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Scorpio male and Sagittarius female are positioned adjacent to one another and are very different from each other.
Sagittarius woman can surely be a wonderful friend to a Scorpio man but to be his woman she needs to mellow down her harsh comments and become more responsible in life. When the Scorpio male comes close to a Sagittarius female, they feel strong sexual attraction towards each other. When a Scorpio male exchanges vows with a Sagittarius female, they have the potential to make it a marvelous marriage loaded with romance. Approach her with high confidence as she doesn’t like men who are dull and lack confidence. Be a patient listener to her and she will make all possible amendments in her lifestyle for the sake of the relationship. Though they are quite different in their basic nature but the intensity of love between them binds them closely together and helps them make compromises for a better future.
Their association is highly dependent on their understanding, awareness and communication which helps them create a more compatible bond by overcoming the awkward aspects of their personalities. Scorpio man is known for his levels of loyalty and commitment but he can really annoy the Sagittarius girl with his possessive and suspicious nature.

Their physical intimacy is a blend of intense love and passionate lovemaking which evolves out of his fierce desires and her fiery passion. She makes his life more colorful by helping him experience completely new worlds, making him meet new people and make new friends.
Both these partners can always resolve these issues by talking them out and leading a better life.
Both the partners are very complementing when they are in bed as they are able to match each other’s desires and demands with equal expression and intensity. Like sexy, funny, loyal, impossible to intimidate, devoted lover and friend… And very good cooks as well as singers. She has the power to turn on her man with warmth and he also reciprocates to her acts by showering her with lots of gifts of love.
One important thing that the Sagittarius woman must keep in her mind that she should be very careful while making any kind of critical remarks on her man during the act of love making.
There are chances that her sharp remarks may deeply hurt her man and may make him cold towards her which may lead to lack of affection and love in their relation. The partners need to understand that they are very different from each other and should embrace these differences.

She is very optimistic and her positive attitude helps her sail through the difficult times. She may end up becoming very jealous in this relationship and may doubt him for infidelity, even when she knows that her man is an epitome of loyalty. So to make sure that they enjoy a smooth and flourishing sexual relationship with each other, she must watch out her words so that she doesn’t upset her man. She needs to learn to tone down her critical remarks which are really painful for her man to handle and he also needs to exercise control over his possessive nature towards his wife.
And once this understanding is reached, the couple enjoys a beautiful unison and experiences wonderful games of love.
He needs to understand that she is a free bird who loves to make new discoveries and experience new worlds. It will help them understand each other better and will also help them correct their attitudes more effectively.

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