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It is easy for this pair to form emotional pairing even if they remain apart for some time during their relationship. Scorpio wants a strong emotional commitment and if Capricorn spends too much time on their emotional compatibility and fails to look deeply into situations, Scorpio may become frustrated. Work relationships in this combination are successful on lower percentage if they are together working for a bigger assignment or project. The doubled combination of emotions in Scorpio and Capricorn strengthens strong feelings, desires, emotions and passions in these two natives thus promising an upcoming romantic compatibility. Scorpios wonderfully hide their grief, emotions and depression beneath their cool and calm composure. Capricorn remains cautious and mistrusting but definitely behaves well with Scorpio when in company. They go on comparatively well if they are working together yet independently for some freelance or entrepreneurial work assignment.
Scorpio and Capricorn will spend most of their time together discussing their individual and mutual hopes, dreams and wishes. This chart is based on Sun Signs and their love compatibility in percentage based on their astrological characteristics. Even though their ruling planets are not the best of friends, they will be comfortable with each other.

This emotional compatibility, when given time, will grow to form a deep and loving relationship. Although they’ll be in general agreement regarding the nature of their goals in life, they may not be in complete agreement in the manner of achieving them.
But being slow and steady is a good thing for emotional bonding because when they do come together their feelings are sincere, deep and long-lasting. Scorpio may consider Capricorn as insensitive still, they’re both practical-minded enough to decide to trust each other. Capricorn don’t like being taken out of their comfort zone, and need stability and security. On some enchanted evening, these two passionate natives will have a wonderful time of their lives.
They will encouragingly mingle their abilities to increase their chances of positive marital compatibility.
Our Knowledgeable Astrologers developed this chart based on their analysis, knowledge and research.
They both need extremes of emotion, magical mysteries and inescapable intensity in their romance.
Bothe Scorpio and Capricorn are likely to place a great deal more emphasis and concentration on getting ahead in life and insuring personal security than on social frivolities.

Both the natives will combine their strengths and coexist beautifully in a family situation where the two will be happy to the hilt. The love and passion they emanate may be hidden from sight, but it will be bubbling under the surface of their persona. They'll compliment each other’s romantic expression but the moment one of them betrays the other's trust, then they will fall apart like a pack of cards.
Their compatibility starts off as low because their ruling planets are very different from each other.
Once they've paired up, the Scorpio couple will be hell-bent on holding their relationship together, no matter what calamity comes along.
If enough time is given to both of them, both the natives can have a satisfying compatibility.

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