how you turn the knob of a professional-made DC power supply.

Go to that page to read the explanation about above power supply related circuit 728-->24v to 12v converterAs shown, the 24v to 12v converter circuit is nothing more than an integrated adjustable voltage regulator that acts on a group of power transistors in parallel. Later, I will then add a small solar panel.When sourcing the resistors I came across a puzzle. However, if the potentiometer is set to near 0?, the regulator outputs approximately 1.25V. This is the reason why professional DC power supplies always have large heat sinks in the back of them.
It can be used as inverters for home needs to enable light loads (electric bulb, CFL, etc) at the time of electricity failure. Surely, the resistance is a property of the device independant of the voltage rating (within limits). When trying to source the variable resistor (trimmer or potentiometer) one of the specifications is the wattage rating.

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